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Kiriban prize #4 GNG OC Kokoro by Chibiklompen Kiriban prize #4 GNG OC Kokoro by Chibiklompen
kiriban prize for :icondinobolt6:

It’s his OC Kokoro. She’s a female knight he created for the video game franchise by Capcom consisting of Ghosts N' Goblins, Ghouls N' Ghosts, and the Maximo series. She fights wearing armor but like all the other warriors in those games when her armor takes enough damage it will fall apart, leaving her in her underwear. This is her posing victoriously after winning the battle. Fortunately her pack animal Steed is waiting nearby carrying a spare suit of armor like he always does. She always re-clothes herself as soon as possible if she needs to after a battle (because she is not shameless), but right now she's still a little high from her victory. Nothing puts a smile on her face like slaying a lot of evildoers. She may have lost her armor, but all the villains in the vicinity lost their lives so it's a fair trade.

Sorry for the long wait and hope you like it ! ^^
Dinobolt6 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017
it wasn't that long a wait and even if it had been this would have been well worth it.  You did a really good job.  As usual, Kokoro looks both beautiful and strong.

Like the description says, Kokoro is a female knight I created for the GNG & Maximo video games.  In those games you play as a male knight, and when you get hit you lose your armor and will have to fight evil in your underwear (in later games you can take multiple hits before losing your armor, but no matter what game you’re playing you will be seeing a guy in his underwear if you play long enough).  I was playing one of those games after I hit puberty, and thought “Do I have to see a guy in his underwear before I die (which happens a lot in those games as they are very difficult)?  The least they could do is to give me the option of playing as a woman.  Say, that’s not a bad idea…”  And thus this character was born.  I confess that I would still love to see a game like this as long it was done tastefully; at least, as tasteful as you can be when talking about underwear (i.e no nudity or anything crude, and while the female character will fight in her underwear she will put more clothes on as soon as she can after the battle).  I mean, turnabout is fair play right?

Unlike the other GNG warriors it bothers Kokoro a bit when she loses her armor but she’s usually too busy fighting to make a big deal about it and doesn’t want the enemy to take advantage of her running off to take care of her modesty.  And whenever she has slain all the villains around her, she knows it was worth it.  She's currently enjoying the thought of how the world is safer with these fiends dead especially since these particular bad guys were working for Zahia, the sorceress that kidnapped her husband Tadashi; who by the way gave her the heart print lingerie she’s wearing.  They are a reminder that no matter what happens she will always have his heart (plus her name means heart in Japanese), and because of this they are her favorite set.  She’s not embarrassed that she wears them because they represent true love, something she thought she would never have and that is what she’s fighting for more than anything else right now.  Why should she be embarrassed about that?  Anyways, it has been very hard trying to find them, but after a while she realized that if she can’t get to Zahia then maybe she can attract her attention by hunting down members of her organization; or possibly even make one of them tell her where her Tadashi is.  If nothing else, she’s sticking it to the witch who dared to take her husband from her and making her world a little better at the same time

© Dinobolt6, 2017

Thanks again.
Chibiklompen Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Student General Artist
Glad you liked it ^^
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