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Im participating in a secret santa here on DA this year, click here if you want to join too! : D

Hi santa ^^

I wish for a drawing of one of my OCs:
(you can make your own clothes for him if you want, as long it is similiar to this and fabioulous >3>)
Blue prince by ChibiklompenFabulous cape by Chibiklompen

I would want him hanging out with some of these guys: (extra point if you draw him together with the red scarf guy OuO)

If you dont want to draw my oces I would like something from pandora hearts:
- Gilbert/Alice/Oz trio
- Vincent&gilbert,
- Break (+ Gilbert/Alice/Oz trio)
- Or someone else with them If you want, It doesnt matter as long as they are happy Q-Q


Dangan ronpa another episode: ultra despair girl
Just some suggestions you dont have to go after this:
- The warriors of hope
- Haiji Towa
- Servant (komaeda)
- komaru & toko
- Crazy Monaka
- Something funny or tragic


Love live! School idol festival:
them as a whole group
- or just Nico Yazawa, Maki Nishikino and/or Hanayo Koizumi
- wearing outfits from the ultra rare cards

(ok im gonna stop here before this list gets too long hehe^^"")
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November 3, 2015


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