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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Franchesca HuertaFemale/United States Groups :iconsuper-mario-group: super-mario-group
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:iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz: Feel to critique my work, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle DB3 - Always Read Comments by SparkLum

Random Favourites

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About the artist and ze Rules

I am just a huge Nintendo nerd and enjoy working on creating characters whether it is original or fan made. I started drawing at the age of 5 with Toy Story as my first influence. I continue on my drawing til this day; And improving my skills. I mostly enjoy creating fictional beasts and beast warriors. I love looking at interesting character concept as I study on how the artist creates both characters and ideas. Now as much I like drawing animal characters, I am confirming that I am Not a furry. I am more of an Antro type. Which is why I NEVER,EVER believe that werewolves are furries; as they are wild and dangerous creatures.

I have Asperger Syndrome as I have a hard time communicating online and times that I am afraid of speaking the wrong sentence in communication; In which would give me a little anxious or thoughtfully spaz. Never think I am ignoring you. Believe it or not, I am actually a huge perfectionist and OCD. I like things in certain specific order, clean and organized. Also, I can be a strict person.

The Rules

I am open for commissions;however,before you ask please read the rules on my journal. And no, I'll never open Points commissions.

Never EVER ask me for free art and art-trades. I only give free art/art-trades to only my closest friends.

My page is drama-free. So any drama relate to politics,hate or any unwanted negativity from either here on any social media or life is not welcome. I am a Catholic woman but I also respect anyone's beliefs or those who don't believe in God. But please don't bring up any Religious drama upon my page.

Please don't give me any negativity about me,my art,and MOST importantly, my friends/watchers

Please don't spam my page unnecessary topics or images.

Keep your disgusting fetish-related art away from me. I do not tolerate any creep factors of yours.

If you wish to use my art for a AMV, Please ASK me first and GIVE me credit since I have worked really hard on them. But I advise you to NOT use them for commercial use.

It is advised that you cannot tell me what I can/cannot draw. If you do not like what I enjoy, Then by all means unwatch me.

Respect me and I'll respect you back

Journal History


Happy New Year everyone!!! So what I hear is that 201s is a rollercoaster of a year. Some good, mostly bad and the sadness of those we have lost. But 2018 has ended as we continue to look forward for a new year. Now for some news.

I feel that I had missed out on making fanart on new games that has been coming out recently such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What am I saying? I'm saying that I am coming back to drawing fanart....on a new account. That's right, I am going to create a new DA account for fanart only. The reason I'm doing this is that on this account is a total mess and I want to clean it up. I am going to put all my old fan work away for good with only exception of fan characters; For I want to remake them. The only fan related things that will be posted on here are my fan characters,character redesigns, Lycantober, RP-related, Commissions or any group challenges. This account will be mostly OC and group related content. It is only for the best. I will notify you guys when my new account will be done. If you guys don't like this decision,too bad. Tough it up or by all means,unwatch me.

Art status:
As usual, my art status is going good and improving so far. Love my inking skills so far as I experimented and practice.

Plans for 2019:
  • Continue practice working on character designs.
  • I will work on the Voodoo Saga anthology for DU. I have a plan to do something basic, like knowing who Tomo is and the story about Topsy Isle. Several familiar faces will appear in DU. But not the whole lot as I still have characters for Chibi's saga.
  • Do some networking/communicating online. So many of you don't think Im an ass. And I am NOT.
  • I still open for commission. As some rules are the same or changed.
  • Instead of putting up my Patreon account , I rather of making a Ko-fi account as I think it is easier for me. This will help me with my finance and then use it to help others. Still in works.
  • Learn Forgiveness.
  • I am still itching to partake in any OCTs.Got any suggestions? Hook me up.
  • And the most importantly in my life is to Be happy,healthy and enjoy the rest of my life

                              -Be cool,  Franchesca Huerta-Saenz
                                    AKA Chibi-Tediz(Koopawolf and Chibi Brugarou)
  • Listening to: Vaporwave music
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: LoZ:BoTW
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: water


Franchesca Huerta
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Stage: California

Drawing, playing video games, anime, music, animals, walks, friends and family.

Dishonesty, liars, selfishness, assholes, onions, shots, toxisity

Where to locate me


Tumblr: regular blog-

art blog-

Lycantober blog-

Gutz n Gorlore- (warning lots of blood and gore)

Facebook: Coming Soon

Instagram:… (Its in private)

Patreon: Still in works

Weapon of choice (Tools that I use)

-Technical Drafting Mechanical Pencil
-Staedtler Mars Carbon Lead, 2mm, Blue,Light Blue and Red
-Copic Pens with refills
-Fiber Castell Pens
-Pen and Ink Fountain pens with refills
-Carson to Art Alternative brand sketchbooks
-Cannon 2400 Scanner and Clear Scanner for Android
-Adobe Photoshop CS4

Lycantober is coming up. What background shall it have this time? 

7 deviants said misty forest
6 deviants said an abandon castle
4 deviants said a graveyard
4 deviants said a pumkin patch
2 deviants said a labatory


Jun 17, 2019
10:18 pm
Jun 17, 2019
11:06 am
Jun 15, 2019
7:50 pm
Jun 14, 2019
5:10 pm
Jun 11, 2019
3:38 pm


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