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Get ready for it yo.

So, unfortunately it’s happened again. We managed to find a very bad landowner/roommate again, and has given us 30 days to move out and find a new place, but it could be any day now before she literally throws our things out on the street and forbid us from going into the house. 

We are currently in the Las Vegas area, and although rent is significantly cheaper here, we do not have enough to rent out in the given time frame.

I don’t have allot to offer, I know I’m not a good artist, but please, I’m begging you, if you could donate even a dollar, I would greatly appreciate it. If you could find it in your heart to even reblog this, I would deeply appreciate it. 

Examples of my work can be found here on DeviantArtor here . We need immediate financial help, we don’t have nearly enough saved to move out yet. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I went offline for a while since one of my friends told me DA takes your art for their own, but I lime posting here, and there's no point in having the account up if I don't post, right?

Anyways, it's probably going to be pretty active since I'm doing 4? Inktober prompts aha. Though one is goretober and I'm not sure if I wabt tk post them here yet or not.

But yeah! Hope you guys like what I post!
I really need to get my scanner back in working order, my phone takes down the quality of all my stuff way too much.…
Sorry, moving has really messed with me mentally. My anxiety and psychosis has been off the charts, but now I'm back! 
I'll start back up on the requests I have and I hope I can make all of you proud!
I haven't been on in a while. For one i'm moving but, not the biggest problem.
Not doing well. I just had my 4th? Anxiety attack and i don't know how may psychotic breaks.
I can't funtion too well right now.
i'm sorry i'm a dissapointment to you all.
i'm sorry i'm a disgraceful disgusring artist
im sorry im here
If you could, help out my Bun! They need to make some money fast before being swarmed in debt; and our job isn't giving hours, and they're having a hard time finding work. 

Wow! All Commisions are 1 USD Wow! 

Please help them stay out of debt, it ensures that they won't have to go back to an awful home.

 Commissions are open *EMERGENCY* by cinnavita

Thanks for reading! Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
I'm going to repost some of my recent stuff since I sort? got my scanner to work!

I'm so sorry that your requests haven't been fulfilled! Last year was particularly hard for me, and I actually ended up in a hospitalization program this January.

I'm feeling allot better, and I'm going to finish all of your requests! So don't worry!

Again I'm so sorry I haven't gotten to finish them.

And just another note:
Because of the work load, I'm no longer taking requests at this time. I'm not sure when I'll remember to change that on my bio, so, here it is!
Don't worry, you're all still getting them!
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Every time I try getting rid of deviations in my notifications they just stay there. 
As much as I love y'all's art, I don't want it cluttering my notifications box.

DA, wtf?

Why is this happening?

I can only get rid of it when there are multiples.

Ah well.


I can remove deviations like everyone else again.
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...summer vacation means watching cry all day everyday. 
I'm not sure why, he's entertaining?
Yeah that's probably why.
Watching The horror at ms aurora.
Also theres a big lump on my neck.
Lymph node?
kind of hurts though.
ah well.
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I'll be on Tera allot today I think (It's pretty fun to play when its not glitching every 5 seconds). 
Character name is Myaira if anyone wants to play, or just watch me fail and die.

Appreciate either : DD
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I haven't written a journal in a while, so hey? How's it going?
Anyways, no art on either page in a couple of months (or year?) I've been doing doodles on the computer but they're I would upload here. Anyways, I haven't been bitten by the inspiration fairy in some time (until yesterday anyways), but it doesn't matter! I lack supplies! D:

I really should go to Blick's soon..

Oh! I will be attending AX 2014; it'll be my second year at an expo, and i'm cosplaying this year!
I will be going as Bee (Bee and Puppycat) and Guu (Hare' nochi Guu) for certain. I may also go as Amethyst (Steven Universe) and Beth (Bravest Warriors), but I don't want to overdo Fredrator/Cartoon Hangover characters ^^;

Maybe i'll go as Ayuko from Aiura? Maybe..

Anyways, that's about all to report so far.

Oh! I can always buy some supplies at the expo, but they're so damned expensive, I swear..
Hopefully I get to meet some more epic Yu Yu Hakusho cosplayers than last time! Three wasn't enough, three? I DIDNT EVEN SEE GENKAI.

What else?

I moved again. I lost my tortoise baby about a week ago (don't ask how, he disappeared and im still quiet upset over it). Cheveyo developed a cat pouch; wasn't aware cat's had pouches! I'm learning how to play guitar (but i'm terrible and starved off my practice..).

I think that's about it?


I'll be home alone for three days.


that's never happened before

so that's cool I guess?

It'll be during AX. I wanted to run an anime hotel while they were gone for my friends that are coming, but then I remembered we have my sister's demon dog chihuahua, who doesn't like company, and tossed that idea out sort of kind not really.

Oh yeah, our house is being invaded by moths. Yo, moths.

Stahp dat. :iconsupguyplz:

Suggestions for some practice, I guess? My printer is horrible (well okay, I lost the cord that connects to the computer) so I can't upload anyways. Except. Maybe webcam.

My art style is currently strange though.

Ah well. 

Yeah, make suggestions. I'd appreciate that.



I could learn how to drive. 


I shall do that and maybe turn in those applications because the world needs my amazing customer service skills.

I might go to Boise.

That is all.
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For your Convinience

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Because i did one last time on just random songs,this time they're random vocaloid ones ^^…………………………………………………………………………………… (yeah yeah it's fandubbed -_-)……………………………………………
  • Listening to: A new world-Bjork
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: Birds! Wicky,wicky!
  • Playing: Dead Space in my Mind, shut up voices! DX
  • Eating: Air munchies :D
  • Drinking: Salamanda!! D:
Only pick one a day ^^ Just for fun.………………………………;……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
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Dearest Fellow Deviants,
       Alas I cannot upload my work because I do not have a scanner, or Camera charger =.=;. So my work remains in my room getting old,tearing,and getting eaten by strange creatures such as a giant cookie with a flamethrower.
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