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Tag meme

Thu Nov 22, 2018, 6:33 AM
Tagged by Keigora ^^


  • Write the rules or copy and paste them.
  • Write 13 things about yourself.
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
  • Tag 13 deviants.
  • Make sure they know that they are tagged.
  • Don't say "You're tagged if you read this". (not gonna say it but feel free to do this if you want;))
  • It's forbidden to not tag anyone. (okay...)
  • Tag backs are allowed.
  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you. (lol wut *sweatsnervously)

About Me:

  1. Curretly studying abroad in England
  2. Lowkey germophobe
  3. Scared of hights
  4. Literally never get sick
  5. Dont @ me I really like listening to mainstream pop and hits music
  6. I'm cooler on the internet
  7. I have ten thousands of stories in my head help
  8. Im doing this silly webcomic on the side of schoolwork and that's way I really havent had anything to post here in awhile... (also Im more into instagram atm)
  9. Dyed my hair purple
  10. Lowkey workaholic I feel like xD
  11. love pastel and cute shit
  12. I like to travel and explore cool places
  13. I'm norwegian? (lol dont know what else to say)

Questions Asked:

Some of these questions were to big for my tiny little brain lmao, but I did my best ^^"

  • If you could have any creature as a pet or companion, be it animalistic, sentient, humanoid or monstrous as a companion, what would you pick?
idk can I just be boring and pick a dog?
  • If you could redo the animals/creatures for the zodiacs, what would you replace the current ones with?
Hmm well it would be cool if there where like elfs, mermaids and stuff? xD
  • If you could have a superpower, but that it had a major drawback as to not make it overpowered or ridiculously strong, what would it and the drawback be?
It's so hard because when I think about stuff like that I always think about the downside of said powers like flying and reading minds, and I'm like hmm better not... xD but hmm super strength maybe, and drawback is that I have to eat cake to get the strength, It's a win win haha
  • If you could have someone, celebrity or not, real or fictional, be the voice and storyteller of your life, the one who would talk in the background about what you're doing and thinking, who would it be?
Asta from black clover
  • Pick a fictional character you wish was real and dateable, and let's say that no matter how crazy or bad this character is, you would still have a happy and fulfilling relationship with them. This way you're free to pick any character and not held back by very obvious factors such as if they're a villain or similar.
Hmm botw Link? *3*
  • If you could tailor exactly where you'd want to live regardless of the potential fees, both in terms of environment, surroundings, house and community, what would it be?
A big roccoco or gothic inspired mansion just outside the big city, or a nice cosy studio appartment in the city, and oh living by a river too maybe or someplace with like nice soothing sounds and no people and serialkillers^^
  • What do you wish was your theme song? What is your actual theme song? (As in, what you see yourself as vs. what others see you as)
I not sure what you mean but "white flag" is my actual anthem
  • When creating OCs, what are some repeating traits you've noticed you keep reusing? And do you have a list of specific traits you absolutely adore in the visuals of character designs?
Hmm Im not sure, the only thing I can think of is that I try to give every character of mine a piece of myself, something from my life, some of my mindset or personality. But I try and keep my oces different and diverse. One thing tho, I think most of my recent oces go as introverts xD, also I love to draw short floofy hair. and Angsty ocs yes.
  • Pretend you live in a fantasy world and you were invited to a prestigious ball/party/gathering with a lot of other very important people. Why were you invited? What great thing have you done/would be doing to gain you an invite to this royal party? You're allowed to be as boastful as you want to, this is more about what you wish you would be known for, rather than what is realistic.
Hmm it would be cool to be like a scientist or alcymist of sort, maybe I found out how to make gold hehe. Or maybe I was this great mysterious magician, yes.
  • Let's give you any power you wanted, you were transported to a fantasy world where you could have a fresh start both in terms of reputation, appearance and skills. However you would be sought out to be terminated, be it by heroes or villains, you decide. How would you deal with this, would you fight or would you hide? What kind of reputation would you try to build for yourself?
That just sounds like a bad time, I dont want ppl to come after me lmao. I would just be this nervous wreck with trust issues haha that isekai life aint for me. but I guess I would be a good guy, and a powerful lord with magic and have the seven best champions loyalty and protection ^^
  • If you could pick one instrument to master, what would it be?
Piano, man you dont even know
  • Got any series, be it anime, cartoons or live-action which you loved but you can't seem to find anyone else in your groups who like it, or watched it at all?
Yowamushi pedal lmao, tho I might have got someone to watch it now, tho I wish more of my friends would watch it already. Also chilling adventures of sabrina
  • When having a bad day, what do you usually do to deal with it?
Not sure what counts as a bad day but... I guess ill just relax, maybe get takeout so I dont need to stress with making food, and watch or play somethig nice botw or cute anime, or draw something that is not school etc related. Just chilling with good food and show/game by myself basicly lmao

These are my questions:

