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Well since the last journal was from April, I guess an update is in order.

I’ve barely drawn lately.

I was very busy with a different, very big, project.

I’ve been tidying my apartment following the Konmari-method.
The konmari-method is a way of tidying created by Marie Kondo. In short with the Konmari method: Step 1. you sort through ALL your stuff by category ( clothing, books, paperwork, “Komono*”, sentimental stuff, in that order )
As far as possible you only keep the stuff that “spark joy” aka make you happy.
Step 2. You take the time find the right place for everything and perhaps rethink where you put stuff. ( For example yesterday I went through all my aquarium-hobby-stuff and that’s currently in 4 different places in my apartment, I hope I can bring it back to 1 or 2. ;) )

*= Komono is pretty much all things that don’t fall in the other 4 categories, for example mugs, CD’s, pens, etc.

This has been a project that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.
It is very important to me to reorganise my apartment, and I actually have started to enjoy the process.

I’m getting rid of stuff I no longer want or need and create more space and also hopefully a simpler household so I have so spend less time tidying and cleaning ( or feeling guilty that I should be tidying and cleaning ) and more time doing the things I love.:heart:

Konmari-ing through my pens and ink has even already made me excited for Inktober. :D

So far art April isn’t very successful for me.
So I started to wonder what went wrong… there not one specific cause I guess…

- The time: 3 days per drawing might actually be a bit short unless I’m able to fully devote my free-time to drawing… but I off course get distracted by other things. Also digitally 3 days might work since I can for example, colour a complete background in a smooth, solid, colour with 1 click with my mouse… but when working with for example colouring pencils, 1 day might not be enough… also I sit far more hunched over when working with colouring pencils so I can also work with them less long in general without getting a sore neck.

- I get distracted: I found someone on YouTube who does let’s plays of the Fatal Frame/ (Project) Zero games, the original Japanese games, it’s so awesome, so scary, so addictive, so distracting… I keep telling myself I’ll draw while watching but with this game that’s so hard to do. ^^;

- Quality and expectations: I think from the first drawing on, I might have set the bar a bit for this too high. ( that’s how you say it right? )
The goal had mostly been to just draw daily… draw something… anything… just do it daily… But I started to worry about the end-result as well “Not digital again, challenge yourself!” “Not another simple portrait” “Again a girl…? Try drawing something else”
I guess there is a fine line between challenging yourself and not going for the first and most obvious idea… and reject about every idea that pops in your head because nothing seems good enough to work with… or at least that’s how it sometimes feels for me…

So I guess I might adjust some things a next time…
Came across this meme today:


This is so awesome! :D

I would really like to do something like this! :la:

I think want to do an art-challenge for April.

At first I was thinking of doing a sort of April-Inktober… Ink-april??

But I realised I always have a hard time with challenges where you have to make 30/31 new things… I remember last year having days where I just quickly scribbled something cliché because I still had too, it was late and I actually wanted to go to sleep already. ^^;

So for April I want to do the following:
    -          10 Drawings.
    -          3 Days per Drawing
    -          1 day for sketching, 1 day for inking, 1 day for colouring.
    -          I also hope to try many different mediums, traditional, digital, fine-liners, dip-pen, colouring pencils, markers, etc.


    -          ( maybe I’ll even be so brave to try colouring with digitally with a program other than Photoshop. ;) )



So I think I have to start brainstorming ideas, and perhaps also start collecting some references etc.

Or make a list with 10 subjects or something… I do think it’s important to do some preparing… it would be a shame if I failed to make a sketch on day one. ^^;


Anyway, anyone wanna join?

I decided to make a journal to keep track of how many Quests I've made for :iconsmvillage:

SMVillage, or SMV for short, is a Sailor Moon community for all otaku senshi (fanmade Sailor Senshi/Scouts).
Here, your characters can meet other characters and explore the Silver Millennium Village, a resort in Crystal Tokyo specifically for senshi.
You may submit your character whenever you like -- there are no open periods or deadlines! 
We have all sorts of events for your characters to participate in. 

