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Vent by chibipanda25 Vent by chibipanda25
Just some vent art.
Xubchas Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I'm here from ProjectComment

Vent art can be very therapeutic, and it looks like the figure is going through a rough time so I hope you're doing better!

Art-wise, I really like it! The star black-white contrast is pretty intense and it creates this radical tension between the white areas and the black areas. Tension is also added by the thin line that connects the bottom and top of the drawing. The hands feel pretty active, pretty scary and pretty threatening, htye suffer a little bit from anatomy thats far too blobby. Maybe it'd be good to study hands for a bit, to give these guys a little bit more volume, though it can be hard to give volume in single tone drawings/sections.

You've done a great job of getting the character to show emotion and you've compositionally placed the head in the highest tension point in the drawing, which is along that connecting line. The upwards motion of the hand almost pushes the figure up into the tension, but they bear the threat of pulling him back down, so their movement is almost twofold. If I had to say anything else about the character, I feel like it'd be nice if a panicked arm were futilely reaching upwards or outwards. That arm would give a very real sense of struggle, which would give the drawing an even more dynamic quality.

I'm almost reminded of a thought bubble with the upper section of the drawing, or a dialogue bubble. The filling in of it almost looks like writing at times but rather than looking light and airy like thought and dialogue bubbles, it looks heavy and almost oppressing. Whether that's intentional imagery or not, I don't know but I like it! It would almost be as if thoughts/word were sinking him further or even forming a noose! 

For a small nitpick, I feel like black-white tension is so important that your choice of photo taking for this drawing may not have been the best one, you might want lighting conditions that will allow you to take a picture of the drawing showing brighter white areas or you can just straight up scan it. Alternatively, if you want the drawing to be more dim you can take those areas and make them dark such that the only source of light is the figure.

Overall, you've done a great job and I hope you're feeling better!! :hug:
chibipanda25 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for your input! I actually reposted this work here…, so it looks much better and has a higher contrast of black and white.
I understand your concern of the hands, however, at the time I was going for a more blobbed look, as the hands aren't supposed to look "real" but rather girthy and dirty. 
And thank you! I was indeed trying to make it appear heavy and oppressing; I never thought of the noose depiction though, I can definitely see it.
Thanks again for the comment!
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February 11, 2017
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