  • Between these three professions which would you have and why? youtuber, artist or writer.
  • If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who and why? (can be someone fictional)
  • If you had to choose between being blind or deaf, what would you be? (idunno if this is offensive in anyway and if it is im sorry this is just something I think about alot...)
  • Name three of your favourite youtubers?
  • What anime or show do you recommend over all ? (This is your time to make a difference dont screw this up now)
  • What of these powers would you wanna have, fire, air, water or earth power?
  • What would you rather be, a trapped prince(ss), evil witch, mad scientist or tragic mermaid/man?
  • Favourite dessert?
  • If you had the choice beetween being super rich or just getting a low but steady income every month what would you choose? (basicly would you want to be super rich or not)
  • If you could rule the world for a whole day what would you do? And what would your orders be?
  • You favourite / main oc? Tell us something about them :D
  • favourite fruit?
  • If you could travel the world with anyone real or fictional, who would it be? and why

I tag these people

Keigora (tagging you back, u dont have to if you dont want to idk)


Sat Jan 28, 2017, 8:29 AM
no kiribans atm

- You must send me a screenshot of the exact number.(or in some cases the number closest)
- also send it right away if you can, don't wait before you send it.
- If more than 1 get the number then the first to send the screenshot wins.

The winners will get a full body A4 drawing of up to two characters.

I will not draw extreme nudity, (also i wont draw people in underwear or swimsuits anymore)
fetishes, and non humans.
(but if you're in doubt just tell me what you want, maybe I can bend the rules.
Likewise I can also say no to your request even if you are following the rules,
if it makes me uncomfortable, is too difficult, etc..)

Kiriban prize #4 GNG OC Kokoro by Chibiklompen Kiriban prize #2 by Chibiklompen Kiriban prize #1 by Chibiklompen

Kiriban 10 000 (10 014) won by Keigora

Im participating in a secret santa here on DA this year, click here if you want to join too! : D

Hi santa ^^

I wish for a drawing of one of my OCs:
(you can make your own clothes for him if you want, as long it is similiar to this and fabioulous >3>)
Blue prince by ChibiklompenFabulous cape by Chibiklompen

I would want him hanging out with some of these guys: (extra point if you draw him together with the red scarf guy OuO)

If you dont want to draw my oces I would like something from pandora hearts:
- Gilbert/Alice/Oz trio
- Vincent&gilbert,
- Break (+ Gilbert/Alice/Oz trio)
- Or someone else with them If you want, It doesnt matter as long as they are happy Q-Q


Dangan ronpa another episode: ultra despair girl
Just some suggestions you dont have to go after this:
- The warriors of hope
- Haiji Towa
- Servant (komaeda)
- komaru & toko
- Crazy Monaka
- Something funny or tragic


Love live! School idol festival:
them as a whole group
- or just Nico Yazawa, Maki Nishikino and/or Hanayo Koizumi
- wearing outfits from the ultra rare cards

(ok im gonna stop here before this list gets too long hehe^^"")
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  tagged by :iconkeigora:


1. You must post the rules
2. Each person must share 10 things about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag backs
9. You can't say that you don't do tags
10. You MUST make a journal entry

10 things about me

1 - I rarely drink soda and stuff like that, I mostly drink water.
2 - I recently colored my hair for the first time.
3 - "Moving out" next semester, going to live in a dormetary at the school YIKES...
4 - I almost never draw fanart.. If you have seen my sketch pad/book stuff youll see its full of OC´s.
5 - I really like pasta.
6 - I rarely get sick, havent been sick since last year... I think..
7 - My music taste is really random.
8 - I have been thinking alot about trying vegan, eating vegan. Its healtier and there is vegan meat, so why not?
9 - My favourite color is purple.
10 - This is hard, and I dont wanna waste anymore time thinking on what to write on number 10.


1. What Anime wold you like to be a part of, like as a character?
- All the animes I watch nowadays is horrible to be in xD y u do dis. I want to say dangan ronpa.. But I think Imma go for Fairy tail, I dont want to die...
2. Had any fictional crushes, if so, who?
- Every whitehaired/ mentallydisturbed/ dorky/ anime/ character.
3. How long is your to-watch-list, nowadays?
- Veeeeryyy long I got 180 animes on my "plan to watch" list on myanimelist. but the animes im thinking most of seeing rigth now are mirai nikki, neon evangelion revolution, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood and maybe some of dem sports animes..
4. Do you like sauce? What kind of sauce do you like the best to which food?
- Um.. Some kind of wok sauce, does that count? Or waaait does chocolate sauce count?? OuO
5. If you could wish to be better at one thing with drawing, what would it be? (better at drawing hands, feet, expressions?)
- Gdi, lets see... lineart? or COloring!?
6. Your fave game-franchise and why.
- Professor Layton and Ace attorney will always have a special place in my heart ^^ Ivve also been very obsessed with dangan ronpa. So basicly I like games in themystery/puzzlesolving genre.
7. What will you do want to do when you grow up/get older? Any goals?
- Travel the world and dedicate my apartment to anime.
8. What is the most flinch-including thing you've ever seen? (Something that makes you go like ".......... WHAT.... THE FUCK... WAS THAT?!??")
- Ivve seen some shit haha.. I cant seem to remember it now tho..
9. Which character in any media do you think is the exact opposite to you and your personality?
- ngghhgh
10. Do you have an artist on DA that you really really admire? Why, and do you have a favourite picture they've made?
- noot reeaallyy.. I think...

