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Edit(February 2018): Added stats, fighting styles, personalities and more. Changed Hiroshi's nature.
Feel free to cameo any of my teams, even for a speaking role ;3 If you want a hint about their reactions just ask, but I'm okay with seeing how people depict them :3

Team Name: Rakutou (it’s supposed to mean “burning blade” in Japanese)
Star Coin: 11
Merits: 3
Strikes: 0
Andalusst Atlas

#156 Quilava 
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Team Leader Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! 
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Generic Informations
Bullet; Yellow Name: Masamune (It means “sense of justice”) Akiyama ("autumn mountain")
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Gender: Male
Bullet; Yellow Age: Adult  (25 years old in human age)
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Nationality: Japanese (Iaponese)
Bullet; Yellow Species: Quilava
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Nature: Lonely
Bullet; Yellow Characteristic: Nods off a lot (Narcolepsy)

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Statistics
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Ability: 
Blaze - When Masamune's loosing his energy his fire moves become more powerful. A mane of fire released from the red spots on his body covers his entire neck and back.

Bullet; Yellow Moves:
Flamethrower - The simpliest and more natural attack a fire type could perform. It can burn the opponent. 
Flame Wheel 
- Rarely used due to Masamune's low speed. Uses the flames from his head and back to cover himself and charge at the target. It can burn the opponent.
Brick Break 
- Could be performed as different martial arts' moves. Masamune's most used attack after Flamethrower.
Hidden Power (Ground) - It's a sort of Geokinetic ability that allowes Masamune to manipulate ground in a certain extent. In battle it's usually used as an earthquacke attack.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Fighting Style: Since he was young Masamune has been trained to fight. Despite his genetic problem he grew up to be a very strong fighter, able to perform not only very powerful moves, but to fight in different martial art styles. He's been trained in kendo too. Due his low endurance and his narcolepsy Masamune had to develop a pretty static and quick fighting style. He defends and blocks the opponent's attacks waiting to counterattack with few powerful moves. Due his heavy body and low speed he rarely dodges, doing so only if the attack coming for him is clearly too dangerous. 
Bullet; Yellow Stats: 
Strength - 5/5 - Masamune's able to pratically do everything needs brute force. Heavy waights aren't a problem to him and even fighting the strongest opponents. His low endurance is his only limit.
Intelligence - 4/5 - Not only trained in martial arts and fighting, Masamune has been trained in strategic planning and studied different subjects. Even though he can be somewhat naive sometimes, he's trained to use his brain and to think quickly at different possibilities and solutions to a certein problem.
Agility - 1/5 - Masamune is a slow and heavy pokemon, running and jumping is not made for him, not only because of his kind of fat body, but mostly because of his narcolepsy would stop him after 3 minutes. 
Charisma - 0+2/5 - Even though he's a bit of a loner, introverted and he may appear as cold in his manners Masamune's still polite to everyone and he's always willing to help. He can be pretty intimidating when he wants, but he usually prefers to talk and reason with people.

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Other
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Accessories: 
Bandages on chest - Worn in everyday life. Bandages cover chest and left shoulder and arm.
Armored Vest + Bandages on hands - Used when working for the Guild in main missions. A red vest with brown belts and an iron plate on the chest. The bandages are on the hands when he wears this vest.
Bullet; Yellow Items:
Needleduster - Made from a piece of cactus and a simple strap, this weapon allows the wielder to deliver painful punches. Allows the use of Needle Arm.
Two-by-four - A plank of wood Masamune carved as a sort of kendo sword. Allows the use of the move Wood Hammer.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Voice: Mamoru Miyano (He sounds as Kamui from Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles)
Bullet; Yellow Personality: Masamune is a kind and helpful guy, educated to respect others and always ready to help those in need. He is rather introverted and needs time for himself. Despite this, it is not difficult to befriend him with the passage of time and he doesn't disdain spending time with his loved ones. He's a trusted friend, who always keeps his word and is very apprehensive and attentive to the needs of his friends. Masamune had to learn to distinguish good from evil in a fairly difficult situation, making him very rigid in judging people and their value. At first glance Masamune may seem cold, distant and strict and if he judges the person in front of him as not trustworthy it will be very difficult to make him change his mind about it. On this genre of things he's very stubborn and has very rigid values ​​to which hardly goes against.
Usually he tries to be reasonable and to accept the opinions and points of view of others even if not sharing them, but in some cases this isn't possible. If it weren't for his narcolepsy he would be very inclined to rage and violence, He has within him a great sense of resentment, in fact, to past events that still he can't forgive.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Backstory: Born in Iapon, raised to be a samurai and trained to become a fighter. Finally joined the Daimyio's guards in his village, but for unknown reasons he left his village to come in Andalusst.
Bullet; Yellow Based on: A ronin, a Samurai without a Lord, who follows the “way of the warrior”, the Bushido, as his life philosophy.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Strengths:
- Fighting skills.
- Weapons.
- Good strategist. 
- Bushido.
Bullet; Yellow Weaknesses:
- Narcolepsy.
- Speed and agility.
- He’s not very good at express his feelings.
- He doesn’t understand sarcasm.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Trivia:
- Because of the narcolepsy he is a little bit emotionless, he can’t feel strong feelings such as anger, despair or even great happiness. 
- He was born in a powerful family, under the control of a daimiyo.
- He was raised as a samurai, but he's been exiled because of a dishonorable behavior (according to his family)
- His grandfather has his same name.
- He loves tea.
- More here.
Bullet; Yellow Character Sheet - Masamune