When I've finished 10 quests, I can ask to bring another character to SMV.
Which will be one of these 2:
Sailor Bubbles by Chibi-SugarSMV - Sailor Glacium - Sunila by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Black Yukata Quest: On July 7th, the Village will be celebrating Tanabata, the Star Festival. During Tanabata, people traditionally wear yukata, which are casual summer kimonos. Design a yukata for your senshi!
SMV Yukata Quest by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Blue Entrance Comic Quest: Draw a comic depicting how your senshi arrived at the Village. Only senshi who have completed Entrance Comics will be featured in the Village Recaps as newcomers.
SMV Entrance Comic Page 1 by Chibi-Sugar  SMV Entrance Comic Page 2 by Chibi-Sugar  SMV Entrance Comic page 3 by Chibi-Sugar  SMV Entrance Comic page 4 by Chibi-Sugar  SMV Entrance Comic page 5 ( Last Page ) by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Black Halloween Quest: It’s that time of year again! On October 31, senshi dress up in costumes during the night. What’s your senshi’s Halloween costume this year?
SMV Halloween Quest by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Black SMV Secret Santa: Please refer to this journal!
SMV Secret Santa Sailor Luzon by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Black Winter Fashion Quest: Deck your senshi out in their coolest winter garb! Pun intended. This also is one of the outfits for your Outfit Meme!
SMV Winter Fashion Quest by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Blue C̺̣o̹͇̺̬l͕u̢̹͖mb̼̙͎a͙͞ ̼̖͍̬͞Q͚̺̦̭͕̱ͅu͘e͓̞s̀t͈͟: S̶e͠ra͘p̴h̡in͟a҉ has asked the Village residents to comfort C̻̭̝͖͚͔o̰̹͕̤͚͟l̘͓̥͙̺u̼͉̞̰͚m̱̜̯b̲̩̪a҉̺͚̱ after the incident at the Pageant. Please find a way to make her feel a little better. S̙͘h̜̻̹e̬͎͜ ̱̖̘̱w̗͙̠̟̻̙̼į̯̯̫̘l̠̭l̴̫̲̦͇̰ͅͅ ͏̰n̟̜̥̬o͇t̴̝̖̞̥̭ ̣̰͓̺̳̭ḫͅa̩͚̺̮̝̬͎r͜m̯ ̡̘y͈ǫ̲̦̖̜̝̪u͉̳̤.̡͓
SMV - Valentine Sailor Columba by Chibi-Sugar


Bullet; Blue Pastel Friendship Quest: Draw a portrait of another member’s senshi using only pastel colors!
SMV Pastel Friendship Quest Bailey by Chibi-Sugar
:new: I decided to close the request so I can focus on the new Spring Quests for :iconsmvillage: ;) 


I decided to open request especially for members of :iconsmvillage:

In case you don’t know SMVillage:

SMVillage, or SMV for short, is a Sailor Moon community for all otaku senshi (fanmade Sailor Senshi/Scouts).
Here, your characters can meet other characters and explore the Silver Millennium Village, a resort in Crystal Tokyo specifically for senshi.
You may submit your character whenever you like -- there are no open periods or deadlines! 
We have all sorts of events for your characters to participate in. 

( I've seen people do special requests or commissions for groups they're a member of before, so I fought, why not. )

List of requests so far:

( Look at me feeling all excited and productive, I really hope I'll be able to hold on to that feeling and energy. :aww:
I decided to make a new journal with a list of my OC's, I made the old one so long ago I have too much trouble finding it. ^^; 

BTW some characters really need a new character-sheet. 

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 

My fan sailor-senshi OC's

Princess (Sailor) SilverSnow - Victoria Artique

SMV Princess SilverSnow - Victoria Artique by Chibi-Sugar

Lux ( Guardian animal )

Lux Snowglobe by Chibi-Sugar  SMOCT3 Lux and items reference by Chibi-Sugar
Lux through the years by Chibi-Sugar

Sailor Vapor - Nourbese Charles

SMV Sailor Vapor - Nourbese Charles by Chibi-Sugar

Sailor Aqua - Rashmi Patel

SMV Sailor Aqua - Rashmi Patel by Chibi-Sugar

Sailor Glacium - Sunila Vitro

SMV - Sailor Glacium - Sunila by Chibi-Sugar

Sailor Harena - Mura Deserta

Sailor Harena by Chibi-Sugar Mura Deserta by Chibi-Sugar 

Sailor Canis Minor - Hazel Johnson

Sailor Canis Minor by Chibi-Sugar Hazels outfits by Chibi-Sugar

Sailor Sculptor - Charlotte 

CS - Sailor Sculptor by Chibi-Sugar

  Sailor GoldFlame - Rebecca Jones

Sketchtember day 3 by Chibi-Sugar
( Never really used her or developed )

