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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Death Busters Arc

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Spent the whole weekend on this, hope you like it :'D Really enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 so far! 
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Aww, poor Setsuna.. lol
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cute but no pluto?
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She's there! Look closer ;D
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I love how you're parodying each of the official "Season" artworks!
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Thank you :D Look forward to a Season 4 parody when the official art is released :D
OMG MARS!! Hahahaha, her pose is just perfect!
And poor Pluto.
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Pluto :'D That's perfect i think *-*
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Poor Pluto!!!  xD 
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Now THAT is awesome!
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-pushes Setsy up to the front where she should be- (took me a minute to even see her lol)
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Yay, I really enjoyed the Infinity Arc in the manga. The third episode was somewhat disappointing but I still like the season.
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Aaw poor Pluto-chan XD
#24 Free Icon: Setsuna Meiou (Sailor Pluto) 50x50 

Season 3 is soooo much better than it's predecessor.
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Too bad the song. I would love to keep Moon Pride as the opening.
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that's priceless *_*
I totally agree with you about Crystal season 3 =D
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If Toei keeps up the good work, we may get season 4 and 5 someday.
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