#025 Pikachu 
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!  Team Member #2 Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! 
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Generic Informations
Bullet; Orange Name: Daisuke (It means “Great Help”) Himura ("Scarlet village")
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Gender: Male
Bullet; Orange Age: Young Adult  (21 years old in human age)
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Nationality: Japanese (Iaponese)
Bullet; Orange Species: Pikachu
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Nature: Modest
Bullet; Orange Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown

Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Statistics
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Ability: 
Static - Paralyzes whoever touchs him. Daisuke can control this ability only to a certain extent, but most of the time, when he's scared, unsure and under stress his body produces static electricity as a form of self defense.
Bullet; Orange Moves:
Thundershock - The simpliest attack an electric pokemon could perform. It can leave the target paralyzed.
Quick Attack - Being very agile and fast this attack is often used by Daisuke to hit-and-run or just to run or confuse his opponents. Sometimes it's used to follow targets or just to move around being very stealthy.
Dig - Used to run, set traps or attack taking by surprise the opponent. 
Iron Tail - Rarely used, since his tail turns in an iron blade and it could cut the opponent.
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Fighting Style: Daisuke is a coward and his fighting style demonstrates it. He'll use is speed and stealth at his advantage, hiding in shadows and attacking from afar, from behind or above. He's unfair and he'll use anything he has at his disposal to avoid direct fight. He's a master in setting traps, where his move Dig comes often in handy, and in using ropes. His attacks aren't usually strong enough to defeat an enemy, but he's a good distraction and most of the times he's able to defeat his opponents decieving and using his traps, rather than using his physical strength. 
Bullet; Orange Stats: 
Strength - 1/5 - Small and thin, he doesn't really have the right body to be physically strong. His speed can add some strength to his attacks, but he'll stay a pretty weak opponent. Has good stamina.
Intelligence - 2/5 - Cunning and sly, he's a good observer. He can decieve and plan good strategies to get out of different situations. His laziness though, takes the best of him most of the times and he usually just fools around. He's pretty street-wise.
Agility - 3+2/5 - Just like all the oher electric types, Daisuke is athletic and swift. He can move very silently and stealthily, he's an excellent jumper and climber. He's able to swim and dance and has very good movements and excellent reflexes.
Charisma - 4/5 - Daisuke usually acts very openly and cheerfully. He's able to fake a lot of kindness and congeniality, but he can be extremely annoying to a certain type of people. Great deceiver.

Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Other
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Accessories: 
Green Scarf - A simple green scarf, maybe too long for him. He's very attached to it.
Bandages on arms and legs - Simple withe bandages on legs and arms, he uses them in different occasions in different ways. They can be useful as real bandages, as ropes or to tie things together or to build traps.
Ninja Gloves - Black and grey gloves. they're fingerless and different for each hands. They have straps he can carry the Kunai and other little objects with.
Bullet; Orange Items: 
Hand-Made Kunai - An Iapon-style farming tool turned throwing dagger. Sturdy, but crafted from shoddy materials. Allows the use of the moves Fling and Recycle.
Bullet; Orange Personality: Daisuke is apparently a very lively, energetic and friendly pikachu, always ready to make friends with anyone and to behave like a narcissistic, too exuberant buffoon. He loves to annoy people, invading the personal space of others and making sarcastic comments a bit about everything. In reality, Daisuke simply loves knowing the personality of the people around him. Selfish and profiteering, Daisuke is always ready to take what he can from anyone without ever giving anything back. His true character is that of a paranoid, possessive and childish coward who hates being touched and who can't trust anyone. Daisuke lies, every moment of his life and in case of danger he would be willing to sell his best friend to get out of it alive. Despite knowing these great flaws, he does nothing to change. 
He is in fact a rather sad guy and every day suffocates many remorses for actions he has done in the past, always finding excuses for his behavior.
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Backstory: Nothing's known at the moment. He lived in a dungeon stealing food from the nearby villages and killing averyone approached the forest before Masamune found him and saved him from himself.
Bullet; Orange Based on: A ninja, trained to be a spy, a thief, an assassin, or a bodyguard.
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Strengths:
- Speed and agility.
- Weapons.
- Traps.   
- Communicate with others (and swindle them)
- Survival instinct.
Bullet; Orange Weaknesses:
- Fighting skills.
- He’s very lazy.
- And a coward.
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Trivia:
- He has photophobia, this is why his eyes are always closed or half-closed.
- He has hemophobia too.
-He's deadly afraid of Quilavas and Typhlosions.
- He doesn't have problem at touching, hugging and glomping people, but he hates to be touched, hugged, etc etc. 
- He doesn't care about what people says about him, instead, he prefers people thinks he's just a weak defendless stupid pikachu.
- He's an excellent actor (and a little bit dramatic too)
- He can cook, dance, sing and sew.
- He has sharp canines because his father is a predator pokemon.
- More here.
Bullet; Orange Character Sheet - Daisuke

#253 Grovyle 
Bullet; Green Team Member #3 Bullet; Green 
Dark Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Generic Informations
Teal Bullet Name: Hiroshi (It means “tolerant, generous”) Akiba ("Autumn leaf")
Bullet; Green Gender: Male
Teal Bullet Age: Adult  (45 years old in human age)
Bullet; Green Nationality: Japanese (Iaponese)
Teal Bullet Species: Grovyle
Bullet; Green Nature: Relaxed
Teal Bullet Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning

Dark Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Statistics
Bullet; Green Ability: 
Overgrow - When Hiroshi loses energies his Grass moves become more powerful. The leaves on his arms grow bigger and a green aura sourrounds his body.
Teal Bullet Moves:
Giga Drain - Hiroshi's slyest attack. Usually used to stop the opponent. Vines and roots trap the target and drain their energy. The vines and roots can be used from terrains and surroundings or directly from Hiroshi's body.
Substitute - Hiroshi's favourite trick. He forms his substitute using the smoke of his pipe.
Leaf Blade - This move's usually used as a last resource. The leaves on  Hiroshi's arms sharpen and get used as knives.
Acrobatics - An attack with double the power when Hiroshi's not holding any item. He uses the surroundings to take the opponent by surprise with a quick strike.
Bullet; Green Fighting Style: Hiroshi's physically weak and he knows it. He usually avoids direct fights distracting his opponents by talking and confusing them with a lot of words, waiting for stronger allies to handle the fighting part. When he's forced to actually fight he always tries to use his opponents strength to his own advantage, trying to unbalance them and immobilize them. Most of the time he dodges attacks looking for the right time to counterattack.
Teal Bullet Stats: 
Strength - 1/5 - Hiroshi trained with soldiers when he was younger but he's too relaxed and his body's too weak to actually fight, he doesn't have good endurance, but has a good theoretical knowledge of fightings. 
Intelligence - 4/5 - Open-minded, observant and inventive, Hiroshi's a good strategist and is a quick learner. He's always curious about new things and is usually able to turn a lot of situation at his advantage, using everything he knows in new and creative ways.
Agility - 3/5 - Hiroshi doesn't have a lot of stamina and he can't really run very much or very fast (again, he's too relaxed for it), but as every other grovyle, he's a good climber and can perform very big jumps and acrobatics. Has pretty good reflexes.
Charisma - 2+2/5 - Always polite, smiling and a smooth talker, Hiroshi's able to get along with pretty much everyone. He keeps his good manners even with the worst of people, but he can become snarky every now and then. He's able to lie very well and has a very strange sense of humor.