my questions:
1. Last book you read?
2. Will you make a contract with Kyubei and become a magical girl?
3. What do you like best, digital or traditional drawing?
4. Whats your ultimate OTP, and why?
5. What is the definiton of a good friend to you?
6. Whats your favourite anime/show rigth now?
7. Your favourite season and why.
8. What would you do with a million?
9. Whats your favourite subject in school?
10. Do you have a favourite quote, and why?

I dont want to bother anyone, so Im not going to tagg someone. If you see this youre free to do this or not, It will mean a lot If you do it thougth. So please tell me if you did it :D

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  • Reading: Lord of the flies
each time im sitting down to draw, Instead of finishing a drawing. I start drawing a new one, and thus I cant finish shit. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
I have over fricking 30 unfinished drawings jfc
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  • Watching: noragami
  • Playing: trigger happy havoc: dangan ronpa
  • Drinking: water
I have been able to draw more recently, im working on a lot of stuff so hope you look forward to that^^
idek what to write
  • Watching: super dangan ronpa 2
  • Playing: apollo justice
  • Drinking: water
so basicly Im so very lazy and busy, that I havent been able to post aything recently... ^^""
but I do draw little now and then, so yeah.. I will uplaod something, eventually.
  • Reading: sket dance
  • Watching: pretty little liars
  • Eating: bread
  • Drinking: water
how yaa been? anyways Im finally getting into my tablet, thanks to :iconkeigora:. I nearly touched mine until she also got a tablet too xD.
Now Im working on several thing, including a new version of Professor Layton bloopers "1" : D (dont expect it anytime soon...) and maybe I come up with some new "bloopers" too idk :p
Its soon summervacation so I probably get a lot of free time^^""
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  • Reading: pretty little liars
  • Watching: pretty little liars
  • Eating: Grand dessert cacao
Im so unactive here on deviantart, I wont blame you if you think im literly dead....

but um im cleaning my room and I found my "comic marker pad?" and there were several drawings that I had completly forgot andblablablsa..
Im submiting them.

  • Listening to: try
  • Reading: book
So now I promised to post a drawing orsomthinglikethat every day exept saturday and sunday like :iconkeigora:s been doing. Im not positive all of the drawings will be so advanced, sometimes it may be just scetches or WIPs.  :)
  • Listening to: anime openings/endings :)
  • Listening to: alll I want for christmas is you
  • Reading: prettty little liars
  • Playing: super mario galaxy
I swear when I get 5500 picarats on pl and the miracle mask, i shall make more proffesor layton bloopers
I got 4241 picarats now
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  • Playing: professor layton and the miracle mask
  • Drinking: water
  • Listening to: Cuckoo
  • Reading: house of nigth, 9
  • Playing: professor layton and the miracle mask
yaaay Ive got the new professor layton game :D (two days ago)

im sorry Since Im not very active.. and stuff >,<. And this is what I say.. xD

I thougth this was a way to break the ice :)

Im still drawing, but it the matter of skanning it. I still dont have a skanner! :(

so as you know Ive been trying to draw with 3D colors intead :)

I will try to use 3D colors more and maybe I will take pictures of the other stuff I do, since I  got a new camera.
so I dont need to use my phone anymore..

so yea if it is anything just comment :d

and recently ivve gotten very addicted to tumblr xD so if you want to know more about what I do these days...
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  • Reading: house of nigth, 9
  • Playing: professor layton and the miracle mask
hey guess what I just got a 3DS! ( two days ago, but oh well).

:DD :D

and I just watched the new pretty little liars episode, it was so shocking! ;O;
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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 6:00 AM

its free premiummember ship today! :D
look at my fabilous skin :D

  • Listening to: la la love
now its been months since I last posted somthing here, omg D:
u see, its hard coming back to it: posting art and stuff (kinda become a habit, not to post stuff on da?).

But I will naow try posting stuff more and often : D

also, last month I where at desucon, scandinavias biggest anime con! :D

asgdaisdg have so more to say, but dont know how to write it.... O ~ O
  • Listening to: impossible
im about to change some of the folders (and also deleted some unassary art O-O) in my gallery
anyways.. Go check it out :D it migth give you a hint about upcoming art/fanart ;)
  • Listening to: international love
  • Watching: mlp
  • Playing: Phoenix Wrigth Ace attorney
  • Eating: noddles ohohoh
I decided to not subit any drawings, unless I got it skanned.
so it will take sometime till I can submit something...
hope its okay.. :/
  • Listening to: ephoria
  • Playing: Phoenix Wrigth Ace attorney