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The Strength to Carry On - CFV oneshot
The Strength to Carry On
A Cardfight!! Vanguard fanfic
Summary: You are your own strength. And even if you don’t believe in yourself, there is always someone who will believe in you. So keep the faith, and keep going. Third person narrative, one-shot (one chapter).
Sendou Residence

Shizuka Sendou was busily cooking away for her two children – Aichi and Emi – when she looked out the window in the kitchen and noticed that the sky was becoming darker at an alarming rate. She looked at the clock and noted the time: 8:00 P.M. on the dot. When she realized what time it was, she became worried. Emi had made it home safely at 4:00 P.M. with her friend Mai, so that wasn’t the issue for her. She knew that her son, Aichi, had his Cardfight Club after school, but he normally came home at around 7:00 P.M.
I hope nothing bad is happening t
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 3 2
Reverse - A Cardfight!! Vanguard oneshot
Summary: All I wanted . . . All I wanted was to be accepted. Not as a rival, not as the strongest Vanguard player, but as your friend. If it takes acquiring this force for you to see that, then I’m willing to take the risk. Third person Contains spoilers.
Takuto Tatsunagi’s Mansion – Vanguard Room
Kai watched in horror, bullets of sweat pouring down his face, as the card on top of his deck flew from the impact of Takuto’s attack. The breeze coming from the impact flipped the card over, revealing that it was not a trigger. The damage was 6 – 4.
Kai Toshiki had lost.
“D-Damn it . . .” He muttered, clenching his cards tightly as if to crumple them together. “How could I have lost to you? Again?” As soon as he said this, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, causing him to clutch the neck of his shirt.
“Face it, K
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 10 6
Good Intentions - A CFV drabble
Good Intentions
A Cardfight! Vanguard drabble
The rain continued to pour heavily on the concrete as Kai walked briskly on the street by the Sendou residence. Carrying several "Get Well!" cards written by Aichi's friends, including Naoki and Shingo, his new found friends from Miyaji Academy, Kai constantly had to stop to exhale a sigh of irritation. The event at Miwa's house which forced him on this journey constantly played inside his head over and over.
"And I have to do this … Why?" Kai had inquired with a hint of slight irritation in his voice when Miwa handed him the handmade cards.
"Because you're the only one who knows where he lives." Miwa responded slyly, his face having one of mischief. "Besides, you'll make his day." Turning around, Miwa muttered under his breath, "Or make him faint. Whichever comes first."
"What?" the brunette asked, his irritation becoming more obvious.
"Nothing! Nothing!" Miwa sang, "Just get going before the rain gets any worse and
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 8 5
Those Chosen by the Wind - CFV oneshot
“How does it feel?
“To have the one thing you worked hard for taken from you
not instantly, but gradually? Painfully? Do you remember those feelings, Aichi?
Back when you were a wimp?”
“Psyqualia . . .”
“You wanted to be with Kai, right? Are you seriously just
going to let that mysterious force take away your whole life’s purpose like
“No, but . . .”
“But what? Our clan is in danger because of VOID, and you lost Kai without even knowing if he
or his teammates are even alive! Aichi! Pull yourself together!”
“You don’t understand! Kai’s the strongest Vanguard fighter I know, and if Leon, of all people,
defeated him . . . What chance do I have against him?!
Huh?! Tell me!” The young boy’s eyes had transformed from one of sheer terror to one of anger and confusion. It almost gave me the shivers how hopeless he had be
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 2 10
The Tainted Feathers - Chapter 2
Months passed by before another Dark Signer conference was held. In between the last couple of months, I've learned a lot about the Dark Signer organization that I had never thought I'd learn, along with how to use my new deck, the Dark Feathers. Long story short, turns out I was completely wrong about the Dark Signers. Granted their method of "world peace" was a bit ironic, and I was still not comfortable with having to kill people in order to achieve it, but I really did understand the Dark Signer mission clearly now and how I was supposed to carry it out.
I stared at the mirror in my room and sighed tiredly. I really did change a lot from the time I dueled Bommer – on the wrong side of the war – to now. Maybe it's due the lack of sleep or whatever because, as Kiryu failed to inform me, this organization doesn't believe in sleeping in. Habits aside, as ironic as this might sound, I actually felt like the Dark Signers were another family to me. Granted we all had our annoyin
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 9 16
In My Pants Meme Part II
1. Put your iTunes on shuffle (Or Mp3 Player, or whatever you use)
2. When you get your song title, add "in my pants" after the song. YOU MUST WRITE IT NO MATTER HOW FUNNY IT SOUNDS
3. Do this 50 times.
4. Tag at least 3 friends who might enjoy doing the game. (Eeeeh. Not this time.)
Meme . . . SUTATO!
1) Get Out the Door  . . . in my pants [Velvet Revolver]
2) Mine . . . in my pants [Taylor Swift]
3) Viva la Vida  . . . in my pants [Coldplay]
4) You're Gonna Go Far, Kid . . . in my pants [The Offspring]
5) Forever Young . . . in my pants [Alphaville, remix]
6) German Sparkle Party . . . in my pants~ [The Something Experience]
7) Pub&GO . . . in my pants [Noriaki Sugiyama]
8) Friends . . . in my pants [Puffy AmiYumi]
9) 1985 . . . in my pants [Bowling for Soup]
10) Time of Dying . . . in my pants [Three Days Grace]
11) New Beginnings . . . in my pants [Puffy AmiYumi]
12) Man, I Feel Like A Woman  . . . in my pants [Shania Twain]
13) 21 Guns . . . in my pan
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 0 0
July 2012 Desktop by ChibiNatsumi21 July 2012 Desktop :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 8 15 True story bro by ChibiNatsumi21 True story bro :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 4 10 SPEECH - Team Satisfaction Style by ChibiNatsumi21 SPEECH - Team Satisfaction Style :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 2 9
Script for Le Speech to Teach
A wise man once said . . . "I will avenge my cup ramen!" (Thinking pose) Such an inspiring quotation. Even supports Goal 6 of the Sacred Heart.  Let's get on with business, shall we?  Today, I will be teaching you how to recognize the common elements of anime writing, or Japanese animation writing, that actually mean something to humanity, which, in turn, make anime very successful. As a writer AND an avid anime watcher for approximately ten years, I feel that by now, I have some sense of what a good anime looks like and the effects it should have on people, no matter what the genre is. *Coughs* Thank you very much, Shin Yoshida. Therefore, the three main points that I will cover in this presentation will be how to recognize good characterization and plot in an anime and how anime is a very integral part of society, even to those who would rather not even bother with it.
The first point that will be covered today will be characterization. Given that characterization
:iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 0 9
Daydreaming of Freedom by ChibiNatsumi21 Daydreaming of Freedom :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 3 0 Life Beyond by ChibiNatsumi21 Life Beyond :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 2 0 Trapped Behind the Door by ChibiNatsumi21 Trapped Behind the Door :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 2 0 In the Neighborhood by ChibiNatsumi21 In the Neighborhood :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 3 0 The Freedom Bird Tree by ChibiNatsumi21 The Freedom Bird Tree :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 3 0 Lonesome Bird by ChibiNatsumi21 Lonesome Bird :iconchibinatsumi21:ChibiNatsumi21 2 0
Inside, you will find literary crack. No. Not twilight. Crack that's actually good for your soul. You will also find more crack. Proceed with caution.

