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Heracles not Hercules 6 :iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 1 0
Heracles not Hercules Chapter 5 Reboot

This has not been beta read so sorry for any mistakes.
Ukraine (Katyusha) = Hestia (goddess of the home and hearth)
Switzerland(Vash) = Trainer of heroes, or Phil as he is known in the movie
These are thoughts

Soft, puffy clouds flouted by Heracles's line of vision. Soft shades of pink and blue were streaked across the sky, slightly discolored when the bright orange rays of the sun hit them. Heracles stared up at the unending sky, ignoring the linger twinges that remained in his heart.
That boy is a menace!
He rolled over and curled up, closing his eyes.
Keep that freak away from here!
Heracles groaned and sat up. He shook his head as if trying to shake off the shouts, but it didn't work. So many times before Heracles ha
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 1 0
Heracles not Hercules Chapter 4 Reboot

Oh, and just to make it clear, this is going off the Disney Hercules movie.
Discus Throwing: A old sport that involves competitors throwing a heavy disc (essentially a frisbee) as far as they can.
Ladon (Ladonia): The owner of the pottery shop

The years passed by, and Heracles grew up strong and healthy. His superhuman strength never waned, which made raising him a little difficult. When little Heracles threw a fit, which luckily did not happen often, the whole house shook. When Berwald tried to teach Heracles some sports, like discus throwing, but Heracles always threw to hard, which sometimes ended up with the discs embedded into the ground where they had landed. Tino attempted to teach Heracles to cook, but he would always e
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 0 0
Heracles not Hercules Chapter 3 Reboot
I apologize if Berwald's speech pattern is off. I have no idea how to write it.
Elizabeta (Hungary): Artemis
Roderich (Austria): Apollo
Tino (Finland): Heracles's adopted mortal father
Berwald (Sweden): Heracles's other adopted mortal father
Italics mean that the narrator is speaking.

Gupta and Emir watched silently as Roderich's golden chariot to descend from the sky, allowing Elizabeta to pull her silver chariot to where his once sat. The curtain of night fell over Mount Olympus and one by one, the torches lighting the buildings were extinguished.
Gupta and Emir waited another hour to be sure everyone had fallen asleep. Once everything was all clear, they quickly made their way into the heart of Mount Olympus where Sadiq had said Her
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 2 0
Heracles not Hercules Chapter 2 Reboot
All the names used are the official names given to the characters, or at least the popular fan names for the characters. I realize some people use Sadik instead of Sadiq but I just decided to go with the alternate spelling. TRNC is actually a legitimate character. He's a small country only recognized by Turkey. Because of this he is loyal to Turkey and hates anyone who is mean to him, meaning Greece. His character is described as being stern and quiet, with a monotone speaking voice.
Sadiq: Hades, the god of the underworld
Gupta (Egypt): Hades minion
Emir (Turkish Republic or Northern Cyprus or TRNC): Hades minion (TRNC has no official name that I could find so I used one of the most popular Turkish boy names. If TRNC gains an official name then I will change it)
Matthias (Denmark), Emil (Iceland), Lukas (Norway): The three Fates
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 0 0
Heracles not Hercules Chapter 1 Reboot
Alfred: Zeus, king of the gods
Arthur: Hera, queen of the gods
Feliciano: Hermes, god of thieves, messengers, etc. (Originally Im Yong Soo was supposed to be Hermes, but Feliciano won out after some deliberation)
Ludwig: Ares, god of war
Francis: Aphrodite, goddess of love
Séamus (Ireland OC): Dionysus, god of drinking. (I apologize for bringing an OC into this; he should be the last one you see. Honestly he won't be in this much, only a reference here or there. Since Gilbert already has a job, this guy was the best choice for Dionysus. I considered Latvia but his personality doesn't quite fit.)
Matthew: Poseidon, god of the oceans
Lethe: a river in the underworld that when drunken from, one would experience complete forgetfulness. Apparently there was a Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion that the river was named after.
And there are slight mentions of mpreg but only light mentions here and there.

:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 0 0
Heracles not Hercules Prologue Reboot
Italics are for the narrator
Regular text is for everything else
I own nothing. This is simply a story for entertainment purposes. I make no money off of this. All rights to Hercules belong to Disney.
Long ago in the far away land of ancient Greece, there was an age of extraordinary strange gods and bumbling heroes. Possibly the oddest tale out of all these heroes, was the one of the mighty Hercules.
But what is the measure of a true hero? That is where our story begins…

"Like, would you just listen to that?"
"Feliks, shhh!"
"Toris, the author is, like, making this sound totally weird! How are people supposed to remain interested in the story?"
"Feliks it's not polite to interrupt…
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 0 0
Babysitter Jarvis
Warnings- Superfamily, Steve/Tony, and maybe slightly OOC Jarvis since it's my first time writing him. Also fluff. Lotsa fluff.
Summary: When Tony and Steve go out for date, Jarvis is left alone to take care of their son Peter. However even though the AI has been programmed with the latest childcare technology, taking care of a baby is harder than he thought.

