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Perler Bead Timelapse - Orange Juice

Made in 2 day (video included) - 1.000 beads used (approximately)
Réalisé en deux jours (en comptant la vidéo)  - 1.000 perles utilisées (environ)


Tout est dans la video, mais un peu de Français plus bas.

:star: ENGLISH
This video is a gift I made for my friend, her artist name is OG (mean Orange Juice). I have this little idea that could be cool and wanted to try. So bad "speed-perling" doen't exist so I'll name it a perler bead timelapse. Enjoy... ^^

The original design is from a so lovely illustration by :iconluzhikaru: .
He really made the cutest Orange Juice Brick I ever see and if you want to see it:


Cette video est un cadeau pour l'anniv d'une amie connue sous le nom d'OJ (A comprendre Oran Juice ou Jus d'Orange). J'ai eu une petite idée en tête et la trouvais sympa alors j'ai voulu tenter. Dommage que le terme "Speed-perling" existe pas, du coup on va appeler ça un timelapse... ^^

Le design originale provient d'une sublime illustration par :iconluzhikaru:.
Il a fait la brique de jus d'orange la plus mimi que j'ai jamais vu et si vous voulez la voir:

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you need… it's a pen that you fill the top with beads and when you push the button it drops them out the end. it takes some getting use to but it really speeds up the process once you get the hang of it. not so great for areas with lots of detail but it would've been perfect for the OJ box.
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I have that kind of pen, design is kinda diferent thought, the problem is that my siser wanted to keep it when I left mother house and can't find the same I used. I agree next time I do this kind of model I must have one. Especially since I had to stay back cause the camera, my arms hurt after that.

Let see if I can find one in France, must search more seriously. Thansk for the advice and motivation... ^^
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heh, the internet is a wonderful shopping source!
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That's true but there is some various models of pen existing and the one I used it really cool so want to find the same but seem they didn't producted so much of this one... O_o
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Thanks, glad you like it... ^^
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