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Mr. and Mrs. Seng

By Chibi-Tohru
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More ocs!? Yes yes I know! But it's for the lovely Serpents of Old comic which you still need to read! These two are the parents of Ian and Cassandra.
Name: Takeo Seng
Age: 41
Height: 6'5
Race: Serpent
Serpent color: black
Personality: Takeo is a driven man. He has been since very young. Failure is not an option. He has taken this approach to everything in his life including his family. As such, he comes off as cold and cruel.
Marriage: When Takeo was 20 his father made an arrangement with another elite family to marry. A year later Takeo was married to the lovely 18 year old Amaltheia.
The arrangement was something Takeo has always seen as a business arrangement. Sure, he finds her attractive, and had no problem engaging in marital activities. However, love? Takeo doesn't believe it to be necessary.
Children: As the patriarch of the Seng family, Takeo has certain expectations of his two children. He is hard on both Ian and Cass; however, Ian gets more of the brunt of it since he will carry on the Seng name.
Job: Takeo has worked his way through the ranks of the Umbra sect with diligence. He makes sure to succeed no matter the cost or who he steps on. Due to his lack of failure, Takeo caught the eye of Kalverick. Kalverick saw the potential in Takeo and promoted him to his right hand. Now Takeo and his family are reaping the benfits of working for Kalverick.
Extra: Takeo often is seen with an exquisite, serpent cane. It is not used for walking, but hides a hidden blade.
Name: Amaltheia Seng
Age: 38
Height: 5'4
Race: Serpent
Serpent color: gold
Personality: Amaltheia use to be a bit of a romantic, but after 20 years of marriage she isn't so idealist. She is the perfect elite wife. She smiles when necessary and only speaks when spoken too. At parties she interacts with other woman of the elite class. Coming across as sweet and charming, Amaltheia buries her feelings with ease.
Marriage: Before Amaltheia even came out to society, her father had made arrangements with the Sengs. Amaltheia didn't mind. Takeo was charming and attractive. She was excited to begin her life with him falling in love instantly. After the wedding, she learned who the real Takeo was. He was still charming and sometimes even sweet, but he became cold and even cruel at times. Now 20 years later, Amaltheia realizes she was never going to win his love. He isn't capable of it. So at home she partakes in a bit of wine to numb the fact she still somehow loves him under the resentment. Takeo doesn't mind her habitual drinking as long as it stays behind closed doors.
Children: Amaltheia loves her twins; however, sometimes it's hard for them to see it. She has decided that they need to know life isn't idealistic. Refusing to let either of them go through what she had to, Amaltheia is hard and often uncompromising.
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DreamfollowerHobbyist General Artist
These two are great! I feel they're very real .I feel sorry for Amaltheia tho
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Thank you! Yea she thought she was getting into a fairytale.
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
EEEeeeee they're PERfect!!! GREAT JOB on em' girl!! Takeo's gonna be perfect for the role I have for him!!!
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Awesome! I'm glad you like them! I can't wait to see it! :)