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Hell's New Master ~Frist Day~ (Chap 5)
"Alright, this is going to be easy. Just read the names." I thought.
"Alright, students! I'm Mr. Chi, ok. Please treat me well, and you'll be treated well. First things first, roll call. This is a small class. Let's see, nine students. Please tell me what you wish to be called." I said before I started the roll call.
"Akumu, Kurai."
"Just call me Kai."
"Chi, Lucy."
"Lu fine dad."
"Glory, Makayla."
"Micky here!"
"Hakuruu, Ayano."
"Karasu, Aku."
"That's fine."
"Kingsley, Robert."
"Kumori, Haruka."
"That is a-ok!"
"Law, Rose."
"Rose in the class."
"Smith, Eleanor."
"Elle's great."
"Everyone's here. Let's go." I said.
"Doing what Mr. Chi?" One of the girls- the one with waist length
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Hell's New Master ~Mr.Chi~ (Chap 4)
It's been a month sense we went from an tyrant to an king and queen. We've - the ones at the first meeting - have been checking up on them. Dad said had a surprise. I wonder what. Yesterday dad told me I'm going to Whitewood High later, as a second year student. I wonder what could be more surprising then that?
"Lucy, come here." Dad said.
"Dad, I'm not a dog." I said putting the odd looking uniform in my closet.
"Fine, I won't tell you about the surprise." Dad said in an singsong voice.
"What? How about you tell me." I said getting annoyed at him.
"Alright, I got a degree in Culture. Next week I'm going to be teaching Advance Diplomatic Culture. You know the class were the students get to go on a bi-yearly trip to any where?" Dad asked.
"Where's the trips too?" I asked in return.
"Well, the classes vote and the place with the highest amount is the December trip, while the second place one is the June trip." Dad explained.
"Wait. What did you do with the teacher?" I asked.
"Uh, let's j
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Hell's New Master ~Behold Your New King-~ (Chap 3)
As I responded to the boy I saw Kage coming in to the room his daughter following. What was her name again? Ah right Lucy. Normal name for easier dealings with humans. She's friends with Ayano. She was texting on the thing Kage got last time he visited the human world. It's been so long sense I've been. Ayano and Kurai came in waving an flat black thing. Ayano looked annoyed and Kurai looked hungry. 
"Ah, food." He said circling the two bug eyed humans.
"No, Kurai. They killed Satan. See?" I told him.
"What, no. Wait really? Does that mean I can't eat them?" He asked.
Before I could answer Ayano did.
"No, you idiot. They killed Satan, they rule Hell. Don't you listen in history?" She said sounding even more annoyed.
"No, but neither do you. You get notes from Lucy." He said taunting her.
"They act like an old married couple."
"Alright, let's get back on topic. Who are you your majesty?" Kage asked trying and failing to get the object from Lucy.
"Majesty?" The girl asked.
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Hell's New Master ~Wecome to Hell~ (Chap 2)
I was clinging to Elle as I heard her ask if she smelled smoke. I'd been clinging sense we fell in the physics defying river. I thought I'd hit my head on a rock and had started to drown however I doubt my subconis could create such a horrifying smell. I'm not shure Elle knew what the added scent was. It was flesh. I only know this because my mother burns the turkey every year. It actually smelt like burnt turkey so maybe not all that horrifying. That was when we hit the bay. Tumbling out of the river the fire quickly dried us. Around the corner we heard a loud booming voice yell.
Elle turned and gave me a
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Hell's New Master ~Camp~ (Chap 1)
"Ah, camp. Dotcha love it, Robbie?" I said hiking up the mountain.
"No. I have no idea how you managed to talk me into doing this." Robbie responded.
I'd wanted him to come only because he spends to much time on his stupid computer. I decided that he needed some exercise and talked his mother into sending him to camp with me. His mother already knew me and listened because we had been next door neighbors for pretty much our entire lives.
"Elle, are you ok? You haven't said anything for awhile." He said sounding like he'd been trying for awhile to get my attention. That's when I realized that while in my thoughts we'd gotten separated from the group and it was already dark. 
"Huh, oh. I was just in my thoughts. It's dark, do you want to hike along the river and see if we catch up or set up camp and wait for them tomorrow?" I asked.
"I was following you. I haven't seen them for awhile. After I realized that I tried to ask you if you'd knew where they went and-" he
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Every Dream Needs A Little Chaos Cover by CHIBIiceHONEY Every Dream Needs A Little Chaos Cover :iconchibiicehoney:CHIBIiceHONEY 2 0

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Alrighty HexenTheDragon

1)You must post these Rules

2)Answer the Ten Question provided by the Tagger and make up questions for those who you Tag.

3)Choose Ten people and put their Icons on the Journal

4)Go to their page and tell them they were "Tagged"

5)Not something stupid like; "You have been Tagged."

6)Must tag 10 people

7)No tag backs

8)No saying; "No Tag backs"

(Rules collapse on itself. There is an actual term for this kind of thing. It's called a Paradox, or a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.)

9)Everyone who has been Tagged must write a Journal Entry

1. Do any of you like RP?
Sorta, I've haven't played but it sounds interesting.

2. Who is your favorite dragon (other than your own OC)?
Well, due to not really having time I'm going predictable, Toothless.

3. Have you downloaded the new deviantART app?
Yep, both IOS and Android. The Android one works better.
4. How many languages do you speak (other than your own)?
Compleaty? None. Only bits and peaces of multiples.

5. Which languages are they?
As much as someone with routhy half a year of French, and abit of Finnish, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

6. Are you enjoying your Christmas?
Yep, even got to try fruitcake.

7. Have you ever wanted to become a dragon?
Not forever.

8. What's your favorite comic strip?
Webcomic? El Goonish Shive. Comicbook? Emily the Strange. Newspaper? Garfield. 

9. Who would win: Batman or Superman?
Depends, is Batman allowed to buy Kryptonite?

10. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being least and 10 being most, how attractive are you to other people?
I don't know, a 5?

My Questions:
1. Do you write?
2. Any haircolour?
3. Opinions on the supernatural?
4. Opinions on Supernatural?
5. Most comfortable way to sit?
6. Crayola vs. Roseart?
7. Winner above vs. Prisma?
8. Did you like Legos?
9. Least favorite class?
10. Favorite class?

Anyone who would like to do this can.


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