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Meet Usako, youngest daughter of Queen Lady Serenity and King Helios and heir to the Silver Crystal. Her full name is Princess Usako Chibi Lady Serenity - her mother used to be called Small Lady, and called her daughter 'Chibi Lady' because her Guardian Senshi are seven years older than her. Her birth name was given to her because it was her grandfather's nickname for her grandmother.

Usako was born when her older sister was 15, and became Sailor Pure Moon when she was 11. Her powers are based on both light and music, and her weapons, while including wands and staffs like her mother and grandmother, also include a harp and microphone.

Being so much younger than her Senshi, she can be a little childish and thinks of them as her older sisters. She is also a tad small for her age, with some people mistaking her for an 8 year old instead of 11. Her hobbies include singing and drawing, and her favorite colors are purple and pink. When she becomes queen, she is known as Queen Melody Serenity.


Sailor Pure Moon
Princess Usako Serenity
Queen Melody Serenity

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
doll made with Sailor Senshi Maker 3 from Doll Divine
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Hey? I’ve been reading your Alvin and the Chipmunks stories for quite some time. Question? When are you gonna make more? :)

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Not sure...I've written a few for the new cartoon series - the last one came out earlier this year.
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Yeah, I saw it. :)

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Originally her name was Melody and she wasn't even related to the Moon line...she was more of a myth. Then she was Chibiusa's little sister. Eventually, she ended up like this
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I'm pretty proud of her
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