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Usagis Famous Odango Hairstyle

Originally posted:…
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Have you tried rocking this hairstyle? :D

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hahahaha! I bet THE priestesses in Elysion, miaka( of fushigi yuugi), himiko Toga( of Bnha), tenten( NARUTO)..etc... would love to talk to her lol

I think your links are broken
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Sorry, what links are you referring to?

The ones that point to
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I didn’t get a email notification for the post on your site but at the very least I can say this is another awesome comic on DA good work Chibi Jennifer
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar

Thank you! Which email notification are you referring to? The RSS feed? :O

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I believe so anyway I found the notification it was just buried over other emails
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Ohh okay, thanks for letting me know (and for subscribing!)

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Ha,ha what an argument about hairs! Very cute and funny as always :)
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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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Yo Chibi Chibi just chilling in the edge of the last part
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hehe yea she just wanted to join in for fun 8D

I've missed your comics so much TT___TT
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Awww.... thank you! :)

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For a second I thought Queen Serenity had wings and was flying lol
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Definitely not flying..but those are..wings..right...right?? XDD

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Aahaha! ..RIGHT! XD
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hahahahaa love this
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Well.... Queen Serenity is the first to start the trend of odangos

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Or as far as we know it could have been the Maenads (the 2 priestesses of Elysian). We don't know how old they are so to speak. We just knew they were there with Helios as well. They are the only 3 people that live in Elysian.

It's one of those things that's a tough thing to say who had the style first.   XD
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