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The diary of Spike, baby dragon
Note from spike: shut up! A diary IS manly!

Day 1, morning
I'm starting a diary today cause I'm so happy! My love rarity has asked to go on a diamond hunt with me. I'm so exited! Not only cause Il be alone with rarity, but also cause of the gems! YUM!

Day1, later
OH NO! WHY! RARITY HAS BEEN PONYNAPPED! I will get those dogs! Everypony is preparing to go save her with me. They are still trying to figure out what I told them when I came to get them.
Twilight is calling me. IM COMING RARITY!

Day1, night
I'm not sure why she did it. I'm not sure why I liked it. Applejack…
Oh I probably better explain what happened.
So we were ready to save rarity and as we tried luring the dogs out of their hole, I was daydreaming about saving rarity. I always get lost in my thoughts when I'm daydreaming so I didn't notice I was pointing my kissing lips to AJ. We told everypony she just told me 'who here loverboy'. Nopony, except for Twilight, knows she kissed me. We agreed to never talk about it. We saved rarity and I acted all 'in love' but… well… the feeling wasn't there. I don't know what is happening to me. I don't feel the butterflies anymore when I see rarity… I feel my heart go wild when I see Applejack.
I should probably just go to sleep for now. Twilight is having nightmares again.

Day2, morning
I had a little conversation with twilight. Here is how it went:
'Twilight, can I ask you something?'
'Sure spike, what's on your mind?'
'Well… um…'
'Is it about what happened with Applejack?'
'Yes, I don't know why but every time I think about her, I feel like I'm floating in happiness.'
'Ow spike, not this again. You know you had the same thing with Rarity and…'
I interrupted her 'No, it's not at all like that. Whenever I saw Rarity I thought she was a beautiful mare and that I was in love with her… But I never really felt the love. But yesterday, when AJ kissed me, I felt like never before…'
'Spike… are you in love with her'
'I don't know, I never felt like this'
I walked away.

Day2, lunchtime
I've been avoiding Applejack the whole time. I thought if I did some shores for Rarity, I would feel the butterflies again but all I can think of is AJ. I told Rarity I was feeling sick. Time to clean the library for now. Put my mind on other things.

Day2, evening
I'm in the basement. How could Twilight! She knows I have it difficult with what happened and STILL she invites the fillies over for a slumber party. I can't go upstairs. I can't look at Applejack. Help me!

Day2, night
Everypony is playing truth or dare. I took my chance and sneaked to my bed. Im going to sleep now and hopefully they will be gone tomorrow morning.

Day3, morning
I don't know why…
Why did she do this, I mean there was a bed ready for her to sleep in! So why did she fell asleep right next to my bed! Oh Applejack… please don't make this more difficult for me than it already is.
Hey I just noticed something. Rainbow Dash is gone! I asked twilight where she is. She has to make it rain today so she woke up early. I hope everypony leaves soon.

Day3, after breakfast
I think twilight and pinkie are up to something. They are speaking very softly while looking at me. AppleJack is still sleeping. I asked Twilight when they were going home and it turns out they are staying the whole day since it's raining pretty hard and have a slumber party again. She told me 'Spike, if you hide in the basement this time, I'm going to tell everypony what I saw you and AJ doing.'… Daim twilight…

Day3 lunchtime
The fillies are watching a movie. I have to sit next to them because, you know, twilight would tell. It's a movie about a boat, Ponytanic I guess. Everypony is enjoying it except for AJ. She is looking on my Ponytendo DS how I am gaming. She tries to make conversation with me by asking me things about the game. And why Is everypony secretly looking at us? They try to hide it but I can see them looking!

Day3-Day4 midnight
It's already past filly bedtime. We aren't sleepy yet cause… well… never trust a drink from Pinkie Pie…
It's time for what I was afraid of… Truth or dare. Twilight and the fillies are up to something. I saw twilight writing in her diary and she left it open by accident. I wanted to put it away but my eyes fell on the last sentence: 'Me and Pinkie have the perfect plan! AJ and Spike don't suspect a thing!'. I wanted to continue reading but she came in… I'm scared. I will let you know how it turned out.

