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The Vampire Type Guide
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Published: January 5, 2016
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You know what's awesome about being a 4th year student in college?
You have the privilege of drawing whatever the fuck you want and it still counts as homework ^^

So this exercise was working with combining vector shapes with textures in Photoshop.
We had to make a poster that's also a type guide of something (like insects or flowers or whatever)
so I was like: "Yeah. I'm feeling vampires"  Solemn Nod 
Btw, it was for the same course with the teacher that didn't like the Jazz poster I made last time
and, big shocker, he didn't like this one either because he's a piece of shit and he hates me and everything I do. 
It's funny... The more he hates my posters the more I love them X3 

Oh, and just in case you don't know which movie the purple vampire girl and the tall one in the upper right corner are from:
that's because they're my characters. I call them "Missi" and "Duke".
You gonna see them a lot more in the future because...
*whisper*: They are actually from my final project that I'm working on right now-
it's gonna be a 3 and a half minutes long animation of Voltaire's song "The Night".
And that's why I don't have time for my comic at the moment... 
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Comments (104)
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The beginning of a masterpiece that changed me into a goth forever!!Bat Bat Bat 
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ChaosEmpressEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some classics, some modern and my favorite! The Muppet!
I also like Missi and Duke, they look interesting.
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Kingwilliam3rd's avatar
Kingwilliam3rd|Hobbyist General Artist
The one vampire right of missy is the best for historical film reasons
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Fett-Haskesin's avatar
Omg they look Alucard in there :D
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Idris-of-Edolas's avatar
So many comments, and so many of them about Alucard... Yeaaah, so's this one, because I'm trash. Ya gotta love the Crimson Fucker. 
Anyway, brilliant poster, terrible professor-- and it's amazing to see where the Night saga all began! I love your art, and I'm incredibly glad to have discovered your DA. 

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Vampirarch| Digital Artist
The count from sesame street being on here amused me more than it probably should have
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DavyJones77's avatar
DavyJones77|Student Traditional Artist
All my favorite vampire in the same place, great! (But the best is Nosferatu, always)
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ChocolatemilkRose's avatar
ChocolatemilkRose|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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DeadlyPonys's avatar
DeadlyPonys|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hell yeah ALUCARD!!
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AProudHomestuck's avatar
AProudHomestuck|Hobbyist Digital Artist
um, where is Kaname????(vampire knight)
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xXFantasmiaXx's avatar
xXFantasmiaXx|Student Traditional Artist
I recognize almost all of these except the guy in the upper left corner with the glasses and top hat.
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blackmetalbassist's avatar
original Dracula from the Bram Stoker novel that was eventually turned into a movie.
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PlagueDrDraws's avatar
PlagueDrDraws|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
Very well done! (Honestly, your teacher who hated this has no reason to). But now that I see this I'm wanting to see what would happen if Missi and Duke ended up meeting Alucard and Seras from Hellsing. Has that ever crossed your mind for everyone's favourite vampires to meet the bloodsuckers that came before them? I think it would be fun!
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Alomar3882's avatar
Daisy well done

After playing The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine.  I had no idea that there were so many interpretations of vampires through out cultures & mythology!  Got ones named Kadikath, bruxa, and of course the big bads themselves.  High Vampires.
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ha the counting count? but who is the first chap and the last one i dont know them.
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TomServeaux's avatar
Alucard: (Looks up) Wait a minute, how did I get all the way up there?
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KatyScene|Hobbyist Digital Artist
tWo, A- AH- AHHH
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ALonelyMelodyForgot's avatar
ALonelyMelodyForgot|Student General Artist
Lol! I love this XD
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Ezzie05|Student Artist
how about from the Transylvania O_O his also a Dracula 
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hrisi292|Student General Artist
You have put Marcy and Alucard as well. Funny thing is that I don't see why your teacher hates this poster.
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PeppersoapOpera's avatar
agreed: teacher sounds like a prat

pop culture is still legit culture.
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hrisi292|Student General Artist
Unfortunately I do not recognise other vampires T.T
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