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[Sailor Moon Drops Comic] Taxedo Mask!

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My first Sailor Moon Drops comic! For those who don't know, 'Sailor Moon Drops' is an official Sailor Moon iOS game, similar to 'Candy Crush'. :D I’m having too much fun with it. Seriously though, who else gets mad when he shows up on the screen? XP

Drop a comment below if you’d like to see more comics on Sailor Moon Drops :)

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Brought to you by :iconeagamesplz:
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It's that darn college tuition. Man's gotta hustle.
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Lol!! Yes!!!! I agree that 10 gems for 5 moves is a slap in the face. I like seeing Tuxedo Mask's model, but I hate how expensive his methods are.
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I knew you would do this comic! It's soooo hilarious!!!! XD
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So true~! I want to punch him!

And he humiliates you with that "Give Up" button!
"-Oh, you don't want to pay this fancy hero? Ok, admit you are a weakling!!-"
The day I've figured out that I can just push the back button and I don't have to tell him that I give up, I was really happy XD I still am whenever he shows up and I ignore him with it!
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The beauty of microtransactions
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Haha I get it sailor moon drops a beautiful but annoying thing
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And now I'm totally hooked on Sailor Moon Drops because of you. It's so addicting!
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It drives me insane when he shows up!!! Like come on!!! you made my day with this comic
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I love that game ^^ only issue I have is that the level where Tuxedo Karmen comes, he crashes the game ._.
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XD i love this game. 
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He's suppose to help you out because he loves Sailor Moon, not for gems!  He goes on the couch for this.

*sigh* but I'm' still addicted to the game.
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HA LOLOL I herd about that game, never knew it would be like candy crush saga
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It's funny because it's true
LOL I love this! Someone wrote a one-shot based on Sailor Moon Drops in the SM universe and it's pure gold <333
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That is pretty good.    XD
Wait what?!
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Should have the option of "I'll pay you later" XD
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So accurate! I don't see how it's helping if I have to pay him.
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