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u17 alternative ending

voilà la fin alternative que j'avais dessiné, la voici encrée.

my official website :

DRAGON BALL  Multiverse by Salagir 
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Good work with this Alternate Take to an Alternate Take with the multiverse comic!
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got the idea from the Budokai series?
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got the idea from the Budokai series?
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I would 'assume' that only a pure hearted person could utilise the spirit bomb. Think about it, nature chooses whether or not to give up it's energy, so why would they give it to someone who would destroy them?
Again I'm only assuming. It hasn't been proven nor dis-proven, so no one can deny my opinion.
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It does not say you have to be pure hearted to use it.

He says that Gohan can BOUNCE it back (if he conciously tries) because he has no evil Ki.

Thats it.

Pikon was stupid FUNi filler, no dead evil beings (and not most good people) get to keep their bodies after they die, otherwise there was no way they could hold anyone Raditz level or above. Their souls get recycled as Piccolo told Vegeta in the Buu saga.

Theres tonnes of stupid plot holes in the anime filler.

An artist as good as you should draw inspiration from the manga.
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And unless a villain is shown to be using it then it cannot be done, and so far it makes perfect sense that someone not pure hearted/good chi/ki etc can gather conjure up a spirit bomb, all energy drawn is pure and is requested by someone who is pure, the energy is never forcefully taken or summoned against it's will. Everytime it is to be used goku is asking for the earth to give their energy to it. If the energy could be summoned without a plea then just about ANYONE can summon it included those with negative ki. Cell can't do it and what he said was an idle boast and nothing more.
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The flaw with this page is that only a pure heart can use the Genkidama. DBZ is not without contradictions, and one of them is cell's statement to piccolo regarding the Genkidama, just because cell proclaims something doesn't mean it's true. His belief he was the most powerful being ever for example was severely faulted when pikkon reduced Cell from major to minor foe. The second is that cell is not a reliable character (ie to be trusted) in comparison to king kai who knows how the Genkidama works. Given king kai's extensive knowlege of the universe it's quite arrogant coming from cell into thinking that he is 'perfect' to do the Genkidama. The series has shown more evidence to support king kai's claim that only a pure heart can do the Genkidama by having goku do the move himself and in base form as goku has been proven to be pure of heart beforeheand and that SSJ taints the purity as it's triggered by anger. If cell genuinely could do the Genkidama then the video game series would had bothered to include that or mention it onto the character's bio.

Drawing wise it's ok and from an artistic point the idea of cell useing the Genkidama would had produced a nice ironic finishing but given the promising content that was within this chapter then I have to say a lot of it hasn't perfected. It would had been preferred is research how one dies in space been done considerably better. I doubt nose bleeds, bleeding from the mouth and ear bleeds are what happen in space, its uncreative, undramatic and exposes oddity, for example why is there a greater outflow of blood from on ear in comparison to the other? Why do both ears have more outflow of blood than the mouth?

There are other ways of drawing death, but the style for the chapter has been consistent of eye candy slash of one by one of the Z fighters. Some of cell's kills could had been more dramatic, for the majority it ran like a 'saw' story, characters doing silly things and going one by one per page, no interaction or complexity of scenes. Did it really need to take 3-4 pages for the z fighters to charge their attacks against cell and fire before he reappears and kills one by one? The use of frames per page have been concentrated too much on each dramatic pause.

There are other missed factors such as how does goku react to this now? what will gohan be doing? Where is Hercule/Mr satan? these may come up but the chapter has not utilized it's frames in revealing the story and it's characters also the action of the characters as well.

There is more but I do think you and the others behind this should had put more time onto this, this could had been the comic that dares into the few taboo of DBZ, Cell's victory and his reign of terror but has fallen short to that, but story and artwise it has been a let down. Though nonetheless despite the missed chances to make it a memorable chapter it is a lot better then some of the previous special additions.
did you even read what i said? the whole "you need a pure heart" is a english dub line onlyu. its not in japanese version,
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Gohan repelled the Genki Dama onto vegeta in the saiyain saga due to him having a pure heart. It was a major plot point and was even said by goku himself. It's an established DBZ fact on both eng and jap adaptions.
thats only to deflect it. the genki dama cant hurt pure people. but theres no rule saying evil people cant create a genki dama.+
you dont need a pure heart for genki dama. thats a movie only line and non canon. cell can def do the move.
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Une chance que ça ne finit pas comme ça! :)
Vraiment cool que t'écrive en français! (C'est tof de lire et toujours répondre dans ta deuxième langue, surtout quand tu n'es pas bilingue!) En passant... Tes dessins, super bien dessiné! Juste que... Pour Krilin, c'est pas trop violent?
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normale je suis français mdr, pour krillin ce n'est pas trop violent je n'en dis pas plus, mais le mot sadique prendra tout son sens avec cell.
je vais faire honneur au sang de Freezer qui coule dans son sang mdr
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Effectivement! Quand on pense que Cell a des cellules de Piccolo, Végéta, Freeza, King Cold, et pas mal... Je comprends tout à fait ses agissements! :)
Et pour ce qui est d'écrire en français... C'est bien beau être né dans une langue, mais c'est une autre pair de manche de la respecter! Ma soeur est hyper populaire car elle écrit surtout en anglais... Moi, personne ne commente mes histoires sur Fanfiction, parce qu'elles ne sont pas populaires, en français. Voilà pourquoi je te félicites de faire une BD sur un site majoritairement anglephone dans ta langue maternelle! Tu fais honneur au français! Continue comme ça!
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oui c'est la dur vie de deviantart, ce sont des fanfictions sur dbz ?? parce que tu peux les publier sur un site de fanmanga qui les publie justement

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Merci encore gros! J'en ai lu, c'était très bien! Mais je dessines pas assez de manga pour ça... Non, moi, j'écris et je mettais mes histoires sur ce site.[link]
Mais ça doit faire 10 mois qu'on ne me fait plus de reviews, alors...!
Bonne journée! (Quant est-ce que tu vas te remettre à dessiner?)
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But I thought you need to have a pure heart in order to be able to do the spirit bomb?
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no, because Cell first form said to Piccolo that he can create the genkidama.
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Why he never used it, then? Plus, didn't King Kai say only a pure hearted person could master it?
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He has a pure evil heart...
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I don't think Cell was pure evil.
Kid Buu, yes, Cell, no. I don't think Cell can perform the genki dama.
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Mmm, so I choose the option "It's-a-cool-thing-too-see-him-doing-genkidama-so-it's-ok" xD
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