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NemoMcJagger did one, so I decided to do it as well.


- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don't have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Heart


1. Duck Knight <Knight of the Ducks] Male Getree.
2. Mike <Shape-changing pervert] Male Super Human.
3. Attolan <Powerful Cute Priestess] Female Avariel Elf.
4. Zeltha <Butt-kicking Elf Fugitive] Female Elf.
5. Naldin <Butt-kicked Elf Fugitive] Male Half Elf/Human.
6. Mehg <Nortorios Pirate] Female Human.
7. Kaji <Mehg's younger Sister] Female Human.
8. Shariz <Stupid Adventurer] Male Human.
9. Edari <Nayori's Twin Brother] Male Elf. (Belongs to my older brother)
10. Nayori  <Edari's Twin Sister] Female Elf.


1. So, Shariz, what do you think about Valentine's Day?

Shariz: Valentines's Day? What's that? Some sort of religious day for a cult?

2. Believe it or not, but Attolan was convinced to go to a blind date. Turned out her partner is Mehg. How did the date go?

Here is how it went.
Attolan: Uh... I thought my date was gonna be a guy? Not a scary pirate...
Mehg: *Glares at her* You got a problem with that?!
Attolan: *Flinches* N-n-nope! I'm sorry! Please don't eat me!
Mehg: *Glares* Ha! *pats her head* You're so cute! I like you.
That's how it went.

Attolan: I was scared for my life!
Mehg: You're so cute when you're scared.
Attolan: No I'm not!

3. Later Attolan and Mehg found out that Naldin was the one who picked them for the blind date...

Attolan: Naldin! How could you set me up with a scary pirate?! I was scared for my life!
Naldin: *Giggling* Aw, come on! it couldn't have been that bad!
Mehg: *Interrupts* Hey, I don't normally do this kind of stuff. But you did a good job, *has a scary face* so I won't kill you today.
Mehg walks of leaving both Attolan and Naldin hugging each other in fear.
Naldin: I think I understand what you mean now...

4. Ding ding, Duck Knight received an anonymous fan letter! What does it say?

<3<3<3 Dear Duck Knight!!! <3<3<3
I am your number one duckling! And I
Just wanted you to know that I really
think your awesome! I think your so 
awesome that I joined the unofficial
"Duck Knight Club" Me and a couple
others wish to spread your awesomeness
around the world! Your so awesome I
wish I could have your eggs!
Your number one duckling. <3

P.S I hope you thought this
letter was serious! because 
you just got TROOOOOLLED!!!

Duck Knight: *Tears coming out of his helmet* I hate that jerk...

5. Kaji caught Mike and a crocodile in a fancy hat going to a movie together. How romantic!

Kaji: What the-? What-? Wha-?
Mike: *Notices her* Oh! Hey, you're really cute, I wouldn't mind ditchin' this crocodile and going out with you.
Crocodile: Waar!?
Kaji: Wha-!? uh... I'm sorry... I ca-
Mike: *Leans in really close* What's the matter? *Steam coming out his nose* I can show you a really good time!
Kaji: Aaah!
Mehg: *Appears out of nowhere and punches Mike's face into next year**Glares at him evilly* You leave my sister alone or I'll kill you.
Mike: Yikes! *Runs away*
That got out of hand.

6. Ehem, Edari. Can you please describe your ideal partner/dream date, no matter how weird it might sounds?

Edari: My ideal partner? Well, they have to be able to keep up with me in a dungeon run and they can't be so weak and always needing to be saved and they can't keep trying to tell me who and what not to kill.
lTotally didn't get the questionl

7. I see, I see... And what does Nayor think about Edari's description?

Nayori: *Crying* I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted brother...
lSister and Dungeon Partnerl

