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Iron Wig Final Wig 3: Axel by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Final Wig 3: Axel :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 135 7 Iron Wig Final Wig 2: Sea Dreams by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Final Wig 2: Sea Dreams :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 133 8 Iron Wig Final Wig 1: Black Widow by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Final Wig 1: Black Widow :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 30 1 Tutorial: Skin top + Glueing a Goatee by chibinis-chan Tutorial: Skin top + Glueing a Goatee :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 554 27 Iron Wig - Round 4: Coffee Loop by chibinis-chan Iron Wig - Round 4: Coffee Loop :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 62 4 Kingdom Hearts BBS: Trio by chibinis-chan Kingdom Hearts BBS: Trio :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 152 13 Iron Wig Round 3 - Franky from One Piece by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Round 3 - Franky from One Piece :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 315 36 Iron Wig Round 2 - The Goatee by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Round 2 - The Goatee :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 244 24 Phoenix by chibinis-chan Phoenix :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 85 23 Dangan Ronpa: Kirigiri Kyouko Preview by chibinis-chan Dangan Ronpa: Kirigiri Kyouko Preview :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 100 18 Iron Wig Round 1 - the phoenix by chibinis-chan Iron Wig Round 1 - the phoenix :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 1,509 112 Tutorial: Pattern making (ex: Jafar from Magi) by chibinis-chan Tutorial: Pattern making (ex: Jafar from Magi) :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 207 3 Magi: Join me by chibinis-chan Magi: Join me :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 84 13 Magi: Ren Kouen by chibinis-chan Magi: Ren Kouen :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 105 15 Magi: Ren Kouen and Ja'far - EnJa by chibinis-chan Magi: Ren Kouen and Ja'far - EnJa :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 118 13 Magi: Alibaba Saluja - Goodbye my friend by chibinis-chan Magi: Alibaba Saluja - Goodbye my friend :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 183 32

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Rons Wand by Calzones-Plushies Rons Wand :iconcalzones-plushies:Calzones-Plushies 4 2 Kuroshitsuji : The young lord by neni-chan Kuroshitsuji : The young lord :iconneni-chan:neni-chan 417 185 The Pharao by Des-Henkers-Braut The Pharao :icondes-henkers-braut:Des-Henkers-Braut 37 6 YGO - Give me that by Schlangenschatten YGO - Give me that :iconschlangenschatten:Schlangenschatten 10 2 YGO - Stay where you are by Schlangenschatten YGO - Stay where you are :iconschlangenschatten:Schlangenschatten 20 4 Edea - Final Fantasy VIII by lokinst Edea - Final Fantasy VIII :iconlokinst:lokinst 1,324 325 Kuja - Existence by kayleighloire Kuja - Existence :iconkayleighloire:kayleighloire 337 62 Gundam 00 - Season's call by stormyprince Gundam 00 - Season's call :iconstormyprince:stormyprince 36 31 Code Geass: Immortal Witch. by m-a-g-i Code Geass: Immortal Witch. :iconm-a-g-i:m-a-g-i 130 50 Black Butler ::01 by Cvy Black Butler ::01 :iconcvy:Cvy 1,553 260 Cosplay - Itsuki Minami by Golden-feline Cosplay - Itsuki Minami :icongolden-feline:Golden-feline 873 105 Disney's Mulan by yayacosplay Disney's Mulan :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 10,240 949 lazy by Melskie lazy :iconmelskie:Melskie 15 1
Trinity Blood
Costumes, props, accessories, plushies and more -- all made by artists of the Artisan Crafts gallery of some of the many characters from Trinity Blood.  The costumemakers here are, for the most part, dedicated to cosplaying and some may have since moved photos to the Cosplay gallery.  There might also eventually be a Part 2 to this feature article if enough artworks are made to include even more characters from the cast of Trinity Blood.    

