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New year, updated sheet.

$5- Colored Sketch
Extra character: +$5
Background: +$5

2. $8 - Chibi
Extra character: +$8
Simple Background: +$5

3. $15- Flat colored character, transparent/textured background
Extra character: +$10

4. $10 - Shaded Line Art
Extra Character: +$10

5. $20- Character with shading, transparent/textured background
Extra character: +$10

6. $25- Character with shading and shaped background
Extra character: +$10

7. $10 (base price)- Reference Sheet
$10 per pose for each character.
Multiple characters are allowed.
Maximum of 10 poses.

8. $35- Snow Globe
Extra character: +$10

9. $45- Character with shading and detailed background
Extra character: +$10

Terms of Service
By commissioning me you agree to abide by the terms of service.

Artists Rights
-I reserve the right to post and display the image online.

Commissioners Rights
-As the commissioner your free to post and share your picture as much or as little as you'd like. You can receive the version without my signature upon request for personal use only. For all other purposes use the watermarked version and link back to the original post of mine when possible.

-No commission will be started until payment has been received/You have until I work up to your commission to send payment. No exceptions.
-Payment is accepted through Paypal and in USD only.
-NO refunds will be issued. All payments are final.

Time Taken
-Depending on what you have ordered, how many people are on my queue before you, offline circumstances, motivation, etc, the time taken for me to finish your commission may vary. Please allow at least three weeks from the time we agree upon your commission for me to complete it.
However, please feel free to drop me a note/pm if you would like to know how it is coming along.

-Please specify whether or not you would like a work in progress. I will only make changes during the sketch and coloring processes.
If you do not request a WIP, I will not make changes to the drawing after I have submitted it/sent you the file.

What I Won't Draw

What I Will Draw
-Most any kind of animal
-My Little Pony

Image size
1100x1450px 1.35 MB
© 2013 - 2021 ChibiKita
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Could I get a colored sketch of two full body ferals? It's a gift for a friend's birthday.
Nishi-Roux-Ref by D0GF00D   Lilith-Shepherd-Mallinckrodt-Ref-1 by D0GF00D  
Can Lilith be shyly pushing some kind of gift box (doesn't matter what it looks like) over to Nishi?
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Hi there! 
Sorry for the late reply, I've been without wifi for a few weeks. I can definitely do this for you if you're still interested!
For two full body sketches, the total cost will be $10. 

Feel free to let me know if I can still get this done for you in time for your friend's birthday!
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Hey, yeah, sure, I'd still be interested! His birthday is past but he's late with everything so he'll be fine :P Let me know your PayPal and I'll send over the $10 ASAP (or you can have mine over Note and invoice me if you'd rather).
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My PayPal is
I'll be able to start on this tomorrow, and it shouldn't take long since it's a sketch. :]
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Paid! :) Thanks!
ChibiKita's avatar
Recieved! Working on it now :]
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could you do a pet portrait of my friend's Dog that just passed?
how much would that be?
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Sure thing.  <3  I'm sorry to hear about their passing. 
Are you wanting this to be flat, shaded, or with a background? 
CinnamonToast-OwO's avatar
shaded, shaped background
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Alrighty.  The total comes out to $25.
ChibiKita's avatar
Received!  I should be submitting this weekend.  :>
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id like to order a colored sketch!
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Hey!  Would you mind noting me with what you'd like?  :]
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something came up im not feeling that great.. ill hold off for now, ill let you know when im good again...
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It's all good. I'll still be here when you feel better. c:
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two versions of my fursona, flick: Flick Reference Sheet By Fazbearfever by Galaxy-Traxs  fursuit referenceSASHA by Galaxy-Traxs  (feral form)
doing this expression: Ellingsen-Photography-Orange-County-SBACC-Adoptabl by Galaxy-Traxs
in the colored sketch version
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Sorry I took a bit to respond. I submitted the updated prices from my laptop and haven't been able to get on to check my comments.
But definitely, that'd be alright! Are you wanting it to be full body or just the faces?
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Alrighty!  I'll get started on this now and get them to you asap.
My paypal is
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Wow *.* I love all these options, I can`t buy with money though so I`ll have to wait.
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