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Requests - I Don't Do Them by DemonGemini6

Yep. I'm the same ShotaAI from Cosmic Break EN (Semi-Retired) and also the same ShotaAI on the Elsword NA forums. This is where I do my MMD stuff, which revolve around the Heavyarms Commando--a four-man Special Operations team composed of three Josou Commandos and one Lol--er--Token Mini-Moe Commando known for combat ferocity that defies preconceived notions of otokonoko and token mini-moes (Mayumi's older than she looks). =u=

At the moment, Corpse Trigger has been shelved as I haven't had much time to work on it. Strangely, Taeko and crew were originally slated to star in a slice-of-life sort of thing. Dubbed Contracts and Fortunes, we get to see Taeko and crew engage in what is essentially the daily lives of Bunny-Ear Lawyer-type mercs who take on contracts around the globe--from straight-up combat missions that has ultra-manry '80s action movie written all over it to tactical espionage a la Metal Gear Solid (and--on occasion--Payday 2) and everything else in between. Also mundane home time moments since C&F is essentially a case of Story~? What Story~? =u=

Favourite Movies
Any 1980s gung-ho B-Movie starring Reb Brown
Favourite Games
Mechwarrior Online, Elsword, Fallout: New Vegas, TESIV: Oblivion
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC~! >u<
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop Elements, the Screenshot key, PMD + PMX, MMD
Other Interests
*Is highly susceptible to trap x girl* o///o;
Another update day has come as I need to keep everyone in the loop regarding things and stuff. 1. The Muzzle Flash model First off, I'm glad everyone likes the muzzle flash effect I've been using in my pics. I've gotten a few requests for where to download it from and sadly, I haven't been able to deliver on that. When I had first used it years ago, it came from a 30mm Harkonnen MMD model pack that was downloadable from VPVP Wiki and at the time, I didn't really keep detailed notes on exactly where to download the resources I used in my MMD pics. Nowadays it's a completely different story and I see why--the Harkonnen on VPVP Wiki is no long
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Figured I'd keep you up to date with what I've been up to lately. Sorry for the lack of activity as being busy-busy with the boring crap that is real life has gotten quite annoying. Pops and I still haven't been able to coordinate when he can start helping me renovate my place and work has been busy-busy. Anyways, onto the fun stuff: 1. Brenner Heavy Arms Series Rebuild This has gone very well. I was able to find the reinforcing rails I needed to turn the Brenners into a proper equivalent of the Export model HK21 line off of a PSG-1 model that TwinkeMasta--sadly no longer active--made eons ago. The clubfoot stock ended up coming from--of al
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I need to find that microwave egg cooker thing I bought years ago. Thinking about bringing it back to the office again so I can have eggs and whatever deli meat I pick up for the week at the local supermarket's deli counter for breakfast and lunch on the cheap. Seriously--why blow money buying breakfast and lunch every day when one can do a little supermarket sweep and have breakfast and lunch at work for the whole week for the same price as one restaurant meal~? =u= So...what's on the mind this time around~? MMD plans. Right now, my plans are as follows: 1. Finish the Armed Jump Bike Unit 197 Special rebuild. 2. Kludge together a new casi
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Happy and Happy B-Day, always wishing you all the best! :iconcakeplz::hug:
Do you happen to have a link to download the muzzle flash effect used in your MMD pics?
Sadly I haven't been able to re-locate the link for the muzzle flash. I've been trying to find out exactly where I downloaded it from via VPVP years ago but have been unsuccessful in finding the link. Sorry. OnO
Happy birthdayyyy
Thanks~! >u<

*Crates of birthday cake slices (and whiskey) parachute in from the sky*