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APH: I love Kiku Stamp

:star:Searching for more Hetalia stamps? Find them here! --> [link]
:star:Buscas mas stamps de Hetalia? ¡Encuentralas aqui! --> [link]


Ahorita estoy en el trabajo de mi hermano, si yo tambien estoy trabajando :D!
He estado haciendo pequeños trabajos pero bueno tendre mi dinerito ojojojo *ahorra ahorra*

Como sea el punto era xD que estaba haciendo esto en mi casa pero ya era la hora de regresar a la oficina asi que termine la stamp aqui, y si si STAMP DE NIHON ;D!
Me encanta la portada del CD de Japon, se ve genial.
Espero que les guste :3


Right now im at brother's work place, yes im working too :D!
I've been doing just a few little duties but well i'll get a bit of money ohohoho *saves saves*

Anyways the point was xD that i was doing this at home but it was time to come back here to the office and well i finished the stamp here , and yes yes NIHON STAMP ;D!
I love Japan's CD cover, he looks awesome.
Hope u guys like it :3

Axis Powers Hetalia - Hidekaz Himaruya
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I LOVE HIM.....well and yao lol
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thumbnail code please?
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It's on the bottom of the page
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Woah. That's the name of my grandma........ 
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uhm, what is Japan's full name??
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Japan's full name is Kiku Honda 
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Ohh thanks!! :D
all  know is America's full name // shot
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Np! <3
Well we should all know America's name anyway, and that's because he is the hero! :3
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hAHAHA ^__^ 
Yes yes he sure is the hero.. :) 
but i shall know more about Japan ovo
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O MAYYY GHAD it's Japaaaaannn!!! :D Do you have JapanXThailand Stamps?? owo
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to tell you the truth there are not a lot of those stamps..
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I know XD It's just it's mah first stamp ever made so there~
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I love Kiku! ...And Feliciano. xD
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I want to visit Japan...NOW.
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Japan is mine e_e
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