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Well since the last journal was from April, I guess an update is in order.

I’ve barely drawn lately.

I was very busy with a different, very big, project.

I’ve been tidying my apartment following the Konmari-method.
The konmari-method is a way of tidying created by Marie Kondo. In short with the Konmari method: Step 1. you sort through ALL your stuff by category ( clothing, books, paperwork, “Komono*”, sentimental stuff, in that order )
As far as possible you only keep the stuff that “spark joy” aka make you happy.
Step 2. You take the time find the right place for everything and perhaps rethink where you put stuff. ( For example yesterday I went through all my aquarium-hobby-stuff and that’s currently in 4 different places in my apartment, I hope I can bring it back to 1 or 2. ;) )

*= Komono is pretty much all things that don’t fall in the other 4 categories, for example mugs, CD’s, pens, etc.

This has been a project that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.
It is very important to me to reorganise my apartment, and I actually have started to enjoy the process.

I’m getting rid of stuff I no longer want or need and create more space and also hopefully a simpler household so I have so spend less time tidying and cleaning ( or feeling guilty that I should be tidying and cleaning ) and more time doing the things I love.:heart:

Konmari-ing through my pens and ink has even already made me excited for Inktober. :D


So today I read this status from :iconnickyflamingo:…

I sounds like a fun idea, so I hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing it. ( without asking ^^; )

Anyway, I was curious…

Are there any of my OC’s you miss seeing and you would like to see art of?

BTW: made a new journal with a list of my OC’s… I’m not sure if it’s complete BTW… OC - LISTI decided to make a new journal with a list of my OC's, I made the old one so long ago I have too much trouble finding it. ^^; 
BTW some characters really need a new character-sheet. 
Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue       

I just downloaded DesignDoll, from their website:

Create a “personalized sketch doll” and make it pose!

Design Doll is a software program that can freely manipulate human body models in 3D space.

It has a free version without an experation date. :)

I hope it will be useful. :)

Anyway, have you heard of it?
Ever used it?


I've been playing around with it:
Unggtitled-1 by Chibi-Sugar

BTW Important point for this free version, you can't open the files you save, so I guess once I made a pose I wanna use, I better take a bunch of screenshots or something. ;) 
20180215 131329 by Chibi-Sugar
I received the Valentines present I bought for myself today. :)
( it's a day late because I waited too long with ordering. ^^; )

According to google the title translates to:
"Expressive sketches in manga"

BTW, in case you wonder why it's in German... this book doesn't even have an English translation as far as I know, and I'll take German over the original Japanese. 
BTW it's a shame they're not translating the books that much in English anymore, this one and some of the other one's I recently got in German look really useful.

I speak a little German, very little, but I hope once I start reading, and perhaps with a translation app, I'll figure it out mostly. ;) 
( German and Dutch are slightly similar, so sometimes when I read German words out loud they'll sound just familiar enough that I can guess the meaning. ) 
I'll probably doing A LOT of faving and stuff today.
I wanna clear out my notifications as much as possible so I can hopefully start 2018 with a somewhat clean slate. ;) 
I just downloaded the art program Krita. Krita Icon 

While already have Photoshop CS6Photoshop CS6 Icon    and FirealpacaFireAlpaca Icon , neither of them appear to have a really good perspective tool, the kind where you can put down vanishing points and stuff.

I realised after this tutorial how useful that could be:
Digital Background Tutorial (Patreon)

So far it looks like it could be a very awesome program... once you understand it, luckily they have all sorts of tutorials and stuff on their website that I can check out. ( that stuff was harder to find for Firealpaca. )

I got to say though... I started of with Photoshop, and I still love it, it's awesome... and maybe they updated a lot of this stuff on Photoshop CS... but for such an amazing ( and expensive ) program, how the hell do they apparently still not have a line stabiliser like Krita Icon  and FireAlpaca Icon, a perspective tool for DRAWING perspective like Krita Icon  and a watercolourbrush like FireAlpaca Icon and Krita Icon as far as I know. 

BTW, turns out Krita was in Dutch, I was kinda surprised about that... it seemed awesome as first, but I noticed very quickly that it's a pain when dealing with tutorials and trying to figure out what people are talking about. ^^;    

BTW, anyway ever worked with Krita? 


Claudia Verhoef
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