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Tutorial: how to add hair...

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Many people asked me about wigs and how I can part it were I want, how I avoid the netting to show up, how I get rid of blank spaces when I am styling a wig. the answer is very easy, I add additional hair. That's why I always buy long wigs, that look nothing like the character as base wigs. So I can cut hair from it and add it to fill spaces.
So, when I tell them many people tell me they don't know how to glue in additional hair. Actually, I never use glue, i don't know how it works. I sew. It's cheap and not that difficult when you know how to do it.
Yesterday I was talking abou it with *Majin-sama and told her, I am going to do a tutorial for her. She said it was helpful, so I decided I also might share it.

-I did it myself, this is my way to do it.
-I worked very sloppy because Sora was already finished when I did the tutorial and I just wanted to show how it works. This one part took about 5 minutes to be done. Normally it takes about 10 minutes.
-yes normal tulle was used.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask ^^
I hope it is at least a little helpful. First tutorial ever.

Edit: I was told sometimes the hair 'falls out'.
It never happened for me, but if it does happen, you can try to secure the hair with using your zigzag stitch and sweing over the tulle part again. If it still falls out, I am pretty sure a little glue will help ^^
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Thanks for the tutorial. It totally helped with my wig. :la:
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I am glad it helped~ <3
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Did you use a high or low tension when sewing the hair to the tulle?
And what kind of stitch did you use?
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I just did it the same way I am sewing fabric. A normal straight stitch was used. Once you're finished, you can sew it over with zigzag once more, to give the hair a better footing.
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I see, thanks. I was practicing making a Saix wig but need to hair for the widows point.
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I see! Good luck with your wig ^^
btw, there are tutorials that show how to do a nice hairline
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I don't understand how to sew it into the wig.
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oh you'll have to sew it into the wig by hand. Put the wig onto the wighead, part it where you want to put the weft you did earlier and just sew it onto the other wefts that are already there.
I am sorry I am not that good on explaining things, but I hope that helps?
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Yes it does help quiet a bit thank you very much ^-^
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you're welcome <3
Good luck with your wig <3
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I was looking for this tutorial for ages, and ages, and more ages (I've nearly turned grey...;p ) Thank you so much!
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If it is of any help I am glad ^.^
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Thank you! it will help me!))
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Glad I could help ^^
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The only time I've ever worked on a part, I used the caulking method, but with hot glue, and that was waaaaay too time-consuming (it actually took longer than the kimono that went with it. -_-; ) I actually wasn't thrilled with how it came out, and wanted to add more to it, and now I know how I'll be fixing it up! ^^ Thanks for the great tutorial! :D
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I really hope it will help ^^ For me it works and it makes the wig look good and not like a helmet ^^''
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haha that's the problem I kinda have with mine. XD
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hey thanks so much :D i wasnt actually planning on making a WIG but a plushie doll with real hair to make it more life like :D thanks alot because this will probably help meeee :iconhappyitalyplz:
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Good luck with the 'wig' ^^
I hope it will turn out the way you want it ^^
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^^; yeah hopefully OTL i havent made plushies in a long time TTATT
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Wow, that is a great tutorial!
Mind if I ask you...did you ever sew two halfs of two different wigs together?
I'm going to do a character with 50% white and 50% black hair and I just don't know what to do.... :(
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