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Gifts from DesuCon

By chibifie
I just wanted to show you the gifts me and Immy got when we were at DesuCon :3

Thank you:

- For the wonderful flower to the whole TNI group from :iconlapinnoita:'s sister :3

- And for the cute little dog that :iconhullumel: made by herself! :dummy:

- :iconnuuku: For the awesome Poland and Italy that we got, and thank you for the candy too :la:

- And I can't forget :iconaroruusu: Thank you so very much for the present, it's totally awesome! >w< :heart:
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Den e så himla cool! 8D
TriXxBLUE's avatar
Har hon gjort den själv åt dig? O_O
chibifie's avatar
Ja! =D Jag fick den som en försenad födelsedagspresent! :3
TriXxBLUE's avatar
Aw, vad gulligt av henne! ^^~
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Aaw how sweet :3 really nice.
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Yeah, I figured that you would need something like this above your Hattifattener altar... I especially like how the eyes came out; I feel like I really managed to capture Hattifattener's blank stare. :nod: Also, there's two of them just so you have more to worship.
Happy late birthday! :heart:
chibifie's avatar
You really managed to capture their blank stare! You did a really good job!
Thank you so much! It's so awesome, I'm going to hang it on my wall :'3
Thank you sooooo much! :heart: :huggle:
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Eh, I'm so happy that you like them ^^'
I was so nervous, when I saw you two in Desucon. ^^;
My friends really had to push me in front of you....
chibifie's avatar
They are so cute! >w< <3
And it was really nice to meet you, I'm glad you had the courage to come up and say hi! :dummy:
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Eh, thanks ^^ I'm glad. ^^

Eh, If my friends wouldn't pushed me, I think I would watched you and though that do I dare to go say hi... ^^;
Waah.... I'm just so shy ^^;
chibifie's avatar
Aww, but you did do it now so I hope you don't regret it :3
It was nice to meet you ^^
nuuku's avatar
Eh? No, I'm not! :D
I'm so happy, that my friends pushed me to you.

Eh, you too ^^
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Hey the five legged dog I made is there!! : D But really it doesn't have five legs, one of the legs is its tail xD My friends just think that it has five legs because they want to joke about my sewing skills .____.

But I'm glad you liked it :3
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I know it's a tail :3 And you have evil friends! XD
I think it's cute and I like it <3 ^^
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Yeah my friends are really evil xD They seem to always find something to tease me about. And good if you think it's cute and you like it because then it is what I wanted it to be~ x3
chibifie's avatar
That's really evil of them! D: XD Bad, bad friends! XD
You should be happy with it, it's really cute :3
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Yeah xD
Thanks :'3
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n'aaaw awesome presents! :D
chibifie's avatar
I know! I'm so happy! :dummy:
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Those look awesome :'''D
chibifie's avatar
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Oh those are totally awesome ^w^
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