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Octavia custom plush

I'm very happy to make this Tavi, means allot to me since she was the first character I made as a Plush, so I dedicate extra special love to this one. Love 

This piece is unique since I have no plans to make other Octavia in a near future.


Made of cuddle minky silver (body)  and  Ash Grey ( mane and tail) 
Stands approximately 14 inches tall 
Eyes and cutie marks are machine embroidered directly onto the fabric and embroidery files are draft all my own. 
Made from my own pattern ( please don't ask for a copy, I will not sale or give the pattern; thanks for understand)

Reference size 
Octavia7 by Chibi-pets 
Your comments and favs mean allot to me ^3^ thanks! :happybounce: 

More of my work:

Rarity custom plush by Chibi-pets Fluttershy by Chibi-pets Bon bon by Chibi-pets

And just a guide how I made this little one

Making a Plush ... guide reference by Chibi-pets
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Hi! Now, I have not made any final decisions, but I am wanting to commission a pony. However, i need to know the price, shipping, and any other details about purchasing/requesting the pony. I will tell you the pony I want is Ms. Harshwhinny, and i want her to be 13 inches in height
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Please send me a note. I only reply prices by note
thanks for understand 
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Best Octavia on DeviantART!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! :happybounce:  Clapping Pony Icon - Octavia Well done :)!!!!!!
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Welcome as always :)!!!
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She's amazing~
Love her eyes~
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Glad you like it
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Can I ask how much it would cost to make another one of these? It looks wonderful.
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Well at this moment I dont take commissions for Tavi, sorry
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Dang :( Well, I'd definitely be interested if you start taking them again.
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I'm showing this to my vinyltavia-oriented friend. She'll love it.

Of course, she IS rather amazing. :D Well done!
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^^ glad you like it 
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I never knew Tavi wore eyeliner.
Tavi looks beautiful as always, anyways.
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Hnnng  such a cute Tavi!!   She looks soo huggable too. And I'm still on a bit of an Octavia week, I guess??   Wow, that's already topped out more than what I figured I'd  want to bid, wish you luck with her, she looks soooo nicely made you can really see the time and workmanship in the plush. 
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