"Are you sure about this Tony?"
"Come on Steve! Peter couldn't be in better hands!" Tony patted Steve on the back and took Peter out of Steve's arms. The thirteen month year old baby giggled and reached his hands up to grab Tony's face. Peter patted Tony's rough cheeks and let out a hap
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 31 20
Hetalia Group Cosplay by Chibi-Writer Hetalia Group Cosplay :iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 11 2 Casual Russia by Chibi-Writer Casual Russia :iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 3 0
Happy Fourth of July, Git
England groaned as he shifted uncomfortably before America's doorway. He had been knocking for five minutes now and the git had yet to make an appearance. Considering that England was here to HELP America with his stupid party preparations, this was almost enough to send England back home.
"AMERICA! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" England shouted, giving the door a good kick. Why of all people did he have to come early and help the moron set up? America could have asked anybody else, should have asked somebody else…
England sighed and sagged against the door. The Fourth of July, one of the most celebrated days in the United States of America. Families got together to eat, party, watch fireworks, etc, etc. What was probably America's favorite holiday (it celebrates him after all), was definitely England's least favorite. The Fourth of July marked the day when America had claimed his complete independence from England all those years ago, and while there were cer
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 2 7
Less Than Three
This is an omake for my story Handcuffed. You don't really need to read that to have fun with this little drabble though, it's just in the beginning of the story to know how Sherlock and John got together.
After two months of being 'official', as John had put it, Sherlock received a text from John that incredibly puzzled him.

I'll be back by 2 with milk <3

Less than three? What did that mean? Sherlock flopped down onto the couch, and immediately went through his mind database.
Less than three. Less than three. Did John mean milk was less than three? But that didn't make any sense at all. Was John trying to send him a coded message through text? That was possible.
Sherlock leapt off the couch and grabbed pen and paper and began. He first went through all the codes John would know, military codes, and silly child codes. The only thing that appeared was the phrase 'The buttress bitter blue' which Sherlock did ponder over for a while, but finally dismissed as non
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 11 5
Mature content
Handcuffed 5 :iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 13 9
Handcuffed 4
"I have the solution to your dilemma." Mycroft announced, looking at both Sherlock and John. "I have called the locksmith, who made this pair of handcuffs. Luckily for you two, he isn't as stupid as Sherlock and had a key made for them just in case."
Sherlock looked slightly livid at this, muttering a small curse towards the locksmith. John didn't give a damn about what Sherlock was thinking; he was eagerly looking to Mycroft, the man suddenly becoming something of a savior.
"Thank god! How long until he can get it here?"
"Oh I have it now." Mycroft fished inside his suit's pocket for a moment before pulling out a small key. Automatically reaching for it, John was slightly stunned when Mycroft pulled back.  "Not yet Dr. Waston."
"Excuse me?" John looked at Mycroft, dumbfounded. What the hell was going on now?
"Sherlock, what day is it?"
"…" Sherlock suddenly winced.
"I did think that you had forgotten. This is why," Mycroft dangled the key in front of them, "I brought th
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 17 9
Mature content
Closer to the Sky 2 :iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 3 2
Closer to the Sky
The closer you get to the sky…the better the cellphone reception! Namimori is a spotty nightmare for cellphone service, but with Tsuna around, who needs to worry about that?
There are no pairings in this, although there is some pet name calling to irritate each other and there is a Tsuna sandwich. ^_0

As soon as Tsuna woke up, he knew something weird was going to happen that day. Maybe it was his hyper intuition telling him something, maybe it was the fact that Reborn hadn't woken him up by hitting him with a hammer…maybe it was Gokudera sitting outside his window, texting on his cellphone.
"Good morning Tenth!" Gokudera noticed Tsuna staring at him and in an instant was beaming a one million kilowatt smile at the sh
:iconchibi-writer:Chibi-Writer 11 5


Blilbo rubber stamps art print by gataro Blilbo rubber stamps art print :icongataro:gataro 20 3 Alice by SachaKalis Alice :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 40,995 1,854 Petals Fall by yuumei Petals Fall :iconyuumei:yuumei 19,847 539 Kinmoku Fashion - Royalty by YoukaiYume Kinmoku Fashion - Royalty :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 7,656 408 Seiya+Usagi: One-Sided by YoukaiYume Seiya+Usagi: One-Sided :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 3,973 256 Breathe by yuumei Breathe :iconyuumei:yuumei 8,523 128 Coco - I rigged it! by TC-96 Coco - I rigged it! :icontc-96:TC-96 2,637 392 Life's Journey by yuumei Life's Journey :iconyuumei:yuumei 11,296 236 dream girl by egophiliac dream girl :iconegophiliac:egophiliac 419 14 Sword of the Silver Crystal by briannacherrygarcia Sword of the Silver Crystal :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 2,700 72 Steampunk Pretty Soldier by briannacherrygarcia Steampunk Pretty Soldier :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 6,178 189 MLP Human Magic: Unicorn Magic by HazuraSinner MLP Human Magic: Unicorn Magic :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 612 42 Reflections-Wonderwall by Amethyst-Ocean Reflections-Wonderwall :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 1,372 61 Cherry blossom seat by Cutiezor Cherry blossom seat :iconcutiezor:Cutiezor 633 35 Third Try's The Charm by shoomlah Third Try's The Charm :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,329 41 I'm Ready by shoomlah I'm Ready :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,478 31


Edit: ONLY TWO MORE DAYS GUYS PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD OR DONATE (I apologize if this annoys you but I really want this thing to happen)

There's a brilliant Kickstarter going on right now called 'Art Story'. Here is a link to the-> Kickstarter…

It looks amazing and would be great if we could get it going. Not only does it look beautiful and fun, but it's a major deal because it's about ART. The guys pitched it to a few animation companies, but were turned down because it was thought that nobody would be interested in a story that has the history of art in it. Which is silly, and sad. The Kickstarter is only six days away (as of today) from being finished. We're still about $100,000 away from the goal. 
Now I'm not going to ask you to donate a hundred dollars, just one dollar will do. We want to make this thing happen and show that people are interested in art and what stories it has to tell. 
If you can't donate then please consider posting a journal about this so that others will see it. Spread the word and help make this happen.
Thank you,
-Chibi-Writer :iconpinklilyplz:

Edit: WE MADE IT! Thank you to everyone who helped!!


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