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sure: everything that could have gotten wrong during that stream HAS gone wrong but hey- at least we got some cool sketches out of it lol:
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serpent_artist: Instagram
mary_lo4: Instagram
chizik69: Instagram
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Well, speak of the devil! I’ve been listening to the songs from the series for the past hour.
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Can I still send my design too?
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Oh, now I remember what I wanted to draw and kept forgetting. Damn you brain for not remembering
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If these are honorable mentions O: then I can't wait to see the winners!

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dam it i totally forgot about this....... well shit.
they do look really cool.
RocaTeithmore's avatar
Really lovely xD
Those ate adorable especially chibi Duke in the middle
Mapletunes's avatar
damn these are seriously awesome!
Super curious on what the winner is for the designs honestly
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Holy crap, that Lavender-Doodles one is definitely my fav. Gettin' a little hot and bothered by that one.
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Oh my gosh I love these characters, and all the different styles of both duke and missy
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I'm really feeling the vibes for Lavender-Doodles, a sophisticated yet feminine style with the long coat that flares out. It's sorta like a dashing heroine who doesn't need a man in the front and damsel in need in the back. Also, you see a little of her human side as she is wearing glasses as her human self did. It's also like her saying "Ha! I can use your powers better AND dress more like a total badass more than you asshole!" Which really amuses me to think that is why she would wear this type of outfit.

Now for The Duke! It's hard to say which is my favorite between ingisnakface and serpent_artist (Ha! go figure I like the ones with snakes in the usernames. XD) Anyways, they are both much more put together and scream that he is trying to look as badass as possible and just went overboard with it. The outfits just tell me "Look at me look so cool! I put as much red on it to represent my love for blood and the rage bubbling inside me that a little human girl stole my staff from me and brought me back to life to only kick me out of my own home!"  
With ingisnakeface's design, you can imagine he stole the stuff he needed to make the outfit and when it got to the cape only to find it was torn at the bottom and he said screw it, he was going to make it look stylish anyways.
serpent_artist put a much more put-together outfit that elegantly shows off that he was once a true Duke and to be admired by his mere presence in the room while pulling off whatever he alone thinks is stylish.
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These all look so good!  I personally like Missi with glasses, she reminds me of a gothic librarian.  ❤❤❤
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these outfits are so cooooool! 
good job to all these peeps
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WHOA~! That's awesome!!
RM-Keyblade-Mistress's avatar
I am still trying to figure out what to have Duke and Missi wear. I have been looking up outfits on Pinterest for ideas.
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When does the contest end? The 20th or the 22nd? I can't remember. 
remmeline's avatar
20th I believe
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