Dark Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Other
Bullet; Green Accessories: 
Japanese pipe - Hiroshi has the bad habit to smoke. His pipe is old and simple, usually used with tea leaves and relaxing herbs.
Teal Bullet Items:
Apricorn Ocarina -  Allows the use of Grass Whistle.
Gritty Grapple - Made from Gigant cactus spines and cactus-fiber cord, this grappling hook can be a literal lifesaver while traversing rough terrain. Allows the use of Rock Climb.
Fresh Water - Fresh, mineral-rich water from beneath Andalusst city. Activates Aqua Ring and Water Sport simultaneously on the user, or Soak when thrown. Becomes an Empty Bottle when used.
Bullet; Green Voice:Massimo Lodolo
Teal Bullet Personality: Always smiling, friendly and of impeccable manners, Hiroshi grew up in an environment that forced him to develop great cunning and learn to lie for his own survival. It's indeed extremely difficult, if not impossible, to understand what he is actually thinking behind the quiet gentleman's facade, making it rather mysterious and perhaps difficult to trust at first. Always calm and collected, there seems to be nothing on this earth that can make him lose his patience. Hroshi is a curious, positive guy, always ready to make jokes about anything with his strange sense of humor that only he can comprehend, becoming a little snarky just in case he doesn't like the person in front of him. Hiroshi is a competent orator and able to convince people around him of what he says with his smooth talking. 
He would be a perfect teacher, but his overly relaxed nature leads him to have too much laziness.
Bullet; Green Backstory: Nothing's known at the moment. He is and old friend of Masa's.
Teal Bullet Based on: An old wise but fun man
Bullet; Green Strengths:
- Very intelligent and wise.
- Communicate with others. 
- Excellent lier.
Teal Bullet Weaknesses:
- Weak body.
- Hates to fight.
- Doesn't really take anything seriously.
- Veeery lazy.
Bullet; Green Trivia:
- The red shade on his eyes are markings.
- Uses the smoke of his pipe to create his sobstitutes.
Teal Bullet Character Sheet - Hiroshi

[ Pixel ] grassy divider! [ Pixel ] grassy divider! [ Pixel ] grassy divider! [ Pixel ] grassy divider! [ Pixel ] grassy divider! [ Pixel ] grassy divider! 

:DarkRed-orb: Current Status: :DarkRed-orb: 
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Masamune: Healthy. He's very happy he found Hiroshi after so much time. (Cactus Field Explorer Task) Is trying to be more protective towards Daisuke. (After the Basalt Halls Epilogue)
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Daisuke: Healthy. Still a bit grumpy towards Masamune. (For what happened in the Basalt Halls Epilogue and because his attention is all towards Hiroshi) Kinda curious and wary of Hiroshi. (Cactus Field Explorer Task)
Dark Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Hiroshi: Has a cut on his left foot. (Bandaged)(From Cactus Field Explorer Task) Very curious of Daisuke.

YellowOrb Other accessories, items and tools: YellowOrb  
- Template Item Voucher (+ Recruitment Slip used for Hiroshi)(Cactus Fields -General Task 01 Reward)
- Candy Corn (x1 use)
- Body Paint

Fire-orb LOGS:  
Mission 01 + 5 st
Intermission 01 (-3 st.)
The White Lotus 
Errand 01 + 1 st
Errand 02 + 1 st
Errand 03 + 1 st
Errand 04 + 1 st
General Task 01 Registered to Andalusst Atlas + 1 st
Main Task 01 + 1 Hand-made Kunai (Move:Fling and Recycle)
Explorers Task 01 + 1 Apricorn Ocarina (Move: Grasswhistle) + Merit
Explorers Task 02 + 1 Two-By-Four (Move: Wood Hammer) + Merit
Explorers Task 03 + 1 Fresh Water (Move: Aqua Ring and Water Sport OR Soak) + Merit
Errand 06 + 1 st
Errand 07 + 1 st
Errand 08 + 1 st
Errand 09 + 1 st
Errand 10 + 1 st
Contest 01 - Frosty Festivities + Body Paint
Errand 11 + 1 st
Errand 12 + 1 st
Dungeon 01 - Basalt Halls  
Basalt Halls Epilogue (-2 rookie Explorer vocheurs -6 st.)
Cactus Fields - General Task 01 + Recruitment Slip
Cactus Fields - General Task 02 + 3 st + Needleduster
Cactus Fields - Explorer Task 01 + Gritty Grapple + New Team Member Hiroshi (- Recruitment Slip)
Intermission 02
Intermission 03

Fall leaf - F2U Memes:Fall leaf - F2U 
Height Chart
Sub stats Meme
Balance Meme
Spectrum Meme
Phobia Finder Meme
Afterlife Meme

Character & Art © :iconchibicorporation: 
Please don't use without permission,don't use for site/blog/forum/gdr etc.,don't re-color it 
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