Update: New Zazzle Store and Prints!
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I have now opened a Zazzle store. My work is now available at my zazzle store as prints and other merchandise such as bags, keychains, mugs, cards, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to browse: www.zazzle.com/joeyjodesigns
I have also made prints available here on deviantart! Click here to see more rue789.deviantart.com/prints/?…

Thanks again!
, Joanne


:bulletgreen:Option 1:
Fujimoto Sketch by Chibi-Joey (it would be alot cleaner than this but i needed an example so i just whipped this up lmaooo)
Character Pencil Sketch- 5$
EachAdditional Character in Drawing- 3$

:bulletgreen: Option 2:
Autumn Stroll by Chibi-Joey Express Yourself by Chibi-Joey Fruits Basket - Tohru and Kyo by Chibi-Joey
Digital Painting, Simple or no BG- 10$
Each Additional Character in Drawing- 5$

:bulletgreen: Option3:
Lovely by Chibi-Joey Astrid - HTTYD by Chibi-Joey Woody by Chibi-Joey
Full Colored Pencil Drawing, No/ simple BG - 13$
Each Additional Character in Drawing- 6$

:bulletgreen: Option 4:
Kiki and Jiji by Chibi-Joey Waiting in the Rain... by Chibi-Joey Fujimoto by Chibi-Joey
Watercolor with simple colored/ no BG- 15$
Each Additional Character in Drawing- 7$

:bulletgreen: Option 5: The BIG one ;)
A Very Merry Unbirthday by Chibi-Joey Laputa by Chibi-Joey Lonely Little Moon Spirit by Chibi-Joey The Toxic Jungle by Chibi-Joey Beauty and the Beast by Chibi-Joey Spirited Away by Chibi-Joey
Very detailed digital painting with full BG- 20$
Each Additional Character- 10

At this time i can only take paypal :aww:
So if anyone is interested please send me a note including the following:
-option of your choice
-A description of what you have in mind (please be as detailed as you feel :lol:)
-Links to referances to the characters, bgs, or anything else that you may need to include

In turn i shall respond including the total cost, my paypal account to where you will send the payment, and any questions i may have regarding ur commission if any (cuz i wanna make sure i do it right :XD:)
Some things to know though, there is now a small tax that paypal requires but its really not much at all so don't worry, i'm going to send that in my note as well when i total the price.

Thanks so much everyone!!! :dummy:

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Nice as always! ^^

How've you been? We no talk no more! :(