Random Favourites

moving towards the future by a9krsk moving towards the future :icona9krsk:a9krsk 103 24 Spring 2011 ID by 3m0k1tty Spring 2011 ID :icon3m0k1tty:3m0k1tty 12 12 when they heard about zexal by goodwinfangirl when they heard about zexal :icongoodwinfangirl:goodwinfangirl 183 194 The Crow Has Left His Nest by That-One-Witch The Crow Has Left His Nest :iconthat-one-witch:That-One-Witch 11 5 What Do You Want to Eat? by AibouFTW What Do You Want to Eat? :iconaibouftw:AibouFTW 57 21 white day - crow + brave ver. by a9krsk white day - crow + brave ver. :icona9krsk:a9krsk 24 11 Me and Aibou - WIP by AibouFTW Me and Aibou - WIP :iconaibouftw:AibouFTW 68 13 Violation by pink-hudy Violation :iconpink-hudy:pink-hudy 244 68 Z-One? II - Lineart by pesme Z-One? II - Lineart :iconpesme:pesme 22 5 C R O W by a9krsk C R O W :icona9krsk:a9krsk 29 5 brave by a9krsk brave :icona9krsk:a9krsk 10 4 Pray for Japan by 3m0k1tty Pray for Japan :icon3m0k1tty:3m0k1tty 19 7 Pray For Japan Userbar by Fenniris Pray For Japan Userbar :iconfenniris:Fenniris 4 0 YGO: Stop it Timaeus by yuminica YGO: Stop it Timaeus :iconyuminica:yuminica 148 66 Yaoi... by Foxxie-Chan Yaoi... :iconfoxxie-chan:Foxxie-Chan 1,255 141
Deviations that I find awesome because I can. And because they're awesome. Like Kuro Hogan-sama and Prussia-sama. >:3



ChibiNatsumi21's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Age: 17

Grade: 12th
Hobbies: Crow Hogan Extremism, Cookie Fanaticism, Reading, Writing, Roaming the Interwebs, Being Random, Watching and reading anime, Playing the piano
  • Listening to: My dad's computer blasting music
  • Reading: "Looking for Alaska" - John Green
  • Watching: Phi Brain/Vanguard/SnK
  • Drinking: Minute Maid
It's literally been more than a year since I last updated this thing.

To be honest, I have been on dA since the last time I wrote a journal entry (and as you can see, I've submitted some things), but keeping up with this journal hasn't exactly been my number one priority.

Basically, to sum up the past year and 1 month:
  1. Junior year wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 
  2. I'm a senior in high school now
  3. Finished college apps
  4. Got accepted into some colleges already, including my top choice Hofstra University. (At least the top choice in case I don't get into my ultimate top choice, Johns Hopkins University)
  5. I'm the co-president of the anime club at my school, which has a record number of members probably ever since it's been formed go me. (That schedule change did the club good~) 
  6. As of two days ago, I am now a legal adult. Lord send help.
  7. Crying over fictional characters has become a weekly habit. Didn't used to be, believe or not. And you know how I used to be so emotional over 5D's? Yeah. Cardfight!! Vanguard is that anime for me now. Especially the third season like what the fudge.

I can't promise I'll be more active on dA from here on out, but I figured I'd have to let you guys know that I'm not completely dead.

Journal History


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