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Sailor Moon SuperS in a nutshell

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With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 confirmed, I thought it would be an appropriate time to make a comic on the 90s version :D Hope you enjoy it!!
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Eh, true.
The worst thing is that - at least for me - actually each of these filler episodes was good on its own, and they would be liked more, if they were a part of some other season, not so full of fillers.

Unpopular Opinion:
I think that this season still could be (very) good on its own, even if we would keep some of its flaws (the almost lack of progress in the good storyline, the viewer knows all the time that he's in Chibiusa's dreams, the majority of victims are one episode wonders, the unexplained absence of Haruka and Michiru), if it would have some progressing subplots focusing on Senshi's (and their friends/families) personal life. Rei/Yuichiro plot could get some decent ending (even if it would be something like Yuichiro letting go with his crush on Rei), Ami, Rei and Minako's parents could get some screentime (Ami's parents were important in one episode, but they didn't even appear on screen), we could have a proper farewell with other civilian characters (like Naru and Umino), who didn't appear in the later season at all. Then Chibiusa/Helios subplot could progress simultaneously in a more natural way.

That still would be different from the other seasons... but it would be a better kind of different than it was.
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Your reimagining of SuperS actually sounds pretty... well sound
I'd love SuperS a lot more if it was that way
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You could pretty much sum up episodes from the original anime from season 3 onward. Find the victim, look at the object, object rejected, send out Monster-of-the-Week, go home. Lather, rinse, repeat. At least manga and Crystal can't be summed up this simply.
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Oh, it's announced? I've been out of this world for a while... Well, it's my favourite arc, but I don't like the fact it's centered on Rini. Whatever. I'm super excited for the Quartet. Who knows if they'll folow the manga (a group of evil beings and PallaPalla does all the stuff) or they'll mix it with old anime. The only thing I mind about 90's Quartet is that they made them so childish, when they're supposed to be around my age. Also, I wonder what will the voices of Moon Kaleidoscopes be like. (Haven't I written too much? 0.0 ) BTW, good comic :)
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Hahaha! Nice Super Mario reference there! XD
senshi-sun's avatar
I suppose they work under Power Rangers logic.
Megaloceros-Urhirsch's avatar
Castle? I would change that into mirror. xD
Chibi-Jennifer's avatar
It's supposed to be a Super Mario reference :)
Megaloceros-Urhirsch's avatar
I know, but the Toad show already that is a Mario reference. 
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i wonder who is gonna voice act the amazon trio and the amazon quartetz
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We’ll find out soon :D
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ugh was hoping they'd skip this season as I was NOT a fan of all the Rini pandering..... oh well
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The original SuperS from the90s  anime did no justice to the Dream arc of the manga. The two are almost completely different. And the Dream arc is one of the best arcs of the manga.
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agreed, the other sailor senshi other than usagi and chibi-usa doesn't get as much development in the manga as they do in the 90s anime
so seeing stuff like what they wanted to be in this arc of the manga was refreshing
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The manga version is supposed to be quite different though, so I'm hoping it'll be good XD Plus..gotta go through SuperS before we reach Stars!
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I was under the impression SuperS was a 'filler' arc just focused on Rini as I heard she was abit hated in the last arc
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