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Different types of noses.

Note: See here: [link] for larger scans.
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I very much appreciate you posting these. They have been incredibly helpful in my studies.
ruui-sama's avatar
i know this is an old post, but thank you so much for the references! 
YuukiOhanaChan's avatar
hi hello, i was just wondering if i can post your photo to my instagram account? You will be given all credit if course. Its called @art.help_refrences
My-Envy-Designs's avatar
I am trying to draw a picture from a photo of my best friends daughter who is in a coma and I am struggling so much on the nose. Could you please help me? It is a 3 quarter turn face. I am not sure how to share the photo with you. :(
saveyourself13's avatar
hay this is super helpful. thanks so much.
ye-olde-artiste's avatar
This really helps. Thanks!
JustSimone's avatar
This has been super helpful, thank you so much!!
You did a good job.
Rezielsama's avatar
Hey i just wanted to say thanks I'm trying to learn how to draw and this helped greatly. (I hope you dont mine i used this to help learn O.O) 
monyetcomel's avatar
I dont have nose..
AviArts's avatar
i have what you would call a nasal hump
ohmymyohheyhey's avatar
Nice studies. Thanks for sharing! :)
HISWORK's avatar
There are several great books for practicing drawing faces from different angles, you can get one at called, "Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists"
HISWORK's avatar
DO you work for the police, sletching criminals from victims' descriptions? Kidding. Great samples.
Ninfheus's avatar
OMG thank you so much :heart: very helpful ;w;
MrsRoryWilliams's avatar
This has been extremely helpful! Thanks so much.
Vivartia's avatar
I'm in love with this~
defyjane's avatar
This is super helpful - to see what the same nose would look like from different angles. Thanks!
chibiki's avatar
You're welcome, just keep in mind that these were not referenced - I couldn't find much in the way of "photos of the same nose at different angles" - so they may not be 100% accurate.

But hey, if they're helpful, then by all means, use 'em!
defyjane's avatar
I just love that you can come up with different angles yourself - after many years of drawing, I still struggle to draw without some kind of reference. I must be a words-based imagination. ;)
ColorsandGlass's avatar
This is just what I needed, thank you so much!
SnatchMind's avatar
i love all of the noses!!! Hahaha!! :D
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