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New Commission Price Chart!

These are the prices I developed at the last few conventions I went to, and they seemed to work pretty well there, so I'm giving 'em a shot here!  Note that you can actually ask to receive the ORIGINAL PHYSICAL COPY of any commission, which for anything over $20 would be a 11"x 14" POSTER.  I'd just need to calculate the individual shipping.
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If I get a commission, can I have the original work file/PSD/whatever of the completed image?  For an expensive commission like this, I feel that I should be entitled to that.
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Say, these still open?
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Hello there! Mind if i note you with a few questions?
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It's pretty cool when you use the Charmander family & evolve with each one depending on how expensive the commission is. Very neat idea! :-)
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Do you do art trades? I would totally get one but I'm broke... xP
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I think I'd be willing to do quickies in trades.
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Awesome! I'll send a note to work out the details. :D
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I'm so tempted but I'm completely broke so I can't atm... maybe at mah Bday or next Christmas.
I don't have a job because CÉGEP(which is public college in Québec) maybe in 3 years when I get a job in the technique, when I get mah diploma in Multimedia integrationism(or whatever it's called XD).  (gonna have to study hard, so no time for a job XD).
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I love how you scaled up each level of commission using charizards.

I'm very tempted to buy a two-character commish from you, but I'm kinda broke from Christmas shopping. XD
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I came up with the idea while I was doing commissions at a recent convention. :)  It got a smile out of everyone who visited the booth, that's for sure! :D
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