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Update for 2021 commissions

By Spain tax rules, a 21% tax (vat)  is added to the total commissioners living in Europe.

NOTE: This is just a guide, for a specific price quote please fill this form:  
Please send a note if you are genuinely interested in commission me in the future. 
For Chibi Custom Plushies please go to this link
 Chibi plush prices!
Prices are in EUROS € EUR

For ponies (stand, laying, or sitting)

Starting at:
Fillies (11" tall) 380.00 € EUR+
Mares (17" tall) 580.00 € EUR+
Stallions (19" tall) 620.00 € EUR+
Alicorns (22" tall) 790.00 € EUR +

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro 15" tall    680 EUR + shipping
Ember 14" tall  690 EUR  + shipping

Cynder 14" tall  800 EUR + shipping
This is just a base! Price can up if:
Your pony has more than one color mane, complex hair, the gradient in body or hair, accessories, different shape of the body, body markings, wings, horn, complex cutie marks, accessories, etc.

Other kinds of plushies
( I'm more than happy to work with Dragons and wolves):

Chibi plush (Kuttari Style) No longer available. 
Small ones (8"- 16"): 350.00 € EUR+
Medium(16"- 18"):     580.00€ EUR+
Bigger than 18"         700 EUR + 
Accessories will have extra cost
20.00€ EUR - 200.00+€ EUR depends on the complexity

Shipping is not included in the final price, for USA and Canada usually 60.00;€ EUR for other countries please ask

Also when you send your note or email please add this information:

The character you are interested in ( will be better if is not MLP related please send me a link with references), if your character is an Oc please send me visual references ( I will not work with write descriptions of your characters).
If you want a more show accurate character or a more Chibi version of it tell me the size you want your plush. (Usually work in 11" tall, 17" or more)

I can take commercial work at any time. Please contact me via email for commercial projects at

Before you send your payment remember to read this:…
I need the full payment to start the commission

Please be kind, if you don't like my prices there are other plush makers, who you can ask for a plush. Also, I have the right to refuse a commission, hope you understand. Also, I don't make humans only anthos and animals, monsters, or dragons.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
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oh sorry, I don't make humans ( I know he is not a full human)

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please fill a form for each one. here

thank you

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What about Flurry Heart?
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please check your messages. 
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I was curious if I could have a quote for a small plush of this character:  LJ Plush reference by oAzuLJo
Chibi-pets's avatar
omg yes! he is extremely  tender! 
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Aaa I would like so much a chibi wolf! qvq When it will be open? x)
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Hi! you can send me a message ^^
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how much would shipping be on a chibi plush?
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10 EUR or 12 EUR 
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how much are you beanies ? I'm looking for one of my oc on my icon /w//
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send me a note please
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so, I am saving up for some plushies, but I am looking for an exact price. How much would this pony of mine be if I commissioned you? 
Star Drop Reference Sheet By Picklesquidly-d8sstsc
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You will get a note in a minutes. 

thanks for asking.

Next time please send a note :)
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alright, sorry about that!
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Would you possibly be able to make 11 inch adult ponies? Thanks! :D
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well.. is such a tiny little size.. I believe I can do an exception... what do you have in mind?
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Do you make mixed breed ponies??
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Of course! That will be cute! do you have visual references?
DawnskyOfMapleClan's avatar
Kinda, its still a work in progress, but its kinda complicated and im sure it wont be cheap X3
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I can't give you a price quote without a visual reference
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