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DracoTempestStudent Digital Artist
I think I've found one of my new favorite CPs. :D
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Lovable-Dark-sideStudent Writer
I love Zodiac, he has to my favorite Oc of yours, beside Smiley.
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The-Flat-SteakBootyHobbyist Digital Artist
wow  i like Zodiac he looks awesome >3<
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I got an idea
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Chibi-WorksStudent Digital Artist
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:iconnope1plz: Not gonna tell ya yet. >XD
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Nila is a gentleman He looks like such a gentlemen.
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PrimPosiStudent General Artist
that sexy beast
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SheThatKnowsAllStudent General Artist
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xPoltergeistCatxHobbyist General Artist
Dem sideburns.  Dem glasses.  Dat cloak.  Dat cane.  BOOK.   ( I seriously wanna draw him sometime. ovo )
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Alptraum-GheistHobbyist Digital Artist
dat everything.
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...was he Bloody Jack by any chance?
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Wow... He looks both creepy and awesome.
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So this is the Zodiac killer dude...he looks so swag. XD
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ChocoKittyLove123Student Artist
So Fabulous! Hatsune Miku-09 (No No No No) 
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Super-SpazCatStudent Digital Artist
D: fuuuuuu man, i imagined him like a manly jack spicer (xiaolin showdown character if you don't know)

=3= and i didn't add glasses to my zodiac interpretation because bleh

:0 whatever, it's still a good design
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PurplePolkadots54Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, fancy, yes, indubitably.
This guy.
He's so messed up.
But awesome. 
He reminds me of this bear from an anime called Danganronpa. 
They'd be best friends.
Just like... Having a conversation over some dinner in a fancy restaurant, 
then going out to kill people in the most creative way possible.
I can see this going down. 
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GodsGeekStudent Digital Artist
So... good... *0*
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ValentinesDayGreenHobbyist Writer

Seriously most CP OCs are just creepy or young or bloodthirsty but yours is so ELEGANT and ARTICULATE... So different from the rest.
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Chibi-WorksStudent Digital Artist
I wanted someone classy but still crazy but in a collected kind of way. I think that's what makes Zodiac so much fun to write
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ValentinesDayGreenHobbyist Writer
He seems really fun to write. Sophisticated killers are one of my favorite kinds of villains.
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