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There Is No Mercy In Within Anger :iconchibilovett:ChibiLovett 7 2
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You're Gone, Come Back
Regina sat alone on the bed that, a few hours earlier, would have been shared with Emma. She had gotten herself to finally calm down, but now flashes from what had happened kept replaying themselves in her head. They had had their share of fights in the past, but this was the worst since they had gotten together.
Emma held back tears, allowing only her anger to show rather than showing her pain. "How could you do this?!"
Tears streamed down Regina's cheeks as her worst nightmares began to unfold right before her eyes. "But I didn't-!"

Regina's fingers curled to grip her skirt even tighter than they already were. She felt another tear hit her glowing white knuckle.
"Emma, please believe me. I-" The desperate queen tried to reach for her lover, but her hand was smacked away.
"Don't lie to me! Mary Margaret saw you!"

Regina laid down on the bed and curled up tightly with the pillow Emma should have been laying on. Her arms wrapped even tighter around it, large wet sp
:iconchibilovett:ChibiLovett 1 5
Maybe We Are
Henry just hugged me, and it alone nearly killed me, even if the trigger wouldn't. I didn't lie. I really do love him, and I would do anything to go back and stop this from happening. I was so foolish, thinking that would work.
Wait...why is Emma looking at me like that?
"You may not be strong enough, but maybe we are."
My heart stops for a moment.
She walks closer, and I look at the rest of her family to see if they have any idea what she's planning on doing. They run and hide themselves, which tells me almost nothing.
Is she really trying to save me, the so-called evil queen?
She looks at me again, and I at her, as she gets even closer.
If it's possible, I think my heart just started beating faster than it already was, and this time not from worry or fear of what was to come.
She lifts her hands and strings of light begin to flow from them to the trigger, a bright blue to match my royal purple. I can feel it taking effect, making the trigger weaker and easier to control.
I start to s
:iconchibilovett:ChibiLovett 2 2
Regina's Letter
As the Jolly Roger sailed on, Hook helping them track down Henry and his kidnappers, Regina sat in her bunk down below deck. She had a candle burning and held a pencil as she scribbling words onto a white piece of paper. On the very top of the paper, she wrote simply, "Dear Emma," then sighed and continued on.
Dear Emma,
Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm worried about Henry too. I don't doubt that you love him, but I was his mother since he was a child. I'm not meaning to demean you or your worrying, simply saying that I am just as worried as you are. You're not alone like you may think you are. Your parents are back, but you still don't seem to have fully accepted that. You've only called them mom and dad once, and at the time you were sure you were going to die. Let me just tell you one thing and I hope it helps, since I mean every word of it and what follows.
Despite our past and our many disagreements and fights, you have me. I hate seeing you so worried and stressed all
:iconchibilovett:ChibiLovett 3 2
I Think We're Alone Now
Regina peeked out her window and looked around, then smiled once she found what she was looking for. A woman was standing by the front gate to her yard, the same woman who had broken her curse yet still managed to steal her heart (and not in the way she herself had done on numerous occasions). She quickly threw on some shoes then slipped out the front door. Emma was facing the other direction and hadn't heard the door shut, so Regina sneaked in closer to her and blew softly on the back of her neck, giving her chills and making her shiver. The queen giggled a little as Emma turned to face her. "Oh come on, what was that for?"
"I don't know. It just seemed like it might be funny."
"You couldn't have just poked me like a normal person?"
"Really? You should know better than anyone that I am not in any way normal."
Emma paused in thought for a moment, then nodded. "True."
"Shall we go then?" Regina gestured for Emma to go ahead in front of her, but instead the blonde bumped her shoulder as
:iconchibilovett:ChibiLovett 1 2
I'll Stay in the Darkness With You - Chapter 9
Among the excitement that had been going on since Bella's return, Narcissa had completely forgotten about the letters she wrote during her absence. She had gotten to tell her so much in the last while that she hadn't thought about them even once. They were still sitting in that drawer, hidden beneath a dress she had been saving for a very special occasion. What that occasion would be, she honestly didn't know, but she knew it would be something big, and had a hunch it would have to do with Bella. Not another person had seen the dress since she bought it.
One night, Bellatrix had begun to feel like, despite what she said, her sister had forgotten about her while she was locked up. She had talked to Lucius and he had only seemed to confirm her suspicions. It was easy enough to show her love for her once she was back. After fifteen years locked away it had all seemed too perfect.
Narcissa knocked on her door then poked her head in. "Are you decent?" She asked, half jokingly.
"Yes." Bella
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I'm as mad as a box of frogs and as twisted as a spring, but I promise I'm a friendly lunatic. ;) I don't post much because I post my fanfics on (also ChibiLovett), and I'm not exactly a treasure trove of artistic talent. lol I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Mad Moxxi from Borderlands, Alex Wesker from Resident Evil, villains in general, and other badass females. :3 I'm an avid supporter of tight lacing and am working on doing it myself, and am also an amateur cosplayer.~ <3

Since there's not a section for it, my favorite animes are Rozen Maiden, Akuma no Riddle, Trinity Blood, xxxHolic, Black Butler, and Fullmetal Alchemist. My favorite mangas are Rozen Maiden, Le Chevalier d'Eon, Trinity Blood, Black Butler, D.Grayman, Venus Versus Virus, Strawberry Panic, and Chibi Vampire. :3

I do have a shipping addiction, mostly non-canon, often crack and femmeslash ships. My favorite characters I usually ship with a million different people, but I always have one otp! :love:


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