Day4 after T or D
I'm so mad at Twilight! But I'm also so happy with what she did!
Let me explain.
We played truth or date for a while and it was my turn. I was scared to pick truth because I thought she might ask something about Applejack so I picked dare. She giggled at pinkie. I should have known it! She told her! I knew I should have made her PinkiePieSwear! She looked at me funny. 'Stand up and give the pony you like the most a kiss on the cheek.'… Why twilight. I refused but they told me if I didn't do it, they would take all my gems away. I stood up. I slowly walked with my eyes closed to Rarity. She was expecting me to pick her. I stood in front of her. 'No…' I said really softly 'I'm love somepony else.' I turned around and quickly walked to Applejack and kissed her. Not on the cheek. She looked surprised. I looked at her. 'S…sorry I didn't want to freak you out'. She smiled and said 'silly dragon'. She kissed me once again.
I'm so happy right now. After that, we continued the game and we had fun. When everypony went to bed I stayed to clean and when I came in the room where we sleep my bed was gone. Pinkie was giggling. I took a deep breath and lay on the ground, when I heard AJ whispering. 'psst Spike, don't be shy. Come sleep with me. This is a big bed'.
I am going to sleep right now. Warm and cozy. Together with Applejack.

Day5 morning
I never slept so well in my life. I'm so happy! I woke up because I heard the fillies whisper and giggle. 'Daaaw look at the little couple'. I opened my eyes and realized that Applejacks hooves where rapped around me. I woke her up. 'Aah, good morning sugarcube' is what she said right before she suddenly gave me a good morning kiss. Twilight told us that we are going to get a milkshake to celebrate. I hope Applejack likes strawberry...

Day5 after lunch
It was a pretty quiet day till now. Well... with that i mean that everypony needed to go home for a while. Pinkie to check on gummy, rarity to check on her store and on her cat, fluttershy needed to get Angel some carrots, rainbow dash had to clean the clouds and Applejack needed to see if everything was ok on the applefield. I stayed with twilight and cleaned the library. The only thing she did was ask questions about what I was planning to do as couple with AJ. Il be glad when we all meet later to get a milkshake.

Day5 evening
Everypony looked at us... at first cause i was on Applejacks back and not on Twilights. When we arrived we choose a table and everypony started to look at the flavors. We don't order pony by pony but we tell Twilight what we want and she will get it. She is the only one who can remember what everypony wants. When we got our shakes, everypony grabbed what they ordered leaving one giant shake with 2 straws standing there. I realized that me and AJ both didn't get what we ordered. Suddenly pinkie said 'comoon drink your loveshake'. Twilight again... she ordered a loveshake for me and AJ. We were both a bit too shy to drink from it at the same time but after some time we did it. I loved it, how she stared in my eyes. She is so lovely.
When we got home she looked at me and said: 'did you hear what everypony in Ponyville was saying?'. I did hear them. 'That's not normal', 'pony and dragon?'. I asked her if she was troubled by them but it ended in a long silence. Suddenly she looked in my eyes. 'I don't care about what they think. I... I LOVE YOU!'. She ran away.
Those words
'I love you'
I love you to Applejack

Day6 morning
I just came back from a nice morning walk. AJ is out of town till tomorrow. It's a nice day to have a day off. Twilight told me that today I should go do what I want. So I did a little walk around Ponyville. It wasn't as nice as I hoped it would be. Everypony had something to say to me, good and bad. Sadly most of them were mean to me. 'How could you think of dating a pony?', 'Dragons should stick with lady dragons', 'Are you forcing her in a relation with you?'… The nicest pony in Ponyville was Applebloom. 'Are you my sister's boyfriend now? YAY, that makes us family, doesn't it? I'm happy for you 2.' . That is kind of important to me, being accepted by her family.

Day6 after lunch
Big Macintosh wanted to have lunch with me. I was scared! Why would he have lunch with me?
I went to the apple farm and he took me to the kitchen. 'Here you go, eat some apple-pie' he said. I asked him if he wanted to talk to me about me dating his sister. He responded with a pretty serious eeyup. 'I'm happy my sis has found love, but I want to tell ya that she can be hard to handle'. I quickly responded 'I do my very best to be a good boyfriend to her!'. 'well, I hope you 2 are happy together than' he said, 'and now we're talking, can ya tell me about Fluttershy?'. I looked at him and smilled. 'so you have a thing for the yellow filly, huh,'. Big mac blushed 'well i… um…'. I laughed and told him anything I knew. Phew, that went better than excepted.