8. Zeltha is dared to kiss someone in this meme, who would she choose? 

Zeltha: *Blushes red* What?! Kiss someone!? Why do I have too!?
Because the meme said too. Now shut up, choose someone and kiss them.
Zeltha: *Blushing angry* Fine! I choose Naldin!
Naldin: *Excited* Really?! You choose me?! I'm so happy!!!
Zeltha: *Still blushing* Shut up! I'm only going to kiss you on the cheek!
Naldin: Fine with me! *turns his head and closes his eyes*
Zeltha: *Moves in to kiss him*
Naldin: *Turns his head to receive a kiss on the lips* Yes! I got kissed on the lips!
Zeltha: *Whole entire body is red now* Naldin! I'm gonna pound you into a bl-
Naldin: *Puts finger on her lips* Hush now dear, there's no need to get so angry. *Shape-changes into Mike*
Mike: You were the one who kissed me so passionately. *Flees away as fast as he can*
Zeltha: *Blank, confused face, as if she just died inside*
Naldin: Mmmffffmmm! *Tied up*

9. Mehg and Shariz are fighting for Naldin. How come?

Mehg: I'll kill you! You already have Zeltha and yet you dare to flirt with my sister!?
Naldin: Aaah! I didn't do it! *Cowering*
Shariz: Oi, you crazy pirate! You don't have to go and kill him!
Mehg: Yes I do!
Nadlin: But I didn't do it!
Shariz is protecting Naldin from Mehg.

Mike: *Watches from the sides* I love messing with people.

10. Oh noes! Mike was kidnapped by heavy-armed evil hamsters and was taken to a castle to become king hamster's new sweetheart! Anyone want to make a rescue team?

Everybody: No.
Mike: Aw, come one! Why won't you guys rescue me?!
Everybody: Because you're a Jerk.
Mike: Oh...
Nayori: Um... I think we really should save him...

11. Would Nayori receive any chocolate or gift on Valentine's Day? Anything from someone in the meme?

Nope. She would be the one giving chocolates to everyone else. She has such a kind soul.
Nayori: ... And I should make some duck-shaped chocolates for Duck Knight... Oh! where did I put the mixing spoon?
She's busy, so lets leave her alone now.

12. Attolan randomly walks in and sees Kaji sitting on Duck Knight and they're both on a bed.

Attolan: *Stares at them with a blank expression.*
Kaji: *Embarrassed* Um... this is not... what it looks like...
Duck Knight: *Has no shirt on* What's up? did you need something?
Attolan: *Looks like her soul has left* Nothing... I'll be going...
Kaji: No wait! It's not what it looks like!
Duck Knight: What was her problem? And why are you on me?
Kaji: *Even more embarrassed* Um... I'm sorry...

Attolan: *Walking away from the room looking a little soulless*

13. Zeltha and Naldin are giving Mehg some pieces of love advice. What're they?

Zeltha: If you want the man to pay attention to you, you have to tie him up and make him become yours through brute force!
Mehg: Really? That sounds like good advice! I always thought shooting them would work, but it never does. I'll have to try that next time!
Naldin: You're both crazy! and that's not how you get someone to like you!
Zeltha: Shut up. I'm giving love advice.
Naldin: That's not love! Now untie me! *is tied up during the whole thing*
Zeltha: Now, now. If I untied you, then who will be the practice for Mehg?
Naldin: WHAT!?!? Untie me now woman!!!
Zeltha: Now Mehg, hit him really hard right there.
Naldin: No! No! Anywhere but there!
Mehg: You mean like this?
And then there was a lot of screaming after that.

14. A wild hobo appears! He gives Edari a flower!

Edari: What the- What am I suppose to do with this!? *Knocks the Hobo out and leaves* People these days...

15. Shariz received a mysterious gift box from Mike. What's inside it?

Shariz: *Opens gift* Oh! Sexy girl outfit! *Tries to put it on* It won't equip! *looks at tag* Gender... locked... *Raises fists* NOOOOOOOOO!!! Curse you MMO Developers!

16. So, Kaji, have you ever played half-naked Twister? Do you want to?

Kaji: *Embarrassed* Half-naked what!? *Blushing* I... suppose I... wouldn't mind playing with my sister...

17. Duck Knight and Attolan, please each pick a song that describe your state of mind on Valentine's Day.

Duck Knight: My little duckling, My little duckling, Aaaaaa-aaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Attolan: Um... I don't usually listen to music like that.

18. Cool. And what do they think about the other person's song?

Duck Knight: Really? You're missing out!
Attolan: Um... Duck Knight. I thing that song is the Opening to that My Little Pony show and not a love song.
Duck Knight: I don't know what you're talking about. *Has a straight poker face*
Attolan: Uh, Yes. I think you do.

