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APH: I love Feliciano Stamp

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Feliciano/Italia del Norte stamp ^^
Feel free to use it~

:star:Si quieren alguna stamp de Hetalia me lo pueden pedir en mi journal, solo hago de personajes por el momento, no de parejas.

:star:If you want a Hetalia stamp request it on my journal, right now im just doing characters, not couples.

Axis Powers Hetalia - Hidekaz Himaruya
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I'm just about trilingual...

I speak English.

Je parle français.

Sono parlo italiano.
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My favorite character. :heart:
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RIP ChocoCannon
Cause Of Death: Cuteness
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Sassy Italian boy. 
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Someone posted this stamp 8 times on thier profile, lol.
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X3 I love this
i can't tell if he's cute 
or I am Italian and find him even more cute xD
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how is it now that im only using this
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Who doesn't love Italy ^^
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Feliciano are very cute >w<
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:iconhandplz::iconraisinsplz::iconhandplz: I feel the power of Italy >:3
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siiiiiiiiiiiiiii finalmente!!!!!  (yessssssss finally!!!!!)
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I know this peice of art is old, but I would just like to point out that North Italy's human name is Veneziano. It says on the Hetalia archives that is so. It just gets to me when people say it is Feliciano. No. Rom(e)ano. Ven(ice)eziano. It's not hard. Rome and Venice. Felice is not a place.
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No, his human name is Feliciano Vargas. Romano's human name is Lovino Vargas
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amme is right, sorry.. :iconsweatdropplz:

Lemme show you:

Italy: *says nice stuff bout Germany*

Romano: V-Veneziano...Could you say nice things about me like that?

Italy: *steps away*


Italy: F-Fratello, where are you going?!
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This conversation is old, but, I'll say it one last time; Italy's human name is Feliciano. The countries don't say each others human names in the anime/manga. They use things like West, or Veneziano, or Romano. I don't even know why Himaruya gave them human names if he doesn't use them, but it's probably when they are talking to regular humans. You know, they won't say, "Hi, I'm Germany." Or "Hi, I'm Veneziano/Italy." They would say, "Hi, I'm Ludwig" and "Hi, I'm Feliciano."

Do you understand?
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I've seen plenty of examples where an author uses Veneziano Vargas for Italy. I don't want to start a: Well some people do this, and blah blah blah
 fight, so I'll just leave this be.

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People don't seem to understand. Veneziano is just another name for Italy. Feliciano is his human name. Like I said, you wouldn't go around telling people you were a country, would you? I'm guessing they use human names when they talk to regular humans. I'm not saying that they don't use Veneziano. They do. I know that, I'm not stupid. But that isn't his human name.

Since this conversation is outdated, and I'm not into Hetalia as much anymore, I'll leave it like this.
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