Day7 morning
Today, Applejack comes back today and after that the whole gang is going to pinkie's place for a party. I'm not going with them. I am a little afraid that everypony would just stare and give bad comments at me and AJ. So I'm staying home, going to play some games.

Day7 lunch
Twilight sure is in a rush. She has to pick up her new dress at Rarity's place but she has some stuff to do in the library. I'm going to tell her that I will finish her work so she can go.

Day7 evening
Turns out Twilight is staying at Pinkie's tonight. I got invited to go to the sleepover but I'm staying here. Twilight gave me advice to ignore everypony and have fun with Applejack, but I wasn't sure. I have sent a letter to Princess Celestia to ask for advice. In the letter she sent back was written 'Dear Spike, I know how it feels to not be accepted by everypony. However my sister tells me to stand up tall and just do what I like. There will always be somepony who believes in your love. I certainly do signed…' what was written shocked me a little. '…Luna'. I responded to her that I was surprised she was the one responding and she replied that her sister was out. That was 2 hours ago and I'm still writing to her. She's very nice and she supports my love for AJ.

Day7 night
I will copy my last letter to Princess Luna here so you know exactly what happened.
'Dear Luna, I thank you deeply for all the support and the great time i had talking to you and I hope we can talk again soon but now I have to go. Applejack is here. She was worried about me and decided to stay with me tonight. Thanks again for everything.'
Her response was:
'Dear Spike, I hope you have a great night with Applejack. Tell her that Luna supports your love. I have to go to cause my sister is home. Write you soon!'

Day8 morning
I woke up very early to make breakfast. Applejack woke up a few minutes later and joined me in making the food. We had a great time. She told that, yesterday at the party, everypony asked her how she could be in love with a baby dragon but that she told everypony that she loved me for who I am and that the fact that I'm not a pony didn't matter. After she told me that there was a long silent moment. I looked at her, 'Applejack i…' she looked at me, deep in my eyes. 'What's up sugarcube?' she said. I whispered 'I… I love you'. She smiled and kissed me. 'Silly baby dragon, I love you to'.

Day8 evening
I had a great day with applejack. We watched movies, played games, gave little kisses so now and then. This day sure brought us closer to each other. Now twilight is back home and AJ is back at the farm. We are going to buy muffins tomorrow. I heard our mailpony has great muffins.

Day9 morning
I'm preparing for my date with Applejack. We decided to ignore everypony and have a great time. That is going to be pretty hard, but our love can overcome everything!

Day9 lunch
We had to find Rainbow Dash before we could get the muffins. The mailpony with the great muffins lives in Cloudsdale so we can't get to her. Rainbow Dash went to get her and after some time we saw a grey with yellow pony coming down the sky. She was holding a bag with a big muffin on it and for some reason she had a muffin on her head. She gave us the bag and told us we didn't had to pay because she thought we were a cute couple. I wanted to thank her but the wind blew her muffin away and she chased it.
Applejack knew a great place to eat them so we went there. There were a lot of ponies but we just ate there anyways. As expected everypony was staring and judging. In a flash a whole crowd of ponies was standing around us. All of them were just being mean to us. 'STOP!'. Everypony stopped talking and made a path for the mare that stopped them. 'How dare you all judge young love!'. I was surprised to see Luna come forward. 'you don't have the right to judge them for who they love!' she said. Everypony started to be mean to her to but out of nowhere Princess Celestia pushed through the crowd. 'She is right!' she said, 'A filly loving a dragon is not less normal than a filly loving a pony, or 2 fillies loving each other!'. Everypony was silent and some walked slowly away. Celestia came to us and told us that Luna explained our situation to her. She came by to make sure everything was ok.
Thank you princess Celestia. Thank you so much.

Day9 night
Princess Celestia asked Pinkie to throw a party for us. We had so much fun. I'm so happy that me and Applejack can finally go through life as couple without being judged my everypony. Celestia also told me that she was happy I made friends with Luna since she had a hard time being accepted by anypony. She had a great time to and had fun with a lot of ponies. I spend the party on AJ's side. We are so happy together.