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 

Closed Species


Nishee - Noelle by Chibi-Sugar


My Jietal - Tealina by Chibi-Sugar

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 

Other OC's

Zima - Nina Petrova

Magical girl for Tournament Cosmos by Chibi-Sugar Nina Petrova 1 coloured by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Red - Rowan

Mahou Red by Chibi-Sugar Mahou RAINBOW Cover 1 NEW by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Orange - Nerola

Mahou Orange - Nerola by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Yellow - Xanthe

Mahou Yellow - Xanthe by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Green - Chloris Jade

mahou Green by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Turquoise - Feruzi

Mahou Turquoise by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Blue - Sapphire

Mahou Blue - Sapphire by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Indigo - Aimi

Mahou Indigo - Aimi by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Violet - Violaine

 Mahou Violet - Violaine by Chibi-Sugar

Mahou Pink - Coraline

Mahou Pink ??? by Chibi-Sugar

Marie Louise Antoine

Marie Louise by Chibi-Sugar

( a fan character for :iconyaminayugineatema:'s  G.A.L.A.X.Y  )

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 

Sailor Aqua - Masumi Tanaka

( but I might as well keep her on the list. )
SMV - Sailor Aqua - Masumi by Chibi-Sugar

BTW, please tell me if I forgot an OC. :) 

As you may have noticed over the years, I love doing redraws. :D
They're such a great and fun way to see how much I have learned and how much my art-style has changed over the years. 

It's also a fun challenge to see especially with older drawings, what I elements I'm able to keep and make work, and what elements I'll have to change to make a drawing work. ;)

Today I have been thinking about this drawing:
All versions of - Mahou Shoujo by Chibi-Sugar
As you can see, I've redrawn it for two times already, it's just a fun drawing. :)

This time however, I'm considering changing a major thing... the pose. 
As you can tell, those legs have always given me trouble anyway.

But I'm not sure yet, I do look forward to working on this drawing again. :la: 
There’s 2 things I’ve learned lately.

1. These days I appear to value productivity over perfection. I think for the longest time I felt I should ALWAYS make the best art I can make, unless I officially classified it as “just a sketch”.  These days I have experienced that I get just as, or perhaps even more excited about finishing a good drawing (very) quickly, as I would about FINALLY…. Finishing a drawing that is about the best I could possibly do.
It’s also more fun to finish a lot of different good and okay drawings, rather than just 1 perfect one

2. I may wanna consider stepping away from my semi-realism style for a bit.  

I think for the last 5 to 10 years my art has been slowly leaning more and more to realism, as seen here:
Style Development Updated 2016 by Chibi-Sugar
- This is probably because like… being able to draw photo-realism is probably one of the ultimate goals for an artist right…
Well okay I still wanna be able to draw at the very least very good semi-realism, I would love to be able to draw like people like: :iconsakimichan: and :iconayyasap:
- And also many tutorials and how to draw books will tell you should be able to draw realism before drawing manga/comic style… I absolutely get how important knowing realism is to improve your cartoon/manga art…

But the problem with my semi-realism is that I’m not confident enough in my drawing-skills to deviate enough from the standard face I know when it comes to varying faces and expressions… ( for example, I only really know how to draw lips well either neutral or with a soft smile… so that’s the whole range of mouths I have for my portraits for now. ^^; )
I mean would you just look at how absolutely different, unique and expressive all these faces are…
SMV - Princess Oceanea by Chibi-Sugar SMV - Princess Alexandria by Chibi-Sugar SMV - Princess Aletheia by Chibi-Sugar Sailor Polaris Miss SMV Pageant Prize by Chibi-Sugar Sailor Kasai by Chibi-Sugar Nina repaint by Chibi-Sugar Sailor Marin version 2 by Chibi-Sugar Halloween Headshot Exchange Pupu by Chibi-Sugar CS Raffle Prize Lynx by Chibi-Sugar Sailor Sculptor AKA Charlotte Portrait by Chibi-Sugar Queen Sasha ArtTrade by Chibi-Sugar Portrait Princess SilverSnow by Chibi-Sugar Victoria wearing a hat by Chibi-Sugar Nourbese by Chibi-Sugar 

I know what the average art-teacher would say now: “The solution is studying realism! Go draw real people!”

