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I'm irresponsible ^W^
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The return of the Halloween Stickers!
Hello hello my pretty darlings! Are you getting excited for Halloween month? I sure am ^^ So I'm bringing back the Halloween stickers from last year! If you haven't had a chance to get them then- you can get them now here: They will be available until the end of the month, AND~! There will be new designs from the upcoming stream I'm planning to do with IMissMi (  this Sunday. So if you have any suggestions for new stickers you wanna see- hop on over on Sunday!  Looking forward to seeing you there! Till then: Stay spooky! X3
Calling All Fanfic Writers!
Guess what? It’s been two years since me and IMissMi ( became BFFS!   Because of this, we’ve decided to proclaim this month “friendiversary month” in which we do some fun things to celebrate our friendship. I thought one of these fun things could be to make a video where we read some fanfics about Vampair/Threnody/literally just us that were written by the darlings and the ghoulfriends! So if you happen to have written or want to write a fanfic about any of those things, you can send a link to us and we’ll read it together and might upload some as a video! X3 Just one thing though! We love riffing on things t
VampairVogue is CLOSED!
Well: the contest is now officially over. Thank you all for sending your amazing entries- I REALLY didn't expect to have that many to choose from, I'm so overwhelmed! ;-; It's gonna be tough picking two winners >~< good luck to everyone! The winners should be announced soon!


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mozcarpellaHobbyist General Artist
hihihi! i know u probably wont see this, but i just want to say that ur Vampair series really helped me ^u^ it got me out of a little artblock/major lack of motivation to do pretty much anything and got me to make some of my best stuff!! its not good (i still gots to post it, lol!) but i think im finally improving...

so thanks for that, whether u read this or not!! :happybounce: 
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ChibiDonDCStudent Digital Artist
Awwww thank you ^^
You're welcome 
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thank you so much.

if you want to see more, you can read the first chapter of Ebony adventure.
  Chapter 1 is nowhere! mine (sorry)Hi guys, Today Chapter 1 is nowhere so I hope you like this beginning of Ebony Adventure.This beginning where Ebony misses her grandpa named: Old pa was die in 2014, Ebony meets a black stranger but don't know about him, then he bit her in the neck. In the hospital, Mum and Dad were worried about Ebony what happens on the beach, at night Ebony is not tired but a scream, Ebony turn around a saw died people and they saw Ebony was scared. In the morning Ebony mum take her home and tell her what happened last night.At GIS School Ebony and her best friends: Shines, then the teacher brings a boy named: Barbee was good. Ebony wants to meet but Barbee is Evil smile Ebony do not trust him, at morning tea time Shines ask Ebony why he was different somehow, but one day Ebony will be proud to herself.In the Dream of Childhood, Ebony hear a stranger's voice was no way. Ebony tried to ask him why, but he started to get angry and madness. Another Dream of Childhood before her grandpa death in 2014, Ebony was 6 years old and walking with an old friend: flame Devil. he asks Ebony and in the end, Ebony will meet him again. The last Dream of Childhood Ebony hear another one and another one know to talk about Ebony, Ebony started to wake up and he said "Ebony just like...Infinite."When her dream was over Ebony is now in 2017 and her years was 14 years old, Ebony is going to get ready for her first school after that Ebony went on the bus school to take them to school, but the Adventure is just's chapter 1 is nowhere, read it now.
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catofwinterHobbyist Digital Artist
Deep gasp :0 I have finally found you!! I am a huge fan of your works especially the animation videos! Keep up the amazing work ^^
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I as well love Voltaire's music. My favorite's are Headless Waltz and When you're Evil.
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nerdsman567Hobbyist General Artist
I made some SU fan art based on your character, Missi:

Mature Content

Vampire Connie by nerdsman567


I hope you don't mind. :)
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PrincessArtistKStudent Traditional Artist
Hello 👋🏿