19. King hamster's castle was conquered, and Nayori was in charge of re-decorate it for a Valentines event (don't care about money). How is the castle look like after the re-decorating?

Nayori: Hmmm... I think I should put some red drapes over here... and some pictures over here...
Edari: Hey! What are you doing?! A castle need to look more intimidating! Otherwise no one will know fear when they visit!
Nayori: Ah! Edari! No, Don't do that! Don't put that there! I was the one left in charge of the decorating, so why don't you go have some fun?
Edari: No way. If I leave this up to you, people will feel welcomed here and will want to visit! And what have I told you about letting people use you!
Nayori: Ah! I'm sorry...
Edari: Seriously, you need to quit being so nice to people and just kick 'em in the balls.
Nayori: Ah! But that would be mean!
Edari: Argh! Screw all this decorating! Just burn everything! *Sets the castle on fire* There. That should solve your problem. Now lets go dungeoning. *Grabs Nayori's arm and heads away from the burning castle*
Nayori: Ah! Edari, the castle! I'm suppose to be decorating it!

And so.

Shariz: And that was how I became in charge of redecorating the castle! So what do you think?
Everyone else: *stares at the newly redecorated castle* It looks like a children's playhouse!
Shariz: I think it looks nice...

20. Everyone in this meme is invited to a fantastic ball in the castle. Desribe it a bit and/or tag someone to end the meme!

Mehg: Arrr! Get me more beer! I need more beer!
Kaji: Um... sister, I think you've had enough...
Mehg: Moooore!!!

Naldin: Zeltha, please kiss me!
Zeltha: Ha! You wish!
Naldin: Aw, why not? You kissed that other guy.
Zeltha: *Has the most cold and scary expression of all time* That. Never. Happened.
Naldin: Ah! I'm sorry! Forgive me!

Shariz and Duck Knight: *Singing and dancing on the table with their shirts off* 87 bottles of beer on the wall! 87 bottles of bottle on the wall! take one down, pass it around, 86 bottles of beer on the wall!

Attolan: So, Nayori. I hear you're really good at healing magic?
Nayori: I suppose I am.
Attolan: Really?! Could you teach me how to do it? I'm a priestess and a priestess is suppose to be able to heal their allies on dangerous mission, but all I can do is really strong attack spells. Could you help me?
Nayori: Um... I guess I can.
Attolan: Yay! Lets be friends forever! *Hugs Nayori*

Edari: *Sitting by himself drinking some alcohol looking bored*

And now for the conclusion.

Edari: Raaa! You're all so weak! None of you could beat me in a real fight!
Nayori: Edari, please calm down...
Mehg: Grr! How dare you! I will destroy you!
Kaji: Big sister, I think you've had too much to drink...
Zeltha: Lets join the fight!
Naldin: That sounds like an excellent plan!
Shariz: Oi, I want to fight!
Duck Knight: *Leading some ducks away from the commotion* Come this way, its safer with me. My little ducklings.
Attolan: If you people don't calm down I'll have to knock you out with my magic weapon! *Summons magic weapon*

And then things got crazy after that.

Mike: Hey! did you guys forget about me?! Why wasn't I invited?
Because, No one likes you.
Mike: *Teary eyed* That's mean...
I know little Mikey, I know.
Mike: Don't call me Mikey or I'll shape-change into you and ruin your life.
I'm Sorry, please forgive me.

The End.
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Tal63 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
This was hilarious!!! I love these whacky guys!

When I first saw this, I instantly recognized Mike's description!!! XD Remember Belle Donna? My character was Safety. XD
ChibiBoy108 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013   Artist
Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed this.
So you played safety? Mike never got his chance to do something mean to her before the RP closed. =P
Tal63 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, you're characters are hilarious. XP

Haha! Meanness! :p

What was he planning on doing?
ChibiBoy108 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Artist
Nothing yet, like I said. He never got to meet her.
Archive-of-Giullio Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh.

*dies from laughter*
ChibiBoy108 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013   Artist
I am now a murderer! And I did it without even touching you!:squee: 
Archive-of-Giullio Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ChibiBoy108 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Artist
Oh, believe me when I say this, I am proud.Mwahahahahahahaha! 
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