Yes… yes I know but… you know what advice I probably hear as much or perhaps even more next to “realism is important”? … “Draw EVERY day!”

I think I used to draw about every day as kid and as a teen, probably for a big part because back than drawing didn’t come with an imaginary list of demands: “a great pose, anatomy, realism, a good composition, etc.”
Back then I just drew… because it was one of the most fun things to do. :D

The thing is that forcing myself to study realism is probably now gonna help me have fun and be productive again. ^^;

- So I think my goal for now will be to stream-line my art a bit by drawing less realistic more cartoony.

- I also wanna play around drawing more expressive characters and I think drawing less realistic will help me play around with expressions more.

- But mostly I wanna have more fun drawing and hopefully also just draw more! :D

PS: I have also been looking at art from Pixiv lately... there's so much beautiful and or cute art there! So amazing!  
For a while now I’ve been planning to start drawing some original work, no characters of others, no fanart, perhaps not even my own characters but totally made up girls/women ( because they’re more fun to draw then guys. :P )

So preferably stuff like this, where I can just play around with all sorts of ideas:
Another Throwback Thursday by Chibi-Sugar  January        - Teal Turquoise by Chibi-Sugar
Suga Senshi by Chibi-Sugar  Some SuperHero by Chibi-Sugar

The thing is, I appear to have a selective artblock… I have ideas for:
- Themes
- Colourschemes
- Outfits
- Hairdo’s

But not for poses!!!

Which makes things hard, if the problem was for example coming up with clothing, I could still atleast start with drawing and draw naked figures with hair and a colourscheme ready…
But where can you start when you don’t know what to do with the body???

Of course what I could do, I stick with my standard poses…
But then I’ll be stuck with about these poses:
Normal Colours by Chibi-Sugar
Not very interesting. ^^;

Off course there’s resources for poses, but I get somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of choices. ^^;

Hopefully I figure this out soon, because I really wanna draw. :)

BTW, anywone recognize this?
Wanting to draw but having problems with one specific part of the process of making art?

PS: How do you come up with your poses?

I either use one of my "standard poses" or spend A LONG TIME looking through my How-To-Draw-Manga books and SenshiStock to find a pose. 
This morning I saw an email from DeviantArt telling me todaty is my deviantart-birhday. 
( I tend to forget that's on 20th of January. )

So I went to check how many years it is now... 10 years! :D

Last year I had plans to do something special for my 10th DA birthday, like a redraw of my very first drawing on DA... but I guess I forgot. ^^;

Oh well, maybe I'll buy myself a subscription to celebrate or something. ( They should give you one for free on the milestone years. )

Anyway, 10 years...
I'm still enjoying DA and have no plans to go anywhere else, I still love this place, and all the wonderful people I've met. :heart: 

You know what, this would probably be a good time to FINALLY make a new DA id.
So now I have to figure out what style I'll go with... portrait? full figure? semi-realism, manga?
So, a few years back all together, I came across LittleKuriboh's let's play of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines ( he's playing it as Marik... and sadly still hasn't finished it. )  

Anyway, I got curious about the game and figured I would find a Let's Play on youtube by someone who has finished the game... so I searched ( I was looking for someone with a pleasant voice, and personality and such... anyway I ended up watching the Let's Play of Vampire the Masquarade Bloodlines by Gopher:…

And it looks like so much fun, I would like to play the game myself.
It's old though, so I'll probably buy it somewhere second hand... I'm not paying Steam 20 euro for an old game that needs patches to work well. ^^; 

Anyway, I then also watched Gopher and Chay's let's plat of Portal 2 Co-Op, which was also a lot of fun. 
BTW Portal and Portal 2 are so far pretty much the only like first-person-whatever game I've ever played on PC.

