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It's time to go

This art is rightfully used as a cover to this song:…
And :iconewd: ( WolfdogMusic) has the right to use it as a cover for his song on any platform.

Trying out some new styles
this is mostly vectored
(but the lamps and clouds are not xD!)
made in Photoshop cs6
(every time I do vector I look at it and go:" Uhh no I should definitely just paint.")
(ah also the girl is faced to the moon, she's leaving, thus the title It's time to go)
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Very beautiful colors and atmosphere~! There's a solemn sadness to this piece~

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Please please can you provide me with tutorial for the nightsky I'm working on a project & i need same as your vector background design i need the steps for creating a vector night sky will you help me please i'll be thankful 
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Great work ! So beautiful ! :3
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This is so beautiful.
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Nice! Have you ever tried Inkscape for vectors? I personally find that easier to work with( could be just me).
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Have you got WIP of that ?? And which softaware do you use to do vector ? (illustrator or sai or something ?)
I loooove just how you are using vector in that stuff, I like vector but I always forget details so... it's not as good as your work. Keep drawing *-*
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I must admit I don't have a WIP, this was put together pretty much quickly and I forgot to save at any point-- 
I used Photoshop for vectoring parts, even though parts of this were done in SAI. That wasn't really much vectoring, I've seen much more detailed examples, but thank you for the nice comment, good luck in future vectoring!
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Photoshop for vectoring parts ? It's possible so ? I'll look for that..
There are not so many details, but it's enough, and my vectorial tests were not as good as yours. Thank you ! And thanks a lot for the fav !!
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I really love your traditional art *_*
In photoshop there is a pen tool and it's mostly what I use for vectoring, If you wanted to learn it I think you could google "pen tool tutorial" and something would come up, even though Illustrator is mostly used for vectoring I got so used to photoshop I forget to learn Illustrator *sighs*
Good luck!
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Thanks, it's so nice :3
I've found it ! Thank you so much !
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Your work has been featured on my group DesignYourDreams :) : here !
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I wish I was there :heart: This is so beautiful ^^ 
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Beautifully designed! I like the use of large curves and small curves to balance each other. 
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You love moon don't you? :D
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it looks very lovely, nice ambiance and setting, very dreamlike !
I must say thought that I'd think it'd look even better if your vector lines were pure-er, I'm not sure about the little bump and umps I can see in your shapes... but it does look good already here anyway so not gonna complain !
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You're completely right about vectoring, and if I was a little less lazy I would certainly do it! I'm more concentrated on learning how to draw more neatly though, so I hope one day I'll be able to do this without the bumps, with my own hand :D Thank you for the nice comment!
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ah well it is hard, ahaha, I'm trying to achieve this myself and uuuurh it's hard.
You're welcome !
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It's so pretty!  You have a great vector style^^
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