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Sailormoon Fans Be Like

Originally posted here:…
For more fun Sailor Moon comics, please visit:

Want to buy some of those Sailor Moon merch? Check this out:…

A comic about us Moonies! :’D I hope you can relate XDDD~
Please drop a comment and let me know what you think ^^
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KawaiiGirlSailorMoon's avatar
I can relate. It'll take me more than all my life savings to buy everything
And I still want everything they release LOL
RoyalRaven99's avatar
And new products are continuing to pop up. There's so many that I want but my parents always ask me what I'll do with the items once I have them. In my head I'm like "I'm going to display all this stuff obviously!" I'd LOVE to get the Proplicas but they're so expensive!!!! I do know for sure that I'm going to save up the money to buy the Sailor Moon ornament. It's so pretty!!!! I don't care that it's over $70 and will easily be the most expensive ornament I ever own. It's sooooooo pretty and I love the artwork!!!!! I will cherish it forever!

Sailor Moon stuff I own: a hand-made Super Sailor Moon magnet that I got at a craft show, Sailor Moon Play-A-Sound book (it still plays sound!), the entire manga series (including Sailor V and the Side Stories), 3 T-Shirts from Hot Topic, Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet 4 Cosmic Heart Compact, Funko Pop Sailor Moon and Luna (Hot Topic exclusive version), and a Sailor Moon metal bracelet (also got from a craft store). I get all my clothes at Hot Topic now and usually find some other pretty cool stuff there too.
Hexidextrous's avatar
Same goes for practically any fan of something with a lot of merchandise (even me).
TheAmazingGMan's avatar
the only Sailor Moon merch I own:

* The first half of the original first season re-dubbed by Viz Media.

* two chapter books by Scholastic from when Sailor Moon R was on Toonami.

* two volumes of manga (the Kodansha Comics re-release).

* A T-Shirt I got on Black Friday.
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
That's completely cool! :D
TheAmazingGMan's avatar
Yep :3 I've still been a fan since I was 5 ^^
DELZDEV's avatar
That is so me! lolXD

I can definitely relate to panel 4 as I am still waiting for Sailor Stars stuff :) (Smile) 
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
haha yes, I can't wait to see more Sailor Stars merch too ^^ 
AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp's avatar
I'm sort of like that, but with Yu Yu Hakusho media.  =w=;  (Which is funny, consider the Author of YYH is married to the Author of Sailor Moon)
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp's avatar
Yeah, it is true. I find it quite fascinating really.  =w=;
SqueakyMcBeal's avatar
How true! How true!
TheTrinketGal's avatar
Yeah, very accurate :D
I love how everything in the last pannel is a real product.

Some of them have been... sort of weird, to put it so. I remember telling some friends about the Sailor Moon crystal marriage paperwork and they overreacted so much while I was like 'wait, so I never told you about the Sailor Moon Crystal pads?' o.O
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
haahah yesh, the pads and marriage registration certificate are unusual products... but I still think vacuum cleaner is also up there in wierdness XDD
Mikey186's avatar
I may be just a guy, but that'd so be a Sailor 'moonie' right there! But I usually get the stationary ones, all I only need is a necklace, Mars' keychain, and a Mars poster.

The charcters in your style are so adorable......I really want to hug you and Usagi right now....

on the last panel, a lot of props, really took you a lot to draw!
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
aww thank you ^^ I'm glad you like the style :D
Mikey186's avatar
You're so cute, Chibi Jennifer <3
Anthro7's avatar
iShody's avatar
That's how I was...then I saw the prices and ran away.
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
lol, clever XD Hard to resist though, they are pretty gorgeous : 3
LilacPhoenix's avatar
Ahh, I wish I can afford getting any of those xD
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
I'm sure you'll find something affordable eventually :3
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