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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Collection



For Equestria Daily's Pony Collection...thing. And for, show my love for Rainbow Dash :dummy: (Maybe) 

Missing things:
A patch from the Travelling Pony Museum
Rainbow Dash cutie mark Patch
Luna T-Shirt
Octavia T-Shirt

So the top is all my posters that are fan-made. I got these at Big Apple Ponycon 2014 from the wonderful Travelling Pony Museum, where I won their grand prize and got $50 worth of stuffs! :la: 
The bottom is my other pony stuffs (Mainly best pony Rainbow Dash, my favorite co-pilot) The Rarity and Fluttershy I got from my favorite arcade in Wildwood, NJ, The Rainbow Dash plush was made by the wonderful PonyPlush from Big Apple Ponycon 2013. The others are self explanitory ^^; 
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