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Class project based on japanese mythology. I picked jorogumo the spider lady :3
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I'd call the creature the "attrachnid" then again, that could refer to any attractive arachnid
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Oh, she's so gorgeous! I love her! Love the spider incorporation into her hairstyle!
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So beautiful! The shading and colour matching is all perfect.
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I used to date a "slut-spider", to use the English translation for the term used for this species. In real life, while use of the term "jorogumo" is perfectly acceptable in this species' culture, use of the English translation when 1 is within earshot of you is basically a good way to get yourself eaten by your girlfriend or wife.
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I'm not japanese and I didn't about Jorogumo but it looks perfect to me
That's extremely clever the way you've worked the spider's colours and patturning into her clothes and a spider-like display into her hairstyle. Beautifully done.
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Indeed.  A couple of tidbits I would point to at this juncture.  First, his may have been part of the inspiration for D&D's driders.  Secondly, this raises some amusing mental imagery in Star Trek Online.

Given the evolution of Voyager's EMH into a sentient being, the idea of Trek ships' main computers doing something similar is not beyond the pale; nods to the 'mental models' of Arpeggio of Blue Steel very intended.  The jorogumo is a fitting basis for the hypothetical mental models which could arise on Tholian ships (which all have arachnid-themed reporting names)... in fact the term itself is the reporting name given to the upgraded Recluse.
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Much goodness here
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wow, great work! 
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She's absolutely gorgeous.
Well done. o.o
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I like the rougher and somewhat angular style you used here. Beautiful :)
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This is really pretty!  I love the colors you chose and the pose!
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Wow, this is all kinds of pretty! :D
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Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! :D So many details and the unmistakable japanese clothing style make this pic really unique and stunning! :heart: Love it!!
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Beautiful work! The texture you used in this really fits the character. I like how you used those little details to bring up her personality. Everything seems to be in harmony in this piece. (:
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