Alessandro XVIII:

Caterina Sforza:

At this point of my life by LunaeLunetta
Catherina Sforza by BrokenPuppetCatherina Sforza by allicia1:thumb95125837:
Caterina Sforza by allicia12007 Caterina Sfroza cosplay by For-He-who-is-grandPATCH - Trinity Blood - RCO 03 by LunaeLunetta
Abel Nightroad:
Krusnik Abel-Trinity Blood plu by notoesTrinity Blood - Abel Nightroad by PurgatoriXTrinity Blood: Abel's Cross by PurgatoriX
Trinity Blood: Cross Back by PurgatoriXTrinity Blood Abel cosplay by sonialeongTrinity Blood accessories by sonialeong
Abel Nightroad HK plushie by Rens-twinFinished Abel costume by VompIrAbel Nightroad Cake by pirateking42
Abel Nightroad V1 Photoshoot by RedShotRoninAbel Cross close up by RedShotRonin
:iconkitten-of-woe:Kitten-of-Woe 117 40
Kuroshitsuji - Ciel bocchan by Miyukiko Kuroshitsuji - Ciel bocchan :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 4,962 238 Yuna water by Unruhestifter Yuna water :iconunruhestifter:Unruhestifter 97 26


Uuuuh I didn't write in ages. I am so sorry for being so lazy these days. There's a lot of things going on for me with studying at university, organizing the German preliminaries for EuroCosplay and keeping up with all the other things around me. I got a bad toothache lately and have to see a dentist soon T.T I wanna cry T.T
Even though I am not writing here much, I check my Account every day to read your wonderful comments and you all cheer me up so much <3 I love you. If you want to see more of my work in progress and maybe some different photos than I upload here, you can also check out my facebook fanpage. I always try my best to keep it up to date ^^''' But yeah, I am a lazy person, so it usually isn't 100% up to date as well.

I entered the Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest. I know I don't have a chance to win in the least, but I still wanted to let you know ^^ You can vorte for me here. Making it to the next round would be so awesome, really. I appreciate ANY vote :heart:

And I was tagged (a long time ago... but I didn't forget about it!) so here you go ^.^
tagged by: :iconmaxiumsin:
Rule that needs to be followed, but some have to be broken due to some stuff.
1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer

4. Choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal

5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

Ten Things About me:
1. I can't have my cat live with me anymore, so now it's living with my sister. I miss it a lot T.T
2. I am a lazy bum
3. I lack self-confidence
4. I am always glad when I cook and Aru likes it *////*
5. Lately I am addicted to tumblr RPing...
6. I am in charge of the German preliminaries of EuroCosplay
7. I am the almost perfect libra. Go and read about libras and you know me quite well XD
8. I suck at everything connected to music. Playing instruments, singing and dancing is horror for me XD
9. I love sweet things (ice-cream and cake!!!)
10. I hate strawberry ice-cream unless it's made from fresh fruits

1. Favorite Anime?
It's hard to decided. I'll go with Magi and Code Geass.

2. Favorite Season?

3. What song can you not get enough of that you listen to it continuously?
At the moment it's Radioactive from Imagine Dragons. I tend to annoy everyone around me with it XD

4. Its night and you are in the middle of the woods, what do you do?
I'll try to find a way out, looking around and flinching at each sound. I am a little scaredy cat.

5. Kind of Jewelry you like to wear?
ear piercings and sometimes necklaces. But I love pierced ears and I wish I could have more than just 3 at each side. (My ears hurt when I got 2 more at the upper part of the outer shell, so I had to take them out)

6. What type of flower do you like?
Lillies. They are SO beautiful.

7. Favorite Game?
Kingdom Hearts and Suikoden (II & V)

8. What was your favorite con experience if you had gone to one?
Uh, that's hard. My favorite... I don't know. A lot of great things happened to me at Cons. I like those moments best when I just sit around people I love and talk to them. Yes, I think that's the best, even though it's no special experience.

9. There's a puddle of water in front of you…What do you do?
Walk around to, because I don't have to possibility to change my clothes soon. As a child I would have jumped into it T.T I miss being free like that.

10. Who will you tag?
Noone. As much as I don't mind being tagged, I hate to tag other people >.<
  • Reading: MAGI!
  • Watching: Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Drinking: tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Current Residence: Freiburg/Germany
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Melodic Metal, Visual Kei
Favourite cartoon character: Atemu, Lelouch
Personal Quote: Without you, I am nobody!


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