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Commission Info [DO NOT BUY]
What I won't draw:

Ask about these before you commission art of them:
Human characters
Fandom stuff (I will not do fanart of things I'm not familiar with!)

What I like to draw:
Obscure anthro species
Headshot Flatcolor
Headshot, no shading.
Shaded Headshot
Headshot, with shading
Bust Flatcolor
Bust, no shading
Shaded Bust
Bust, with shading
Halfbody Flatcolor
Halfbody, no shading
Shaded Halfbody
Halfbody, with shading
Fullbody Flatcolor
Fullbody, no shading
Shaded Fullbody
Fullbody, with shading
Custom Anthro Character
No closed species please! Open species are fine if you link me to any species guides.
Please specify what you want here, or else it may turn out completely different from what you desired.

Newest Deviations

[SPEEDPAINT] [EYESTRAIN/GORE TW] SmiLEmon!!! by ChibiMango-Flooferz
Mature content
[SPEEDPAINT] [EYESTRAIN/GORE TW] SmiLEmon!!! :iconchibimango-flooferz:ChibiMango-Flooferz 8 0
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If Miketrap was canon in FNaF 3 (Game concept)
Springtrap and the Phantom's changes
Springtrap is generally the exact same, however he doesn't stare intimidatingly at the cameras and acts more glitchy, with his head twitching on the cameras sometimes. His corpse also has a completely different model and design of flesh and burst organs that have shriveled. Michael has only now just woken up after a few decades so he is more confused, and so is unusually and more randomly aggressive.
The phantoms are generally the same again, however now seeing them can cause you to have hallucinations a la FNaF 1. Obviously this would disrupt gameplay and freak the shiz out of you. If the Phantom Puppet appears in your office text will flash on the screen saying "SAVE THEM" over and over again, whilst images of Classic Freddy Bonnie Chica and Foxy appear.
Oh and Phantom Mangle is actually on the Extras Menu now

The after-night minigames are basically the same, however instead of follwing Shadow F
:iconrudithedudi:RuditheDudi 8 2
Birdie x Purble: The case of the missing fingers
A/N: this is just a satire shitpost please dont hurt me
ill take it down if u want lol
i put genuine effort into this and spent like 2 hours on it jesus fuck
It was cold. Both sides were suffering immensely, and all she could hope to do is hide her feelings until the storm blew over. She didn't want this; it was surely Hime's fault after all, she was the one who made her feel this way. It wasn't fair to her. Why should she get all the pity; she was just trying to support her! Faking dysphoria to make her happy, she went to the extremes, yet all of it, just went.. unnoticed. She grabbed her phone and turned it on. Going to her Google+ account, Birdie began to vent out her feelings. She realized that nobody in her discord server would be able to help, and therefor, all she had left to turn to were people on the outside. Maybe someone who would understand. Someone who could-
"Luci!" Purble shouted, opening the door to her room. Birdie flinched at the sudden noise, but dismissed it quickly
:iconvinicilian:Vinicilian 7 9



Character: Lemongrab from Adventure Time
Program: Firealpaca
Time Taken: idk i didn't keep track

aaaaa it's edgy shtuff of my boy

this is kinda experimental i guess???

it doesn't really have any deeper meaning, i just wanted to draw something cool.

credit to :iconmo-fox: for the chain brush!!
I use paypal for working with money.

You can comment or note me! (or if you know my discord already you can dm me)

I'm new to doing paypal commissions, keep this in mind!
Made this cat a while ago, posted it on tumblr and no one wanted it there so I'm lowering the price and bringing it here!

I will give you the full quality art if you buy them!

I prefer points, but I will deal with paypal!

Do not resell without contacting me
Feel free to change the design however you like!
If you have a credit SamiPiplup!

Owner: None Yet!
[P2U BASE] Female Curvy Anthro V1
Planning to make more bases in the future, along with add-ons and updates to this base!

The example is my fursona, Minty, but made using the base!

Buying it gets you a PSD and a Firealpaca version

Link in the comments when you use for the first time!
Do not send the files to other people!
If you want to use the base on a different account than the one you bought it on, please note me with proof you bought it!
Feel free to use for adoptables!

5 hair tufts
4 eyes
4 muzzles
7 ears
2 wing sets
5 hair shapes
7 tails

Possible Common Species:
Bunnies (Lop-eared and regular)


No journal entries yet.


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United States
Making OCs, fighting crime (Maybe not that last part.)

Old Acc is :iconsamipiplup:


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