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2020, 2016, 2013

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So i redrew this page sketch again
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Are you working on it again? If so where can i read it
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*dying of cuteness*

Ngl, I liked da 2015 skecth better than the two other skeths cuz Lazi looks so cute!

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Really nice progress

Keep it up ~

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Ah i love IEPFB, would love to see the continuation of it also.

Are you gonna continue Lazaris story or no? Because I really want to see more of her!!

I'm so happy your reworking the project this comic was how I found out about creepypasta actually so thanks can't wait for more

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im work on a comic. I’m try to get Advice on the number pages I should work on at a time. I love your art . It’s great.

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I love the comic so much but dose Jane really have to be killed off so quickly

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evolution of art at it's finest.

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Damn, the improvement not only shows in your art style, but character development too! Keep up the awesome work!!

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This is really amazing~! *0* <3
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This is amazing!!!😍😍
This gives me lot of hope to improve my drawing skills!!! ☆ω☆!! You are a real inspiration!!!
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This is really cute, you definitely improved over the years. Smile  
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This is really good, good job :)
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Lazari will always be a precious murdering cinnamon roll.
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Lmao it’s all good. I hope things are a bit better for you!
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