Then I also watched the let's plays of Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together... guess what, those look like a lot of fun too. :D

And then there is The Forest with Chay and Gopher, that one I actually try to watch live on Tuesdays ( they're British so they play it at times where I can actually watch it live. :) 
And The Forest is described on Steam as:  
As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

I'm telling you... NOTHING in there should have my interest... I don't like cannibals, I don't like mutants ( it's the gross and scary kind ), and then there's "terrifying" and "horror"... I really don't like scary stuff, and being scared...
And yet... Chay and Gopher make it look like so much fun. :D

So I've now find myself with considering buying three games:

- Vampire the Masquarade Bloodlines
( If I can find it cheap enough, but it looks like so much fun! I really want it :D )

- Don't Starve
( It looks like a lot of fun, and I love the whole gothic, Tim-Burton-esque style. )

- The Forest.
( I could always play it peaceful mode... the surviving and base building and stuff looks like the most fun to me. :) )

So yesterday I was thinking about how haven’t posted as much art as I would like to my personal facebook. ( It’s private, al Dutch and only for family and friends I’ve met in real life. )
I mostly just post completely original work there, so no fanart, fan-characters or other people’s oc’s.

Anyway, that got me thinking that I should perhaps try to do a project with completely original artworks again.
Stuff that doesn’t need a big explanation as to who the character is I’ve drawn, and the context etc.
And also art where I can experiment more because I’m not working with a specific design, I can just make stuff up as I go.

Not to mention that it would also be nice and good to make art just for me.
Don’t get me wrong, I love making art for others. ( I guess partly because it comes with the guarantee that at least someone will like it… though also because… I’m not very good with people… so having a way where I can make people happy using my strong points is always great. )
But I think it would also be good to practice making art where the most important thing is ( and probably mostly should be ) that I like it, without caring too much if others like it too.

So I’m considering a project/ series of drawings with the theme: magical girls.
Though I’m not sure yet, maybe I’ll skip the “magical” part for some designs…

Anyway, so my first idea was to base the designs around colours… but then I thought of something else…

How about I base the designs around gemstones. :D
Gemstones I own off course so I can happily stare at them while trying to come up with something to draw. :)

I’m not sure yet how much I’ll base the design on each gemstone BTW, like… do I play around with the meaning of gemstone ( could be fun. :) ) Do I only use the colours of the stone… stuff like that…

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. :aww:

I once again have made ambitious plans for a project… ( honestly my life is filled with unfinished projects… ) but I hope to have fun with this one. ;)
So a while ago got my first closed-species MYO, a Jietal, sadly Jietal-Fleet turned out not to be the group for me...

But I've decided to give another try after seeing this journal a bunch of times:
Nishee Free MYO Event { CLOSED } n RaffleWelcome to the 3rd Gallinishee MYO Event!
This is a FREE MYO Event!
That's right, no payment due. Just follow the guidelines below and get yourself a pretty magical kitty!
- For each MYO Event there will be a maximum of twenty (20) Slots made available. Slots are on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.
- Limit of one (1) Nishee per person (female Gallinishee, no males at this time)
- MUST be a Watcher of mine (New or Existing)
- MUST be a Member (not just a Watcher) of our group Nishee-CeeSee-Corner
- Complete your Color Reference (minimum a color sketch) by the deadline for approval. While there is no payment deadline there IS a deadline all the same. If your reference is not submitted and approved by the 1st of January 2018 you will lose your MYO Slot.
Available Traits for this event
- All Common Traits
- Up to two (2) Uncommon Traits
- can apply any Trait earned as a Prize from previous events, regardless of rarity

They are Gallinishee, the female ones are called Nishee, and they're so pretty :D
Da Sheet - Gallinishee (Nishee) Spec Sheet by Nishee-CeeSee

Look at them :la: :
[ Nishee Adopt ] no. 037 [ CLOSED ] by theNekk[ Nishee Adopt ] no. 036 [ CLOSED ] by theNekk[ Nishee Adopt ] no. 035 [ OTA CLOSED ] by theNekk
Nishee Set no. 004 [ CLOSED ] by Nishee-CeeSee

I was allowed to pick 2 uncommon traits (orange) , the others should be common ( pink ).
I've picked an uncommon tail ( so fluffy :D )
I've also considered uncommon wings, but after drawing wings for Secret Santa drawing how remembered how challenging they are... so I went with the common ( tiny ) wings. ;)

I want to try a design with hair lighter than the face... but except that... no idea...
I ended up putting some stones on a plate for inspiration. ;)
20171225 152517 by Chibi-Sugar
Guess which colour I wanna go with. ;P
( I know I have a lot of "blue" characters, but I just really enjoy working with blue. :) )
BTW Gallinishee don't usually have very dark/deep colours, so that's gonna be a fun challenge. 

