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cinnavita Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I THINK SKETCHY STYLES ARE GREAT. And there is much to learn from them. The reason that it being sketchy makes it "hard to critique" is a load of baloney. Those are the words of somebody who doesn't want to put forth the effort and who wants your art to resemble how they view art. YOU are the artist and YOU get to decide when a piece is finished. As one of my writing professors once said(and writing and drawing critiques follow all same principles), you will get all kinds of critiques in your life - good,bad, useless, you get to decide what you take from each.
The POINT of a critique, is to lift you up and give suggestions not tear down over differences of preferences. 
Another note, Kurt Vonnegut has some of the sketchiest stream of consciousness style writing, and yet his editor continued to proceed to give him notes on what to work on that did not disrupt his rough flow. It takes a little bit of time and actual desire to give a critique.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sketchy style, love your sketchy style and don't let anybody get you down about it.
RabbitHazard Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Here from ProjectComment to give some feedback regarding your questions!

1. How have I improved from what you see, and what areas?
This is a small gallery to be honest, so seeing the improvement is a bit hard (pinpointing the specific changes I mean, improvement is pretty visible). It looks very chaotic for the most part, and to me that means you are still trying to find the style that works best for you. As most of there are sketches, I can clearly tell you started giving more attention to the proportions, and active use of construction lines. And that is a huge step towards improvement!

Are there similar issues in several pieces? What are they and how could I improve them?
The biggest issue I personally have with this gallery is the fact these are very sketchy, and don't look finished. Now, it may be by choice, as there are artists that have a 'messy' style, but that makes it kind of hard to critique them as finished pieces. So, honestly, my suggestion is to work on polishing the drawings a bit. Other than that, just keep working on anatomy, it's not completely on point yet, however it's apparent that you are working on that, so I can only give you a tip to learn from real life first, and then study cartoonish styles. It's just an advice, I'm not sure if you're already doing it or not. Meow :3 

STYLE! Is there a direction you think I should try heading in?
Not 'no' towards the question, but no towards asking others to tell you what to do style wise. Style, unlike technical bits such as anatomy, values, and perspective, is NOT restricted to being right or wrong, nor is it learned by choice (in most cases, like 95%). This is a thing that bothers a lot of artists, but the thing is, you already have a style. It looks cartoony, and I guess that's the way you naturally are inclined to. Style comes naturally, and as you learn those technicalities, they will fit into the style you are comfortable with. 
If you really want to shape it according to your taste though, just look up other artists you find appealing style wise, and try to incorporate their style into your pieces. This happens naturally as well though, so it's basically just speeding up the process.

Hope this helps you in some way!
The-Nightsister Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, fellow group member! I am here from ProjectComment to give you some feedback on your gallery!
These are the questions that you posted:

Bullet; GreenHow have I improved from what you see, and what areas?
I believe you've tried to change styles a lot, and that's a good thing. It is noticeable that you are trying to study the important aspects of a drawing in general. This gallery is very inconsistent (that's not a bad thing) and I see that you're currently trying to develop and finding your way in drawings. I think that your strongest point right now is concept and positioning, I really like how you're managing the poses and there are concepts that need a little more work but are good. I think those are of the very important things to develop.

Bullet; GreenAre there similar issues in several pieces? What are they and how could I improve them?
Well, first of all I'd like to tell you that I'm not familiar with the things and references you're doing in your drawings, I had to do some research for this, hah.
I believe that, in the case of fanart, you should try a little harder on the character resemblance. I also believe that these pieces don't look very complete. I know the excitement of finishing something is overwhelming and we tend to forget details and such but I think you should stare at your final project and ask yourself if it really finished. Details is what keep people interested, you want them to stay staring at your drawings closely!

Bullet; GreenSTYLE! Is there a direction you think I should try heading in?
Right now the impression I'm getting is that you're aiming for sketch- ish designs, and that's fine. I cannot tell you how to shape your style, because that's not how it works, so I'll now talk personal experience here: it's hard to find your style and aesthetic. When I started devianART I'd go for more anime-ish drawings until I grew out of it and started making portraits and other concepts that at first weren't the best but the only thing you can do improve is practice a lot. Don't be afraid of trying new things and most important of all don't be afraid of making mistakes. Try as many styles as you will, watch other artists and imitate (no plagiarism, that's wrong) try studying other people's art until you find yourself comfortable with your essence. Never stick with the same style, that's how you get stuck, the important thing is your essence. I'll give you the heads up and warn you that it may take months of even years to define what kind of style you like the most.
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