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Ian Seng

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Introducing another new original character! He was actually created for :iconheserpenty: who has been creating a comic called Serpents of Old. It caught my attention a little while back, and so far I like it. This is a character to be used however :iconheserpenty: sees fit.

Name: Ian Seng
Age: 18
Height: 6'3
Race: Serpent
Serpent color: green
Personality: Ian has been described by many as arrogent and egotistical. He is determinded and driven to get what he thinks he deserves no matter the means. His rough exterior makes it tough to get to know him; however, once someone gets close there are things about him that might surprise them. Ian is use to getting his way in most situations. He believes himself to be the best at anything he does.

View of Hizruk: He doesn't like the guy. No, Ian has never personally met Hizruk, but he knows the stories. Everyone knows of his grandfather. As far as Ian is concerned, Hizruk can rot away in the dungeon.

Twin sister Cassandra:

I think thats everything. If I need to tweek, :iconheserpenty:, just let me know!

Check out the comic at :iconsoo--fanclub:
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I really couldn't find any circumstance where Rewald (my OC) would have an encounter with Ian (or any of the other Seng family members for that matter), except for the school where he goes to with Hizruk. I still don't know what role HeSerpenty would give Rewald and I'm still not sure if Rewald would be going to that school, too (since that's my proposed plan), but if Ian and Rewald DO meet, well, I see a sass-off is more likely to happen than a fistfight.
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
III LOVE it!! Lololol he's perfect for the role! Just the kinda jerk I imagine XDD-- he'll be used for sure and all the proper credit for the character will be given to ya! :heart: :heart:
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Awesome! Glad you like him. :D
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
I do! Already imaginin him in the group.... and it's going smoothly! :D :D
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Score! I'm glad he fits in smoothly. I can't wait to see what you use him for!