Still thinking about markings BTW, I hope to keep it simple so I won't have to count and reference etc. every time I wanna draw her. 

You know what, never mind, I decided not to bother with a membership just yet. 

So in the past I've done this with friends.

- I give you a membership ( and get the same one for free )
- You give me a membership ( and get the same one for free )

We both end up with two membership for the prize of one. 

In the past this could be done with paypal, I now would have to do it with points though because I don't have a credit-card... so I have to get points first... I wonder if I'll get them quickly enough, having to pay them with paypal which has the whole:
"PayPal® bank account transfers may take 5-15 days to process."

if it indeed would take 15 days it would take too long... 

Perhaps I should try buying points first, it would be awkward if someone already bought a membership for me but I'm not able to buy one for you.  

Things I miss not having a membership:
- Not being able to put thumbnails in my artist descriptions.
- polls perhaps

- Too some degree having adds. I don't mind the normal ones, but I'm getting kinda tired of the click-bait crap like for example "These Hot Asians Are Crazy About The Netherlands Men". Facepalm 
I’ve been looking at the way I paint hair lately.
Curently I have two main ways to paint hair:

1. The simple one, works usually well with drawings that already have line-art:
BFFs Collab by Chibi-Sugar
It’s just painting light and dark parts, and then smudging them with a brush with multiple dots.
This one I’m fine with, while it’s not very realistic it gives the hair some more shape and makes it shine.

It’s my second method for more detailed hair I’m starting to have problems with, while it can work well enough with hair that is straight and not to long:
Sailor Canis Minor by Chibi-Sugar

It doesn’t always work as well when the hair is longer or has a bit of a wave:
Sweet Mahou Shoujo by Chibi-Sugar
Sailor Kasai by Chibi-Sugar
Sailor Concordiae by Chibi-Sugar
The hair often looks weirdly heavy and solid.

This method is for a big part based on this tutorial:
Coloring Hair in Photoshop by mree

I’m no longer happy with the method of drawing hair, while using a multiple-dot brush instead of a normal brush helps for a bit of a softer and more natural look:
Sailor Sculptor AKA Charlotte Portrait by Chibi-Sugar
But it’s still a method where I have to draw every strand or at least every group of hair strands in one go from top to bottom for the best result, which takes for ever and is hard to do.

I want to learn a new way of drawing and painting hair, it will look better and I can also draw hair that doesn’t fall straight down without much overall of different parts of hair and stuff.
So far I’ve been looking among others at this tutorial:
Hair Tutorial by ChubyMi
It looks like a method I could learn and I think it’s especially useful the learn a method where hair is drawn in different parts instead of in 1 – 3 solid parts ( for example, bangs, tied hair, ponytail )

I’ve also been looking a bit at the Sakimichan tutorial:
How to paint hair Detailed . Voice over tutorial. by sakimichan
( this is one of her promo tutorials, you can get it for free with the right code. ;) )

They’re both video tutorials BTW, I prefer tutorials that are just pictures with text… but I’ll manage. ;)

PS: I’ve loosely  tried this tutorial once too:
Hair Tutorial - Part 1 by Maximko
Idol-Senshi Round 1 - Victoria - SilverSnow by Chibi-Sugar

BTW Just curious, does anyone recognize this?
That you look at a part of your art, a technique, and that you’re not just like “I need to get better at this technique, I need to practise it more” but you’re instead feel like “I might have to learn a new and different technique to do this”
As some of you may know, some time ago I got my very own Jietal: Tealina:
My Jietal - Tealina by Chibi-Sugar

I was never very interested in closed species since I didn’t really see the point of owning and making art of a character who’s design isn’t 100% your own.*

But then I came across Jietal Fleet, Jietal look cute, and I could make one for free… so I decided to give it a shot. And I was planning to be a casual member… I expected the whole thing to be like :iconsmvillage:, but then Jietal themed…

Turns out the whole group relies A LOT on discord, as in: if you don’t own discord you for example can’t even participate in their Secret Santa since it’s a Discord only event.
And the thing just is, discord or chats in general aren’t really for me.