Day10 the whole day
I stayed at Applejacks place this night. We didn't sleep but we talked. We are now even closer to each other.  The party yesterday wasn't only a good thing for us, but yesterday we saw Big Mac talking to Fluttershy and they kissed. Another happy couple. I hope me an Applejack stay together forever!


15 years later
It has been 15 years since I wrote in my diary. I had it pretty busy, especially lately. I have to work hard on Sweet Apple Acres. Why? Big Mac has to be with Fluttershy since their daughter is sick.
And Applejack?
A pregnant pony can't work on a farm, can she.

i finally made my fanfic
im sorry if it isn"t any good.
it's my first fic ever!!!

I'ts about AppleSpike
the story is in Spyke's diary


© 2011 - 2021 chibi95
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This was quite an interesting piece, an insight into Spike's mind as he tries to come to terms with new feelings for Applejack. I especially enjoyed the 15 yearts later part at the end. Anyway, onto the critical points now.

First, the negatives, one of the biggest offenders was grammar. There were quite a lot of spelling mistakes, alongside other errors. One that stood out the most for me was the use of the number '2' to substitute 'too' or 'to'. I would strongly suggest that you try to avoid using numbers to replace letters, otherwise you risk making it sound like 'txt speak'. I did check on your page to see if English was your first language, and seeing that it wasn't, means that I can overlook your spelling errors.

Another negative was that some parts just seemed a little short. I mean, I know you split parts up into morning, evening, and night, yet it just felt they could be elaborated on a bit. Although in contrast to this, it is a diary, and they do tend to present a condensed version of a days events, so once again, you can overlook this if you like.

One minor criticism was the bit about Twilight blackmailing spike, I think she said something like 'Spike, if you hide in the basement this time, I'm going to tell everypony what I saw you and AJ doing.' It just seemed a little out of character, as myself, I couldn't see Twilight being the sort for blackmail.

Now onto the positives. As I said before, I liked the ending, it was nice to see that their relationship was still going strong fifteen years on. That last line was especially interesting, I am quite interested to know more about their child, or possibly just see how it would look.

Another positive was the general flow of the piece. Each part seemed to advance the story, even it was just a little bit. I liked how you condensed the events of 'A dog and pony show' to start it off, that was nice touch. The five day wait before Spike was actually forced to show his feelings for AJ were played out nicely. And then when he confessed his love on the 8th day, I felt that it was appropriate, and didn't seem rushed at all. The insights into Spike's mind also helped make the timing seem appropriate.

Overall this was fun to read, and for a first fic, it was certainly well done.

Good job!
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i thank you for your critique
about the '2'
i am a Dutch boy and i have it difficult with keeping 'to' and 'too' appart
but you're right that it doesn't look all that good in a story

about the short parts
i looked at them before uploading and told myself they where to short
but i have a thing where when i start changing things, i make it worse so i didn't do that :la:

about the blackmailing
you are right. but twilight was supposed to be the only one that knew it so i didn't really have a choice cause i couldn't find an other reason why she absolutely MUST be at the game =p

about the ending
that was something i wasn't sure about doing it or not while writing.
i did it, and i also like it :) and the child, may be an interesting thing for me or other people to draw once =p

i really thank you for this critique
i know i need practice but its always good to hear that there are good things in it =)
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AWESOME!!! Make more story like this!
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What game is spike playing?
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love this, also, sending you a watch.
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I haven't been writing for a while now and i don't really have plans for a part 2, but there are a few more fics in this ship made by other people ^^
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Um wanna adopt my Twishy child… Flutterbook?

READ RULES (send points by note ^u^
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nice titanic joke in their

XD Ponytanic
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did i make a titanic joke? xP
i made this 4 years ago so i have no idea x3
WestRail642fan's avatar
yes you did

its a joke at the movie
Considering you have another fanfic where you establish that Twilight is Spike's adopted mother and therefore an adult it is pretty disturbing to think of him having a romantic relationship with Applejack.
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chibi95? can i use your pic at the beginning of this story to be the cover of my own?
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i love it and i hope you make more spikeXaj fanfics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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i don't do much shipping things anymore, but im not the only one who does SpikexAJ related hings :D
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yay, but i really likes yours, nice job! :D
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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awww, I love the ending :D
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