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The Greek goddess Athena was the protector of wise counsel, war, art, philosophy, the defence of towns, heroic endeavour, weaving, pottery and other crafts. She became the companion and advisor to such famous heroes as Heracles, Odysseus, Jason, Perseus, Diomedes et cetera, and she fought and defeated the sea-god Poseidon over the city which would eventually became named Athens in her honor.

She sided with the Greeks in the Trojan war, and helped Diomedes to defeat her half brother Ares.

Her parents were Zeus and Metis, although Metis never gave birth to her but simply supplied with some 'genetic material' since Athena was born fully growth from the forehead of Zeus.

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Athena 1 cover by PaulRenaud Athena - Minerva by CelticBotan Athena colorfull by wagnermm19:thumb85780498: Athena by hardbodies Athena by Elezar81 .Athena. by VermilionX:thumb128618861: The goddess of Wisdom by InkStar147 Greek God Athena by blood-violin Athena - ACEO by Carol-Moore -:Athena:- by mesai Athena by Ray3000 Athena by eclipse79 viii. Athena by TheOtherWeasley Athena in cloak by rurounitriv A t h e n a by telegrafixs Athena by Luddox:thumb85360364: Athena by Funerium 12 Olympians Athena by hachioji ATHENA by ChevRich Warrior Athena by rurounitriv Goddess Athena by Umina Athena by TaekwondoNJ Athena by mayonaka-ni-sakayume Greek Gods - A T H E N A by Poupee-de-Glace Athena by Gailenquen Birth of Athena by Alienette:thumb47664499: Athena by staino Athena by mmmmmr Athena by Hera-of-Stockholm Athena by plt25 Athena by JessiBeans Athena by HeartsmACkIngBOOMboX Athena by bluedemondc Athena by renko athena by jengslizer Goddess Athena by TaekwondoNJ Athena by redheaded-step-child Athena by iizzard Greek goddess- Athena by Alayna
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:dummy: Athena rulez!!! :D 
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Thank you so much for the feature! Seeing so many gorgeous images of Athena really makes me want to paint more of her. :D
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Awesome collection of Athena! Thanks so much for including mine :)
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Thanks for including my work in this great selection :glomp:
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Wonderful tribute to an amazing goddess, and thanks for including me!
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