The reason I like socialising online far more than in real life is that on for example Deviantart I can read a comment, take up to a day ( sometimes even longer ) to think about it, consider what someone is saying and what is the best was to react to this, and which words to use to get my reply across best. ( it’s always a fear of mine to end up in conflicts over misunderstandings... I mean I hate getting in conflicts in general, but getting in conflicts over things I never meant or intended to say, but someone though I did, suck even worse. )

So in real life, I only actively talk to people I know, and very importantly, people who know me, and are aware and preferably forgiving of my quirks and poor social skills…

And there’s chats… like Discord…
That’s like talking in real-life,
- fast
-having to react instantly without being able to take my time...
- without being able to hear how someone says something and in what tone of voice,
- without being able to even attempt to read body language and facial expressions,
- With a whole group of people at the same time ( I strongly prefer my conversations to be 1 on 1 )
- in my second language
- Especially in case of Jietal Fleet, with strangers...

Not that I hate discord, I think it’s nice the way it works for SMV, were I can later read back some conversations but important information is as far as I know never discord-only

Honestly all together I’ve started to wonder whether I should have thought more about whether I should have gotten myself a closed species to begin with… maybe in my enthusiasm I acted to fast ( ADD+autism will do that.)
I mean I already have :iconsmvillage: to focus on... and :iconconstellation-senshi: to... try to remember I'm still a part of... 

* I already find fan-senshi to be occasionally a bit difficult, I love my girls, but I don’t often show art of them in their senshi-form outside of DA of to my mom, because I’m never entirely sure how to explain the whole fan character thing, since a lot of people seem to be only able to think in “this is 10000000% your very own idea” ( and off course, the concept of SailorMoon isn’t. ) or “So you copied this right?”+”Can’t you just make something original???”

PS: This is NOT meant as criticism towards Jietal-Fleet, I think most people love it being so active on Discord, and if it works for so many people than that's really awesome, and I'm really glad so many people get to enjoy the group like that. :D

PPS: Also part of this just goes for Closed species in general FOR ME, Jietal Fleet happens to be the first one... it could just have well a completely different Closed Species that made me realise it all perhaps isn't really for me... 
I've decided to just give it a shot and join:


They are currently having a MYO ( Make Your Own ) event, in which you are allowed to design a Jietal for the group yourself. 

[OPEN] Jietal Fleet MYO Event!

Here is the guide:
[Jietal] Anatomy and Traits Chart by Peeptier  [Jietal] Doubled Traits by Peeptier
They kinda remind me of cats, or foxes... it's one of the reasons I decided I would perhaps like to have one. :)

I'm still not sure what you do with them do... just draw them and then submit those drawings to the group or something?

Anyway, once I'm approved, I'll be able to design one. :)

One of the creators has made several adopts, since those are so to say official I kinda use them as guidance as to what is possible when it comes to colours and patterns:
[CLOSED] Jietal Halloween Adopts! by Peeptier [CLOSED] Jietal Halloween Adopts #2! by Peeptier
[CLOSED] Jietal Batch #1 by Peeptier
[CLOSED] Jietal Batch 2! by Peeptier
[CLOSED] Halloween Jietal Batch 3! by Peeptier
As you can see, a lot is possible! 

It's interesting to be able to step away from "neutral" natural skin colours.
( and yet my first though was "grey!" That's neutral and goes with everything. :la: )

I'm a bit nervous about patterns though... I'll need to draw them everytime.

BTW, here is the gallery of what others have made so far:…

BTW, anyone else gonna join?
Lately I've come across closed species that actually look kinda fun. :)

Like these:
( their helmets look like fishbowls... that's so pretty. :D )

And these ( they have a MYO event too. :) )
( I admit I haven't fully read everything yet... but they look fun. ) 

I'm just not sure what one does with a closed species?
What do you do with them?
How much work are they?

How social so you have to be if you have a closed species?
( I'm shy and awkward so I tend to talk to strangers as little as possible and always hope the people that know me forgive my awkwardness and my lack of being social and stuff. ^^; )

I'm also more of an artist then a writer in a way... how much writing is involved?
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