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Elma by Kiwibon
Elma , our awesome mascot, is to Kiwibon , his creator.
Our adorable icon is lovelyfantasy, the lovely iconist!

Hello there and welcome to Chibigamiz!
We are a group dedicated to chibis. Your chibis will be accepted as long as they are not taller than four heads!
If you would like to join please read the rules first!
If you like chibis but do not draw them you may still participate in this group. Feel free to watch us!


This is a short directory that should help you find your way around. If you still have questions send us a note.


Be respectful to everybody.

Submit only your work.

We do not allow chibis drawn from bases.

Consider decent quality of your submissions! Sketches and drawings on lined paper are not allowed.

Submit chibis only! If not so your submission will be declined.

Submit to the correct folder please.

We consider ourselves a G-rated group. Absolutely no mature content is allowed! No submissions containing nudity, gore, or strong language will be accepted.

If you leave the group, please take your art with you.

~ Other useful entries ~
Folders Explained
Member's Suggestion Blog



If you want to be advertised for, please send us a note titled "Commission Ad," . Please include your pricing information and the list(s) you want your ad to be placed on.

~ Members' Contests ~

Tell us if you've got one!

~ Members' Projects and Free Commissions ~

" Hey everyone. Make a wish ... free art ? Your servese is my command c: "

Check out Melatose who is doing free requests in order to finish her project (( 1 thousand artworks ))

current slot status : on hold


Affiliated groups are stronger! We will affiliate with a group gladly, unless it is featuring mature themes! Be all-age-friendly!

Fellow Chibi Groups ♥


Gallery Folders

Commission - for Dr.Moxmo by CloudN
Wobbly Hat by Mellymiew
June by MikiClover
Tay and Mel by tho-be
Elma - Our Mascot
Elma by Kiwibon
Elma by Wosda
Elma (fanart) by oWinTer
Elma by Maple-Song
Traditional Chibi -sorted-
Chibi random 8 by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Miew and Pieps by Mellymiew
Rainbow Chameleon by Mellymiew
Oooh, you look so cool! by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Traditional Chibi
Akesi and Shidzu by AkesiSan
Magic Night Sky by Mellymiew
Digital Chibi 1 - full -
Coloured chibi sketch by Brysiaa
kemonomimi Adopt (Points/Paypal) CLOSED by KuAdopts
For Kristiane by Anolee
Sweet innocent girl by Xyrise
Digital Chibi 2 - full -
Ilyasviel by Milavana
Sleeping with shark by AkesiSan
^____^ ~tweet by SHAKUMl
Acorn Squirrel by Mellymiew
Digital Chibi 3 - Full
Tsuyuri Kanao by YukinoSunowii
{AT} Kai the chicken by YukinoSunowii
YCH 032-3: With you... by KuroDK
Digital Chibi 4
(C) Capture the moment by Milavana
GOA: Chibi Set by Slately
(OC) It's me, Mila! by Milavana
Villagers by Pamf
Pixel Chibi
Happy Holidays [2019] by RockuSocku
:G: Norui by Naubody
:YCH: Phoenix by Naubody
.:GO: iKamallie:. by NerinSerene
Animated Chibi
Animated YCH Chibi auction! CLOSED by Exceru-Karina
:CM: Tatsu Ju by Naubody
:YCH: Octavius by Naubody
c--kanmi (th) by paichai
Colourless and Monochromatic
Inktober day 2 - Stars by TheLadyOfTheChibis
Crafty Chibi
Hetalia: England Paper child by Sunchildkate
CM: Keigo and Yuriya by Andiction
Chibi Eye Tutorial by mislabeledmayhem
- Closed Contests -
Spring! by DanMeow



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