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Tutorial - Dirk Shades

By ChibiEdo
Tutorial - How I made Dirk Shades

Tumblr link in case you want to reblog or something:

Have a tutorial by me : D
As mentioned in the text my pattern is here:

Hope you like! Have fun!

Dirk cosplay pics:
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Silver-Foxdragon's avatar
Nice! I'm considering cosplaying as either Jade or Dirk, so if I go with Dirk this'll be helpful!
ChibiEdo's avatar
Thanks! Have fun with this!
lupineOffset's avatar
Hehe, this is so cool! Needed this pattern not for cosplaying a Strider, but for cosplaying Bec Noir pretty soon! :3 Just thought it'd be kinda cool to have his 'trophies' (minus Lil' Cal), even though I'll be going to that con with a Jade Harley~~ :D 
ChibiEdo's avatar
Ah thank you! That's a fun idea.XDD Good luck with the shades!
lupineOffset's avatar
Hehe, thanks! They're about half finished and look great so far! :D
V0dk4Mutini's avatar
Germans and their long confusing words.
mirenne's avatar
Heyyy thank you for this AMAZING tutorial :3!
I just have a question (if you remember): Where did you get the Sonnenschutzfolie from (haha, yeah, I'm also living in Germany :D) Is it hard to find?
ChibiEdo's avatar
Aw vielen Dank! Sonnenschutzfolie gibt es im Hela Baumarkt, die ist für Autoscheiben gedacht. Ist auch nicht gerade billig, aber den Preis hab ich vergessen. Ich hätte immer noch sooo gerne schwarzes durchsichtiges Plexiglas aber das ist so unmöglich zu kriegen bei uns <.< Das Problem bei der Folie (jedenfalls bei mir) ist, dass die sich an den Ecken teilweise nach einer Weile ablöst. Aber andererseits ist die Autofolie natürlich soo riesig, dass man die Brille 100mal neu bekleben kann wenn man mag..XD Das Bastelglas hab ich übrigens auch aus dem Hela. Heißt wirklich so, ist aber Plastik.
mirenne's avatar
hmmm oke vielen vielen Dank x333!!
Aber ehrlich gesagt habe ich noch nie etwas von einem Hela Baumarkt gehört :O...Meinst du man könnte das auch woanders bekommen?
ChibiEdo's avatar
Hm, Hela ist eigentlich total bekannt, schau notfalls mal im internet wo einer ist, der in der Nähe ist? Eigentlich gibt es die in ganz Deutschland denk ich. ...Ok nein anscheinend nicht: XDD
Ansonsten einfach generell in Baumärkten vielleicht? Ich kenn nicht viele Baumärkte, Obi ist noch einer, wo es das vielleicht geben könnte. Notfalls halt im Internet kaufen, bestimmt findet man irgendwo was.
mirenne's avatar
Vielen vielen Dank für alles! Ich hoffe meine Brille wird so schön wie deine x3!
TemariTrainer's avatar
Awwesome! Thanks for postin this!
ChibiEdo's avatar
thank you! glad you like it~
LadyOf7Sins's avatar
You made my day with this! I'm SOOOO happy i found this tutorial because... just... Oh my it's perfect. I was looking for black transparent plexi but couln't find it anywhere and it pissed me off so much because I go at convention in March as trickster!Dirk AND I NEED THEM.
... OK, I got a little sidetracked. Just... Just THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH :heart:
ChibiEdo's avatar
awww I'm happy you like it : D and yes I also tried to find black transparent plexi i even went ahead and bought some online but it was too thick and had looked more seethrough on the image ;_; I think in america it's easier to get your hands on some but I don't know for sure.XD Show me when your cosplay is done I'd love to see~ XD Good luck with the shades!
LadyOf7Sins's avatar
Thanks :meow: I'm actually done, I need only those shades, actually. 
By the way, do you think that red strips on Dirk's pants are really necessary?
ChibiEdo's avatar
oh cool~
Well I'm a perfectionist. If they are stripes they have to be on the pants too. I would probably use some dark orange fabric paint or maybe they are these fabric pen pens where you are too that would make it easier. (I think it's dark orange. Is ist? )
But you don't have to of course it's your cosplay and your decision. I am not even sure why you are asking me xD
LadyOf7Sins's avatar
It's just random question I had to ask somebody neutral! Well thanks, I'll look for those fabric pens, pretty curious how that works.
Dirkalicious's avatar
Thank you! This is amazing!! 
JaakunaNingyo's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial. I was going to buy some off of Etsy but making them is personally -in my opinion- better. And your tutorial was the best one iv'e found... so yeah thank you.
ChibiEdo's avatar
aww glad this tutorial could help : D Best would be if you could get your hands on thin seethrough black plastic (don't know the name right now) but that's nearly impossible to get in Germany so I couldn't do that.
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